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Excellent compatibility with PS5! Review the next-generation sealed gaming headset ARCTIS 7P+!

PS5と相性抜群!次世代対応の密閉型ゲーミングヘッドセット「Arctis 7P+ Wireless」をレビュー!

When playing games, the audio aspect is also important, not to mention the PC you are using.
In order to enjoy game sound to the fullest and immerse yourself in the world of the game, you need good headphones as well.
And of course, the design is important as well as the functionality. There is a wide range of headphones available, from cool to simple in appearance, and we want headphones with a design that matches the gaming area where we play games.
SteelSeries, a Denmark-based brand specializing in gaming devices that handles such simple and cool gaming products, has released a new sealed gaming headset for the next generation, such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Arctis 7P+ Wireless " is now available!
We at funglr Games were curious about the new "Arctis 7P+ Wireless", and then we received the "Arctis 7P+ Wireless"!
We will be reviewing the Arctis 7P+ Wireless with an opening ceremony and actual use!

Let's start with the opening ceremony!

Outer box
funglr Games

Before opening the box, let's take a look at the exterior.
On the exterior is a sticker that reads "FROM THE MAKERS OF THE BEST WIRELESS GAMING HEADSET PC GAMER"!
From the English text, we can see that there are high expectations for performance!

Backside of the outer box
funglr Games

The back of the box looks like this.
The Arctis 7P+ Wireless is available in two colors, black and white.
The white color is the one we will be reviewing here, and it looks like it will match the color of the PlayStation 5!
Compared to the previous " Arctis 7P+ Wireless " model, the new "Arctis 7P+ Wireless" has an extended battery life of 30 hours (up from 24 hours), a USB-C interface, and Mac support.
Compared to the previous "Arctis 7P+ Wireless" model, the battery life has increased from 24 to 30 hours, the connection interface is now USB-C compatible, a Mac has been added to the list of compatible products, and the device can be used for 3 hours on a 15-minute fast charge!
We're happy to see that the battery life has increased by 6 hours!

Outer box
funglr Games

Now let's open the package!

funglr Games

The outer box is blue with the words " FOR GLORY " on it!
The design of the box matches the color of the headphones!

Opening the box
funglr Games

Take out the inner box and you'll find the "Arctis 7P+ Wireless"!

What's included in the box
funglr Games

Here's what's included in the box!

  • Arctis 7P+ Headset
  • USB-C wireless transmitter
  • Mobile audio cable
  • Charging cable
  • USB-C to USB-A adapter
  • Product Information Guide
Cables included in the bundle
funglr Games

There are three types of cables included in the bundle: a mobile audio cable, a charging cable, and a USB-C to USB-A adapter!
With the Arctis 7P+ being Type-C compliant, the charging cable is Type-C compliant!

USB-C wireless transmitter
funglr Games

The USB-C wireless transmitter that comes with the Arctis 7P+ is very compact, only about 3 cm in length, so it takes up very little space and is easy to carry around!
It is very small in size, so be careful not to lose it.

Connection Interface
funglr Games

The connection interface on the head cup is Type-C with an earphone jack!
There's also a dial volume control button and a microphone switch!

funglr Games

The headband and earcups are designed to move around the neck.

Ear cups
funglr Games

And there are pins at the ear cups so that you can adjust them to fit your ears too!

Ski goggle headband
funglr Games

The ski goggle headband has the SteelSeries logo on the headband as a magic mark and can be adjusted!

Placement on the headphone stand
funglr Games

The headphones are set up on a headphone stand, and the overall color scheme is blue, black, and white, which is cool!
The colors match not only the gaming space, but also the PlayStation 5!

I actually tried it out!

funglr Games

This time, we connected it to PlayStation 5 and actually played a game.

Connecting to PlayStation 5
funglr Games

USB-C wireless transmitter connected to PlayStation 5.

Noise canceling microphone support
funglr Games

The microphone is a retractable type, and you can adjust the length of the microphone and bend the microphone to the position that suits you best.
The microphone is a noise canceling microphone, so when you speak, this function is activated and your voice will sound great.
The dial-type sidetone volume control is attached to the right ear cup, so you can adjust the volume of your voice and the surrounding sound intake!

Lights up when muted
funglr Games

The microphone can be set to mute, and a red light turns on when the microphone is muted for visual clarity!

Dial-type volume control
funglr Games

The left ear cup has a dial-type volume control, which can be moved smoothly and sensitively.
The microphone mute button can also be turned on and off with a light touch, so you can set it easily!

Now on sale to rave reviews!

Design that fits PS5
funglr Games

Arctis 7P+ Wireless " is now on sale!
The weight of the Arctis 7P+ Wireless is only about 354g, so you don't feel the weight even when wearing it!
It fits well in my ears, and the ski goggle headband can be adjusted to my liking, so it's easy to use!
As for the sound quality, the sound vibration is very realistic, it picks up all sounds without leaking, and the highs sound very clear!
However, I think it depends on the individual, but it seemed to be a little weak on bass and there were times when the sound sound sounded muffled.
The USB-C wireless transmitter works well with the headphones, and I did not notice any sound delay.
When playing a game, you can almost feel as if you are actually there, and you can definitely immerse yourself in the game world even more!
The battery lasts up to 30 hours, 6 hours longer than the previous model, and even if you forget to recharge it, you can use it for 3 hours on a 15-minute quick charge!
I put them side by side with the PlayStation 5, and the headphones are also in PlayStation 5 colors, so they fit right in with my gaming space!
The price, 23,070 yen including tax, is more than worth the price considering the functionality and feel of the headphones.
For those who are looking for a new pair of headphones or gaming headphones, we think these headphones are a good choice!
Please visit the official SteelSeries website or other online retailers to purchase these headphones!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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