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Enadri = high is already old?! Review "Survivor Energy Drink" that can be bought for 100 yen!


There are many energy drinks on the market, such as Red Bull and Monster. You can't go a day without seeing one in a convenience store or vending machine.
The author also loves energy drinks. Even though I am such an "energy drink lover," I have one complaint.
It is... expensive !
Common drinks such as cola, sports drinks, and coffee cost 130 yen in a vending machine or 100 yen in a convenience store.
Sometimes, when a new drink is released at 170 yen, I am rather excited by the aggressive price setting and end up reaching for it.

But what about energy drinks? They are all over 200 yen, and a long can can cost as much as 300 yen, right?
Even if it is only 200 yen, if it lasts 365 days, it costs 73,000 yen. If the price were 100 yen, you would save 36500 yen.
Well, this is just a "what if" story....

Just when we were about to give up, the funglr Gamesenergy drink procurement department found a new energy drink!

Survive your wallet with "Survivor Energy Drink"!

Survivor Energy Drink
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This time we will review "Survivor Energy Drink " from Tominaga Trading Co.
The most notable thing about this drink is its low price: 30 cans for 3,000 yen, or 100 yen per can!
For the author, for whom the daily cost of energy drinks was putting pressure on his wallet, this product is like a lifesaver.
But the most important thing is the taste. Let's try it right away.

Cheap, but still an energy drink!

First of all, enjoy the aroma, PUBG lover man!
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As soon as I opened the package, the unique aroma of energy drink tickled my nose. It is not as sweet as Monster, and is similar to Red Bull.
Shake the glass or can as if you were tasting wine and enjoy the aroma.
Come to think of it, there are more and more energy drink flavored gummies, but they lack the aroma, not to mention the taste.
If you find an energy drink-flavored gummy that satisfies you, we would love to introduce it on funglr Games.

PUBG Lover Man who is known for his drinking ability
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In the world of countless energy drinks, you can't survive on cheapness alone. After enjoying the aroma, the next step is the taste. First, let's take a sip.
The first thing that jumped out at me was the carbonation, which has a strong attack like Red Bull.
Next came a unique chemical flavor similar to Red Bull, which replaced the carbonation as it settled down.
The Red Bull-like aftertaste is nice again.

PUBG Lover Man who wants to say something
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" ...I think this is Red Bull...? "

Might be the best cosmetic.

After reading this far, many of you are probably thinking, "It's almost Red Bull! " many of you are probably thinking, "This is almost like Red Bull!
However, there is one overwhelming difference from Red Bull. To my surprise, Survivor Energy Drink contains more caffeine per 100 ml!

Caffeine Content Comparison
Red Bull (185ml) 43.2mg
Red Bull (250ml) 32mg
Monster 40mg
Survivor 48mg

Just because it's cheap doesn't mean the caffeine is diluted, rather it's concentrated, which is very conscientious.
Maybe this would be easier on my wallet if I drank it every day? I'm seriously considering switching to Survivor in the future!

That's all for my review of Survivor Energy Drink! This ENERGY drink is perfect for those who are looking for a cosmetic drink. Give it a try!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.