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I bought a Transcend microSD card, so I tried loading it into Nintendo Swicth!

Transcend microSDカードを購入したので、Nintendo Swicthに読み込ませてみた!

You buy one interesting game after another, and the capacity of the SD card fills up and you can't save it.
Is that not the case?
Funglr Games has finally run out of space on our Nintendo Switch SD card.
For this reason, we purchased the "Transcend microSD card 256GB UHS-I U3 V30 A1 Class10" and would like to share with you the opening ceremony!

Switch版「Apex Legends」容量は30GB…!つまりmicroSDカード必須!おすすめしたいSwitch用‎microSDカードを紹介!

Let's open the package right away!

Transcend microSD
Table Exterior
funglr Games

Here is what I received! Made in Taiwan for your safety and trust!
It is very simple.
It feels good to have such a simple exterior.

Transcend microSD
Back Exterior
funglr Games

On the back side, there is a stamp of "Frustration Free Packaging"!
It looks like the sealing wax of a letter.

Transcend microSD
Open the package!
funglr Games

Now let's open the package, because I'm anxious to see what's inside!
Let's open the seal on the back side...

Transcend microSD
Accessories List
funglr Games

Here are the accessories!

  • MicroSD card
  • Instruction manual
  • Product catalog

The contents are simple and the minimum necessary.
If there are too many contents, it is hard to look through them one by one, so it is good for those who want to use it quickly.

Transcend microSD
MicroSD card and ADAPTER
funglr Games

Of course, it comes with a microSD ADAPTER that can be used not only for microSD cards, but also for regular SD cards!

I loaded it up right away!

Transcend microSD
64GB and 256GB
funglr Games

Now I want to upgrade my existing 64GB SD card to a 256GB SD card!

Transcend microSD
Open cover.
funglr Games

Open the cover on the back of the unit.

Transcend microSD
Load the microSD card!
funglr Games

Insert the microSD card into the Switch!
Be careful to insert it firmly at this point.

Transcend microSD
Before capacity is reflected
funglr Games

The remaining capacity was only 11.5 GB, and I was unable to download a single software title.

Transcend microSD
After capacity is reflected
funglr Games

After replacing the SD card, we now have 235 GB of capacity!
Now I can download more and more software in the future!

The opening ceremony is over!

This time we reported on the opening ceremony of the "Transcend microSD card 256GB UHS-I U3 V30 A1 Class10 "!
It took less than a minute from the moment I received the card to the moment I opened it to the moment I loaded it.
This doesn't take a lot of time and effort.
"Transcend microSD Card 256GB UHS-I U3 V30 A1 Class10" is available at Amazon.co.jp and Rakuten Ichiba.
Get yours before you run out of capacity!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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