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Does the feeling of coolness after drinking become a habit? I drank "ZONe Firewall Ver.1.0.0" that invites you to unknown territory!

飲んだあとのひんやり感がクセになる?未知の領域へ誘う「ZONe Firewall Ver.1.0.0」を飲んでみた!

There are many energy drinks on the market from many manufacturers, and even the author, who calls himself the biggest energy drink fan of funglr games, has a hard time deciding what to drink every day.
Recently, "Survivor Energy Drink" has become my favorite, partly because it is available for 100 yen, but if I drink it every day, I get tired of it.
I'd like to try an energy drink that I've never tasted before.
In the midst of all this, " ZONe Ver. 1.0.0" and " ZONe Firewall Ver. 1.0.0" were released by Suntory on May 13, 2020.
ZONe" is an energy drink brand that was an official sponsor of " EVO JAPAN 2020 " as DIGITAL PERFORMANCE ENERGY.
ZONe Ver. 1.0.0" was released as a beta version " ZONe Beta Ver. 0.8.5 " at the end of 2019, but "ZONe Firewall Ver. 1.0.0" is completely new to us.
How does it taste? I found myself in possession of a bottle, so I'll give it a quick review!

知らぬ間に"ZONe Firewall Ver.1.0.0"を手にしていた筆者
The author, who unknowingly had the "ZONe Firewall Ver. 1.0.0" in his hands.
funglr Games編集部

Check out the power of "ZONe Firewall Ver. 1.0.0" as a gaming drink!

The red can that makes you feel excited!
funglr Games編集部

Here is the design of the can.
The icon that looks like a power button on its side is a glowing, gaming-like design.
ZONe Beta Ver. 0.8.5" was based on black and looked cool, but this bright red can is also very cool.
It looks like it will work, and you can feel the energy even before you drink it.

Challenging Magician Squirrel with Muscle Beluga
funglr Games編集部

As usual, let's challenge the magician squirrel with the funglr Games editorial staff's favorite game, Fight of Animals.
You will probably lose because you haven't drank any energy drink.

PUBG lover who just can't beat Magician Squirrel.
funglr Games編集部

I couldn't win after all.
It was a refreshing defeat for me. After all, can't I beat magician squirrel after all...?

The large 500ml bottle makes it easy to drink without hesitation.
funglr Games編集部

So here it is, "ZONe Firewall Ver. 1.0.0.
Let's drink it right away. As soon as you open the bottle, you will smell the sweet and fruity aroma. The body naturally craves energy.

It's sweet, but you can gobble it down!
funglr Games編集部

"Sweet and fruity! This is so good! "

Revenge Match for Magician Squirrel
funglr Games編集部

Now that you've had your drink, let's try Magician Squirrel again.
Even before the fight, I'm already on the front foot. It looks like I'm going to win already.
But strangely, I feel cool & relaxed. I can face the screen calmly.

I could afford it.
funglr Games編集部

Victory, as usual! I knew drinking energy drinks would improve my gameplay performance!

The stimulation that comes after drinking induces chills!
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Now, let's talk about the taste that you are interested in.
The first sip is sweet and very fruity. It has a strong sweetness like shaved ice syrup, but I found it easy to drink because it is not too strong.
The fine carbonation of the soda is pleasantly stimulating. The chemical aftertaste is very addictive.
At first, 500 ml seemed like a lot, but I found that I could drink it in large gulps, and before I knew it, I had finished it.

If I had to name an energy drink with a similar taste, I would say "Monster" is close, but it may be more refreshing than Monster.
However, it has a strange sweetness that makes it seem thicker.

After a while, I felt a minty, cool sensation coming from the back of my throat.
It is a bit minor, but it is similar to the stimulation after drinking "Match Set Position.
This refreshing sensation seems to be inviting me to a deep zone of concentration. I think this stimulation is what makes "ZONe Firewall Ver. 1.0.0" so impressive.
It is not only suitable for games and sports, but also after a sauna.

The feeling of refreshment after drinking is addictive.

Drink ZONe and turn on the switch to get in the zone!
funglr Games編集部

This is our review of ZONe Firewall Ver. 1.0.0.
The design of the packaging, the taste, and the refreshing feeling after drinking. It is a drink that has its own unique character.
We at funglr Games have noticed that the number of empty cans of "ZONe Firewall Ver. 1.0.0" is increasing.
If you like energy drinks, especially "match set position" drinks, please give it a try. You'll be hooked!

A review of "ZONe Ver. 1.0.0" will be coming soon! Enjoy!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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