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New taste appeared in energy drink "ZONe" series! The taste that is worrisome of "ZONe DEEP DIVE ver1.0.0" is that taste of nostalgia?!

エナジードリンク「ZONe」シリーズに新味登場!「ZONe DEEP DIVE ver1.0.0」の気になる味は懐かしのあの味?!

ZONe beta ver 0.8.5" was released in December 2019, and "ZONe ver 1.0.0" and "ZONe FIREWALL ver 1.0.0" were released nationwide in May 2020. The "ZONe" series is the third force in the energy drink world.
Since its release, "ZONe" has become overwhelmingly popular among the editorial staff of funglr games, and has become such a staple energy drink that someone drinks "ZONe" almost every day.
If you love energy drinks and games, you already know that the new " ZONe DEEP DIVE ver1.0. 0" will appear in the "ZONe" series, which funglr Games has always loved.
And of course you know that today, September 8, 2020, is the release date of "ZONe DEEP DIVE ver1.0.0", right?
Well, I bought it. I bought "ZONe DEEP DIVE ver1.0.0"!
It's time to DIVE into the DEEP ZONe!

待望の新商品「ZONe DEEP DIVE Ver.1.0.0」発売決定!人気アーティストとのコラボ楽曲も発表!

Blue package like diving into the deep sea

ZONe DEEP DIVE ver1.0.0
ZONe DEEP DIVE ver1.0.0
funglr Games

ZONe ver 1.0.0" had a black design and "ZONe FIREWALL verr1.0.0" had a red design, but "ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0" has a blue design!
The gradation of blue from the top to the bottom gives it a "DEEP" look.
The design still makes you want to keep it and not throw it away. It is a nice color that looks cool in the lingering summer heat of this season.

ZONe Series
funglr Games

ZONe ver1.0.0", "ZONe FIREWALL verr1.0.0", and "ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0".
Well, they are very picturesque....

ZONe series
funglr Games

I can't help but wonder what color will be next.
Green? Yellow? Or even white?

ZONe DEEP DIVE ver1.0.0裏面
ZONe DEEP DIVE ver1.0.0 back side
funglr Games

The information on the reverse side remains the same. There are more notations regarding allergies.
This is because ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0 contains " fermented milk " and " soy polysaccharides " as ingredients.
Those with allergies should be aware of this!

The taste you are looking forward to is an unexpected "nostalgic taste"?

ZONe DEEP DIVE ver1.0.0開封!
ZONe DEEP DIVE ver. 1.0.0 opened!
funglr Games

Now it's time to taste it!
The top of the ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0 is still black. This is casually cool, isn't it?
Then, let's sip it!

A sweet aroma spreads.
funglr Games

What's that? It has an aroma that has never been found in previous energy drinks...
And then, when I peeked inside...

ZONe DEEP DIVE ver1.0.0の中身
Contents of ZONe DEEP DIVE ver1.0.0
funglr Games


ZONe DEEP DIVE ver1.0.0は白い?!
ZONe DEEP DIVE ver1.0.0 is white?
funglr Games


It's pure white!
funglr Games


白いenergy drink?!
White energy drink?
funglr Games

White? Why white?
Why white? (WHY WHITE?!)

ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0は白いenergy drink!
ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0 is a white energy drink!
funglr Games

ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0 is a white energy drink!
I thought it would taste like Blue Hawaii from the blue design of the package, but it looks like it is not!
I'm getting more and more curious to see what it tastes like!

ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0実飲!
ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0 actual drink!
funglr Games

I'm running out of patience!
"ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0"! I can't help but drink it!

ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0の気になる味は?
What is the taste of ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0?
funglr Games

Hmmm? What is this taste...? It's kind of nostalgic...
It has a sweetness with a slight sourness, a taste that has never been found in energy drinks before.

Yu-chan recalls that taste
funglr Games

Ah! I get it! This... this taste...!

Yuchan recalls those days as well as that taste.
funglr Games

Straw hats, insect catching amis, endless blue skies, and waddling irido-clouds... It's the kind of taste that reminds me of those summers.
Don't you recognize it? That's it, An0sa.
Yes, ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0 tastes like slightly carbonated yogurt!

どこか懐かしいヨーグルトテイストのZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0
The nostalgic yogurt taste of ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0
funglr Games

You may be thinking, "Is it really an energy drink with that taste? You may be thinking, "Is it really an energy drink with that taste?
The ingredients per bottle are

  • Caffeine 75mg
  • Arginine 500mg
  • Niacin 500mg
  • Vitamin B6 5.0mg
  • Glucose 10.0-40.0g
  • Palatinose 5.0g

The amount of caffeine in the drink, while not extremely high, is adequate.
It is easy to drink for those who don't like the taste of energy drinks.
It's okay to drink it in large gulps. That's because the "ZONe" series comes in a large 500ml bottle!

ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0" has a slightly carbonated yogurt taste, so you can gobble it up!

It looks a lot like AZBASA!
funglr Games

So, here is my review of "ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0".
Well, it was unexpected. I didn't expect it to taste like yogurt...
The energy drink taste is delicious, but the gentle yogurt taste of "ZONe DEEP DIVE ver. 1.0.0" is also very good.
The "ZONe" series has added another unique product to its lineup that looks modern but tastes nostalgic, and we have high expectations for more new products to come!
We hope you enjoy ZONe DEEP DIVE ver 1.0.0 and the rest of the ZONe series as much as we do!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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