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I drank shochu "Satsuma Akatouma" "Satsuma Lufu" that appeared in "Sangokushi 14"!

「三國志14」に登場している焼酎「薩州 赤兎馬」「薩州 呂布」を飲んでみた!

Koei Tecmo's historical simulation game " Mikuni 14" is now available on PS4 and PC (Steam).
We recently featured a collaboration event with Kagoshima Prefecture's shochu brewery Satsushu Hamadaya Denbei on funglr Games, and Satsushu Hamadaya Denbei sent us a bottle of the sweet potato shochu " Satsushu Akabaguma" and barley shochu " Satsushu Rofu " that appear in Sangokushi 14! Thank you so much!

The funglr Games editorial department often has game tournaments in the office on Friday nights, but we love drinking as much as we love games.
We had a tasting (serious drinking) with some of the alcohol lovers in the funglr Games editorial department, including LAN Cable Man, a well-known DQ Walker, Nash Tajima, who works as an infrastructure engineer using his gamer skills, and the author, a band member, so we would like to share with you how it went! We are very happy to report the results of our tasting!

「薩州 赤兎馬」と「薩州 呂布」
Satsuma Red Rabbit Horse and Satsuma Lu Bu
funglr Games

Review of "Satsushima Aka Usuma

薩州 赤兎馬
Satsushu Red Hare
funglr Games

First of all, let's start with the authentic sweet potato shochu "Satsushu Ak abaguma".
It is named after "Akabaguma," a rare horse that ran 1,000 miles a day in the Mikokushi period (the history of the Three Kingdoms).

Authentic shochu "Satsushu Akabaguma" was created from carefully selected high-quality Kogane-Sengan and naturally filtered limpid water from Kagoshima's unique Shirasu Plateau.
Akabaguma" is a famous horse that appeared in the "Records of the Three Kingdoms" and is said to be able to run 1,000 miles a day.
It is a perfect example of "Satsushu Red Rabbit Horse", which is light on the palate, but has a rich taste that travels furiously through the southern lands.

Quote from the label of "Satsushu Aka-Usagi Horse

薩州 赤兎馬
Satsushu Aka-Usagi
funglr Games

The ingredients are sweet potato (produced in Kagoshima prefecture) and rice malt (domestic rice), and the alcohol content is 25 degrees.
According to the official description, it is "a new type of sweetpotato shochu with a light yet profound taste. How does it taste?

funglr Games編集部初の試飲会開催!
first tasting event!
funglr Games

The author's impression

It is a strong tasting shochu with a strong aroma unique to sweetpotato shochu.
It leaves a strong aftertaste, but it is not unpleasant, and you can enjoy the lingering aftertaste.
It is not just an "easy to drink" shochu, but a shochu with a strong flavor.

Impression of LAN cable man

Because it is not too assertive, it goes well with all kinds of food.
It is so refreshing and easy to drink that the glass goes on and on, and before you know it, you will be tongue-tied.
What? This glass is the end...?

Impression of Nash Tajima

It's so good!

Salmon and Red Rabbit
funglr Games Editorial Board

Other members of the editorial staff also tasted it, and many of them said it was easy to drink.
It has a refreshing taste and a gorgeous aroma that spreads in the mouth, making it an enjoyable bottle to drink. It is also ideal as a mealtime drink.
Many gamers are young and may have never had shochu before, but Akha-Uguma may be perfect for their shochu debut because it has both an authentic taste and is easy to drink.

The Akausajima series also includes " Akausajima Ume-shu", "Akausajima Yuzu", and " Akausajima Yuzu Umeshu ", which are made from plums and yuzu (citrus fruit).
One of the female staff members in the editorial office said, "Aka-Usagi is easy to drink, so I am very interested in a liqueur based on it.

Review of "Satsushu Rofu

薩州 呂布
Satsuma, Lu Bu
funglr Games Editor

Next up was the authentic barley shochu "Satsushu R ofu".
It is a product related to the name of "Lu Bu," who is said to be the strongest general in the Three Kingdoms and to have ridden a red rabbit horse.
Fans of the Three Kingdoms will want to collect the bottle with the word "Lu Bu" shining on it.

Authentic shochu "Satsushu Rofu" is made from carefully selected high-quality 2-row barley and naturally filtered limpid water from Kagoshima's unique Shirasu plateau.
Lu Bu" was praised as "Lu Bu among men and Red Rabbit among horses," and was the most powerful general in the Three Kingdoms period due to his outstanding bravery.
With its sweet and gorgeous aroma like ripe fruit and rich and full flavor, it is a perfect product to be called "Satsushu Lufu," standing proudly and majestically in the southern land.

Quote from the "Satsushu Rofu" label

薩州 呂布Satsushu Rofu funglr Games editorial department

Unlike Aka-Uguma, this one is a barley shochu, made from barley and barley malt, and has an alcohol content of 25 degrees.
The label says it is "like a ripe fruit," but what kind of flavor does it have?

Social Distance toast

Games Editorial Department

The author's impression

First of all, it has a fruity sweet aroma.
The taste is lighter than that of Akausaba, but it is not light, and it has a "mellow" taste.
When drunk on the rocks, the change in flavor as the ice melts is very interesting.

Impression of LAN cable man

In contrast to Akabaguma, this sake has a unique flavor.
It has a slight sweetness and is suitable for those who want to enjoy it slowly and mainly with sake.
What, no refill?

Nash Tajima's impression

It's soooooo good!

Many other members of the editorial staff said that although it has a strong personality, it has a sweetness that many women seem to like.
The fresh, fruity aroma is strongly felt each time it passes through the nose, and the umami spreads slowly.
The deep flavor can be felt in each sip, so you will probably make new discoveries with every sip.

A gem that lives up to the name "Akabaguma" and "Rofu

「薩州 赤兎馬」「薩州 呂布」の虜になったfunglr Games編集部 Satsushu Akabaguma
and Satsushu Rofu have captivated the editorial staff of
funglr Games.

Both "Satsushu Red Rabbit" and "Satsushu Lu Bu" were great gems.
The author liked "Satsushu Rofu," while LAN Cable Man seemed to be hooked on "Satsushu Aka Usaba.
Both shochu have a strong flavor, but their characters are completely different.
While thinking about the world view of "Sangokushi 14," we rediscovered the charm of shochu, wondering how much difference there is in the same shochu.
I encourage everyone to try and compare the two!

We were so absorbed in the tasting that we forgot that it was a tasting event. Before we knew it, the bottles were empty in no time.
The game competition, which everyone enjoyed in a tipsy mood, was more lively than usual, with lots of laughter.
The combination of good shochu and games is a lot of fun, and it's not hard to see why!
Thank you, Hamadaya Denbei Satsushu, for such good shochu and a great time!

The shochu was so good! and the LAN cable man,
funglr Games
drank more and more with his own hands.

For more information about the Satsushu Akabaguma and Satsushu Rofu shochu we reviewed, as well as the Satsushu Mikokushi shochu, a collaboration between Satsushu Hamadaya Denbei and Mikokushi 14, check out the official Satsushu Akabaguma website!
On the official site, in addition to the product information, there is also a " Delicious ways to enjoy " section that includes recipes for food that go well with the Aka Usagi series shochu, so please take a look at that too!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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