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A must-see for gamers! Experience and report yogibo with the main sponsor of "The 2nd YUBIWAZA CUP" "Yogibo"!

ゲーマー必見!「第2回YUBIWAZA CUP」のメインスポンサー「Yogibo(ヨギボー)」でYogiboを体験&レポート!

As the event title says, "The 2nd Yogibo presents YUBIWAZA CUP," we visited the booth of Yogibo, the main sponsor of the 2nd YUBIWAZA CUP, to interview them. I was so impressed with the Yogibo that I decided to ask for an interview at the booth of Yogibo, the main sponsor of the 2nd YUBIWAZA CUP.

This time, we will be interviewing Mr. YAT (@yat8823jp), a well-known designer at the "2nd YUBIWAZA CUP".

Interview with Yogibo!

第2回YUBIWAZA CUP Yogiboブース
Yogibo booth at the 2nd YUBIWAZA CUP
funglr Games

The interview was answered by Mr. Egawa of Web Shark, the sole distributor in Japan for Yogibo in the US.

I was originally aware of Yogibo's products, but I thought they were just expensive cushions, and when I told him that, he said, " That doesn't really convey how wonderful Yogibo is! So I will explain it to you from the very beginning! I will give you a thorough explanation of Yogibo from the very beginning!

The product he explained this time is the largest Yogibo Max, weighing only 8 kg, which is enough for even a woman to carry.

It has four modes of use: chair mode, recliner mode, bed mode, and sofa mode, which is very different from a simple beaded cushion.

Chair Mode

Yogibo チェアモード
Yogibo Max Chair Mode
funglr Games

This mode can be used as a desk chair. To use it, once the Yogibo is upright (it stands on its own), you sit on it as if you were sitting on a chair.
The Yogibo is then fixed at about the same height as the desk chair, so it can be used as a chair for a computer desk or study desk.

The advantage of using Yogibo instead of a chair is that it fixes your body firmly not only at the waist but also at the buttocks, so it is not hard to sit on.

Moreover, I don't lose my balance, so this is very good because I can sit quite stably and yet my back doesn't hurt! I felt that it was very good.

Moreover, since it is a beaded cushion, the tilt can be changed freely, which is also quite good.

Yogibo チェアモード
Yogibo Max chair mode
funglr Games
Yogibo チェアモード
Yogibo Max chair mode
funglr Games

Recliner mode

Yogibo リクライナーモード
Yogibo Max recliner mode
funglr Games

Unlike chair mode, this is a position similar to lying down. This is a very good mode for watching TV or playing games in the living room. When you lie on the floor, you may want to use a cushion or pillow to raise the height of your head, but with Yogibo, you can use that as well.

Combine it with other Yogibo or use the TrayBo (a versatile tray that sits on your lap) to make it even more comfortable when playing games or using your smartphone or tablet.

Yogibo トレイボー
Doyering with Traybow
funglr Games

Combination of Traybow and another size Yogibo.
Traybow has the same cushion on the bottom as Yogibo, so it can be fixed firmly on the lap and will not shift.

Bed mode

Yogibo ベッドモード
A pot-selling designer
dreaming of a model offer from Yogibo. funglr Games

This mode is completely for sleeping. You can take a nap on the sofa, of course, but by lying down firmly on the Yogibo from the hips, the beads are spread over your head and legs, giving you a stable and comfortable sleep.

It is very convenient when you have a sudden visitor!

When used in bed mode or recliner mode, where you rest your entire body on the Yogibo, the beaded cushion gives you the comfort of floating on a cloud. The comfort is that great.

Sofa Mode

Yogibo ソファモード
Yogibo Max sofa mode
funglr Games

This is a sideways sitting mode, which makes it a sofa that can be used by one or two people.

It is comfortable enough on its own, but when combined with another Yogibo as shown in the photo above, it firmly holds your waist in place, so if you want to sit with the sofa holding you, we highly recommend using it this way as well.

*The one on top is Rolmax.

Yogibo ソファモード
Yogibo Max Sofa Mode
funglr Games

By sitting against the Yogibo against each other, the beads conform to your body, and you will be surprised that the Yogibo on top of you will not roll around.


Yogibo has many options that can be combined to make it even more comfortable, as we have described.

Yogibo オプション
Yogibo Lover Man
funglr Games

This is the Caterpillar Roll Short. It is very comfortable and makes you feel more relaxed.

About beads and covers

When you remove the outer cover of the Yogibo, there is another cover inside that protects the beads, so the beads do not wear out.

After using Yogibo for a long time, it may look saggy and you may think that the beads are losing their shape, but in reality, it is only because the outer cover has stretched and you feel that way.

They are easy to care for as they can be washed with ordinary household detergent.

The cover is also available in a wide variety of 17 colors, so you can change the cover to suit your room or your mood.
Many of the covers are in primary colors, so just having the Yogibo in your room will brighten it up and make you feel energetic.

In fact, the Yogibo booth was so colorful that it was fun just to look at it.


The price for all this is 29,800 yen (tax included). It can be used as a chair, recliner, bed, or sofa, and at this price, it is honestly inexpensive! I felt that the price is very reasonable!
Each of these items would cost about that much if you bought them individually, but if you can do it all with just one Yogibo, it's a pretty good deal.


Yogibo also has a Zoola series for those who want to take it outdoors.
These are water-resistant and can be used on decks, terraces, poolsides, etc., even if it splashes or rains.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of Yogibo's arrival in Japan, and the brand has been purchased mainly by new families.

Sofas and chairs are often hard and often hit the corners, but Yogibo is often chosen because it is a furniture that solves such problems, and also because it has the comfort and colors that children like.

Until now, Yogibo has been available to many people at commercial facilities, but we thought that reclining mode and chair mode would be a great fit for people who play games like this one. This is a chair that can be used as a desk chair.

In fact, when I tried the reclining mode during the interview, I felt that it would definitely help me get my game on.

If you are interested in this product, please check out the website.

Written by YAT
URL: https://wp.yat-net.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yat8823jp/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yat8823jp/


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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