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"We're together! Battle mode implemented in "Nyanko Great War"! We will deliver a review immediately!


The Battle Cats " is a tower defense game with cute characters and challenging gameplay.
The Battle Cats" does not require complicated controls or techniques, but offers a deep sense of strategy that can be enjoyed by existing players as well as newcomers.
The Battle Cats" for Nintendo Switch, " Futari de! The Battle Cats ", will feature a new " versus mode " on July 16, 2020 (Thursday ).
We at funglr Games have played various genres of competitive games, such as FPS and fighting games, but we have never played a tower defense game before.
The Battle Cats" is developed and released by Ponos, Inc. The Battle Cats" from Ponos Inc.

The long-awaited "Battle Mode" has been implemented in "The Battle Cats"!

There are two types of battle modes: "Osuwase Battle" and "Local Communication Battle"!
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This review is for two members of our editorial staff who have never played The Battle Cats before.
The Battle Cats" is a game that can be played casually, but is so engaging that you can't help but get caught up in the action.
Let's rediscover the charms that only inexperienced players can realize!

By the way, there are two types of "Battle Cats" modes: " Osusowake Battle Cats " in which you share your Nintendo Switch controller, and " Local Communication Battle Cats " in which you play by bringing your Nintendo Switch.
This review was conducted using the "Osusowake Battle" mode.

Casual but deep game system

Let the games begin!
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Let's start the game in "Battle Cats" mode!
The rules of The Battle Cats are really simple.
The game rules of The Battle Cats are really simple. You have to knock down your opponent's castle, or defeat an enemy who comes in contact with your castle, in order to cut down his life gauge on the top of the screen.
You call up characters from your own castle, and each character has a set cost, so the game proceeds by consulting with the current cost.
It is important to skillfully use both low-cost and high-cost characters.
If you use only high-cost characters, which take time and money to call up, you may not be able to produce enough characters in time when you are defeated, and your life gauge may be depleted in no time.

The "Attribute Nyanko Cannon" holds the key to victory.
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The key to victory is the "Attribute Nyanko Cannon.
It is like a "special move" in fighting games.
It can be released by digesting the accumulated gauge, and its effect is enormous.
The attribute of the character hit by the Nyanko Cannon will be changed to an attribute that is compatible with the player's own team, and the center of the character will receive high damage.
This can destroy the opponent's position at once, so a single hit can turn the tables on a disadvantageous situation!
You must always keep an eye on your opponent's gauges as well as your own, so you must never let your guard down during the game!

In cooperative play, the enemy's life is displayed as a numerical value, but in the competitive mode, it is displayed as a life gauge, making it much more visible.
Despite the loose visuals, the tension and frustration are quite intense, as you have to keep an eye on each piece of information while also paying attention to the life gauge, which is rapidly decreasing...!

The match setting screen, the reviewer and myself
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Incidentally, match time and stage size can be changed on the settings screen.
You can also set " Forced formation " to randomly select characters, and " Level matching " to adjust the level of the formation.
Forced composition gives you the opportunity to try out different characters, and above all, the gambling nature of the game is very exciting!

The frustration of losing is beyond description!
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Although the game is easy to play, it is a game that requires a lot of thinking.
When you lose, it is extremely frustrating to think "I should have done that" or "If only I could have done something about this".
The simple rules, complex strategy, and the chance to pull off an upset all combine to keep you hooked in the "battle mode," where you never know where the game is going to end!
Whether you win or lose, you find yourself saying, " One more time! You'll find yourself playing again and again.

One more game! Please give me one more chance! and you tend to ask for it over and over again.
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The game is so heated that it is hard to imagine from the visuals, which remind you of a loose competitive game.
Because you never know who is going to win, you tend to think, "I can win if I do it again! You tend to think, "I can win if I do it again!
"One more game! Please give me one more chance! The editorial staff members repeatedly ask for "one more game, please!

Cooperation after a game is also exciting!
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The appeal of this game is different from e-sports titles in that it is not only a competitive game, but also a cooperative game.
We also enjoyed the existing cooperative play.
At first, we were both beginners, but we got the hang of it after playing through the competitive mode, so we were able to beat each other in a flurry.
Perhaps it was the competitive nature of the game, but we were able to work well together and efficiently progress through the game.
It's a game that will be a blast to play with family, friends, and lovers!
Be careful not to get too addicted to this time-stealing game!

Commemorative package with luxurious benefits will be available from July 16!

Luxury bonus package

The Battle Cats" has a newly added "Battle Mode" which I reviewed in this article.
I, a novice player, found myself completely hooked on the game, and I would like to introduce a must-see item for fans of the game!
To commemorate the introduction of the "Battle Mode," the first game package in the "The Battle Cats" series, "[Ultra Rare] Two Players in The Battle Cats" software and pouch set" " will be available for purchase! The Battle Cats" game package will be on sale!
The Battle Cats" for Nintendo Switch, a Switch pouch with the original "The Battle Cats" design by HORI, and a character serial card exclusive to the packaged version. The Battle Cats", a Switch pouch with an original "The Battle Cats" design by HORI, and an exclusive character serial card!
The price is 3850 yen (including tax), and it will be available at electronics retailers and game stores nationwide!

The latest version of the software, which includes a battle mode
Original designed Switch pouch
Luxurious serial bonus only available in the package

The serial card included in the " Super Rare" "The Battle Cats" software and pouch set includes a " Launch Commemorative ★ Character Set" that gives you the exclusive EX characters "Neko Brothers" and "Neko Pikohan". character set " that includes the limited-edition EX characters "Neko Brothers" and "Neko Pikohan.
The " Battle Support★ Super Value Set " includes 10,000 Nekokan, which can be used for various purposes such as gacha, stamina recovery, and item purchases, as well as five "Grandon Troop" limited edition super-rare characters.
This is a great bonus not only for those who are just starting out, but also for existing players. Please get it!
For more information about the newly implemented battle mode and the [Super Rare] The Battle Cats "Software & Pouch Set" for two, check out the official website of "The Battle Cats: For Two!


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