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How is the power of the low-cost next-generation machine "Xbox Series S"!? I set the initial settings and actually played!

廉価版次世代機「Xbox Series S」の実力はいかに!?初期設定をして実際にプレイしてみた!

Have you purchased a next-generation game console?
Since many of them are sold by lottery these days, it is often difficult to buy the item you are looking for, and you often get impatient....
That is why the feeling you get when you start up the latest game console is incomparable to anything else, isn't it?

That's why we've decided to take a look at the " Xbox Series S " from startup to actual gameplay, which we previously reported on when we first opened the box!
We're going to cut out the visuals and specs this time, so if you want to know more about it, be sure to check out the unboxing ceremony article!

Xbox Oneより小さくて高性能!超小型&最軽量の次世代機「Xbox Series S」を遂にゲットしたので早速開封式!

Let's turn on the unit.

New HDMI cord
funglr Games

Removing the sticker holding the new cord is part of the fun, isn't it?
Take off the sticker, and let's get to plugging it in!

Connect to power supply and monitor
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There are small letters written at the connection terminals, so we'll rely on them to connect them.
By the way, since it's a brand-new console, the connection surfaces are very clean!
Seeing this beautiful appearance is one of the unique impressions of a new game console.

Power button on the main unit is here
funglr Games

The Xbox power button is the X logo!
At first glance, many people who are wondering "Where is the power switch...? I'm sure there must be a lot of people out there who were lost!
Switch on the power button for such a first-time kill!

Logo on the screen when it starts up!
funglr Games

When you see the startup screen of a new game console, there is a mysterious sense of relief that it worked properly....
The white logo on the black background is stylish!

Don't forget to switch on the controller too!
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The controller also starts up with the Xbox logo.
It glows when you press it, so it's easy to tell when it's turned on!
This controller runs on two AA batteries, so if you think it doesn't work, please check the direction of the batteries. If you think so, please check the direction of the batteries.

Let's proceed with the setup!

You can even set it up through the mobile app!
funglr Games

It seems that you can proceed with the setup from the mobile app on Xbox.
If you are used to Japanese games, you may have forgotten that the " A" and "B" are reversed.
If you've ever been stuck in a loop, it's time to check what button you're pressing.
PS5 also has the O button for decision and the O button for cancel, and I think this arrangement will become the norm in Japan from the next generation of consoles onward.

Updates to the unit are massive!
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Basically, just follow the instructions on the screen, but one thing to note here!
The update data for the unit is quite heavy at 770 MB!
Check your communication status, etc., and make sure you are fully prepared.

Controller Settings
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By the way, after the update of the main unit is finished, there will be a controller update as well.
It would be better to set up the controller when you have enough time.

Microsoft account login
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This is the last step of the long setup process.
Log in with your Microsoft account and your Xbox is up and running!

Finally set up!
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Download the free games!

Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass
funglr Games

You can also choose Xbox Game Pass, a hot service that lets you play your favorite games for a monthly fee!

A great lineup of free-to-play games!
funglr Games

The free games you can play are also well-known.
It is hard to decide which game to play, such as "Apex Legendsy" or "Fortnite"....

World of Tanksを遊んでみることに
I decided to play World of Tanks
funglr Games

I chose " World of Tanks " because I wanted to see how heavy the tanks and effects were.
I chose "World of Tanks" because I wanted to see how the tanks and effects looked like...but that was just a pretext.
I have been curious about this game for a long time, but have not been able to get my hands on it.
There are various editions of the game, but this time I will play the free one as a trial.

Finally, the gameplay begins!

Play while downloading
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Downloading the game takes a very long time, but to my delight, you can play while the game is downloading.
It's such a gamer-friendly specification that you can play immediately after selecting the game you want to play.

Connect headphones to controller
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As I was exploring behind the monitor to connect my headphones, I remembered that the controller had a connection jack, so I connected them to my headphones.
...I could hear the game sound without any problems. The sound quality seems to be fine.
That's a very convenient construction for users of wired headphones or earbuds!
The Xbox One controller didn't have an earphone jack, so I'm glad it's so plain!

Gameplay in a frenzy
funglr Games

Now that everything is ready, let's launch "World of Tanks.
This time, we will play through the tutorial.
I follow the on-screen instructions to move the tanks, but when I am quickly told "RB button for auto-aim..." I panic, " Which button? " you will panic, so it is important to know the names of the buttons beforehand.

I was playing the game in a panic because the battle was moving while I was looking for the button, and if I stopped because of that, I would get shot. ...... It's so exhilarating when you destroy the enemy !
The RT button for firing shells has a non-slip textured finish, so you get a strong sense of " pulling the trigger.
I have a constitution that causes my hands to sweat when I am in a hurry, but even so, the controller did not slip and I was able to play with a great sense of grip.

Also, during the game, there were flashy effects and many tanks moving around on the screen, but to my surprise, it was not heavy at all!
The game is very beautifully rendered, and I really enjoyed the feeling of playing on a real battlefield.

Or screenshot your favorite scenes!
funglr Games

By the way, you can also take a screenshot by pressing the share button on the controller!
With this I took some images of the tanks after the game was over. Super cool...!

Beautifully rendered and backwards compatible! The controller is also very satisfying!

This is my review of the "Xbox Series S"!
The "Xbox Series S" is a cheaper version of the "Xbox Series X", and although it has inferior specs, the SSD makes the game play surprisingly crisp and easy.
Xbox One and Xbox One S users will be able to experience the "next generation" feel of the game.

One thing to note is that, like the Xbox One, it supports backward compatibility, but it does not support Enhanced.
If you are enjoying Enhanced-compatible software on the Xbox One X, we do not recommend switching to the "Xbox Series S".
I would still recommend the "Xbox Series X", but it's hard to find one these days, and the "Xbox Series S" is easier to get, so I'm torn...
However, the price is 29,980 yen (excluding tax), and it is very cost-effective for a next-generation console, so I think it is possible to buy it as a sub-machine until the "Xbox Series X" becomes available!

Unlike the PS5, lottery sales are rarely held, so be sure to keep an eye out for sales information!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Smaller and more powerful than the Xbox One! I finally got the next generation machine "Xbox Series S" of ultra-small and lightest, so I opened it immediately!
Smaller and more powerful than the Xbox One! I finally got the next generation machine &qu...

"Xbox Series S" is use disk drive lessly for the next generation game machine "Xbox Series X" and "Xbox Series S" Microsoft handle

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