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I don't want to be able to enjoy the game! We tried various commercially available disinfection sprays to combat new corona and influenza.


Although the new coronavirus has calmed down from a period of time, we still have to be on our guard.
Even the editorial staff of funglr Games, who seem to spend most of their time playing games and drinking shochu, take infection prevention seriously by taking their temperature daily and thoroughly sterilizing their skin.
Although I have not been infected with the new type of coronavirus, it was very painful when I had tonsillitis in the past.
I had a high fever and a sore throat, and spent some time at home resting, but it was so hard that I could not even play a smartphone game.
Not only the new coronavirus, but also influenza and other viruses will be spreading in the coming season.
It is essential to take daily precautions so that we can enjoy playing games mindlessly, but also so that our schoolwork and jobs are not affected.
There are many things we can do, such as gargling, washing hands, and wearing masks, but it may also be a good idea to be conscious of sterilizing the things we come in contact with on a daily basis.
So here's a review of some sanitizing sprays I picked up in my neighborhood!

We're going to test out three different sprays!

Purchased 3 kinds of sanitizing sprays
funglr Games

Here are the three types I bought.
Since I didn't know which one was the best, I bought them based on the criteria that they were products that claimed to be effective in sterilization and that seemed to work or were fashionable.

Entry number 1: "Quickle Joan Sterilizing Spray."

クイックル ジョアン 除菌スプレー
Quickle Joan Sterilizing Spray
funglr Games

This is "Quickle Joan Sterilizing Spray," a product of Kao, a major manufacturer of detergents and cosmetics.
I wonder if the name "Joan" is derived from the words "disinfection" and "peace of mind.
The catchphrase is " gentle formula," like some headache medicine.
The price was 536 yen including tax, almost half the price of the other two.

クイックル ジョアン 除菌スプレー
Quickle Joan Sterilizing Spray
funglr Games

The spray is quite large. When using it on furniture that you don't want to get too wet, you might want to spray it on a cloth and wipe it off.
It has a faint grassy, fresh scent. I wonder if this scent is rosemary?
It lingers quite a bit, but the scent itself is not strong, so it does not bother me that much.

クイックル ジョアン 除菌スプレー
Quickle Joan sterilizing spray
funglr Games

In addition to 99.9% sterilization, it also seems to have a 24-hour antibacterial effect.
It is said to be mildly acidic, the same as bare skin, so it seems like it would be good to use on products that you come in contact with on a daily basis.
However, I wondered if it could be used in place of hand gel if it does not damage the skin, so I read the precautions carefully and found that "If it gets on skin, wash it off with water. "The warning reads.
"Gentle on the hands "... the mystery deepens, but at any rate, as long as you don't spray it directly on the human body or drink it, I guess it's all good!
Please use it for residential use only!

Quickle Joan Sterilizing Spray
Capacity 300ml
Ingredients Rosemary water, antibacterial agent, stabilizer, disinfectant
Editorial purchase price 536 yen (tax included)

Entry No. 2 "Wheless Seven DS300-spray

Wireless Seven DS300-spray
funglr Games

Next is "Wireless Seven DS300-spray," which uses sodium hypochlorite.
The price was 1,078 yen including tax.
Sodium hypochlorite is known for its " pool smell," and this product also smells like a swimming pool when sprayed.
The package is stylishly designed with only letters...but read the English carefully.

funglr Games

Weakly acidic, gentle to the body and skin.
And yet it is a powerful disinfectant. Amazing deodorizing effect!
It smells a little bit of chlorine, but I really like the feeling of sterilization.
In winter, I am afraid of VIRUS, so I spray all family members at the entrance before entering the house.
We have to do what we can.
It's nice because it's safe and secure for children and the elderly.
This one works great!

Japanese with all my heart.

funglr Games

Unlike Joanne, this is a very fine spray.
It's nice that it doesn't get soaked.
It did not leave a pool smell, which is a concern.

Quickle Joanne Disinfectant Spray
Capacity 300ml
Ingredients Water, sodium hypochlorite (food additive), acidic agent (food additive)
Editorial purchase price 1,078 yen (tax included)

Entry No. 3 "Botanical Virus and Bacteria Remover Spray

ボタニカル ウイルス・菌除去スプレー
Botanical Virus and Bacteria Remover Spray
funglr Games

Last up is Matsumotokiyoshi's " Botanical Virus and Bacteria Remover Spray.
The antibacterial effect lasts up to four weeks, and it seems to be very cost-effective.

ボタニカル ウイルス・菌除去スプレー
Botanical Virus and Bacteria Remover Spray
funglr Games

This is a fine-textured spray, similar to the "Wireless 7 DS300-spray.
The smell is very "disinfectant spray! It smells like a "disinfectant spray! It seems to be effective.
However, the ingredients do not contain any alcohol or ethanol!
It is a product made with 100% botanical ingredients such as grapefruit seed extract and oyster tannin.

ボタニカル ウイルス・菌除去スプレー
Botanical Virus and Bacteria Remover Spray
funglr Games

If the antibacterial effect lasts for 4 weeks, it seems like a good idea to use it on carpets, sofa covers, and furniture around beds, which are difficult to wash frequently.
The deodorizing effect is also quite good, so you can deodorize while sterilizing.
However, since the precaution states "Do not use on leather goods," it may not be suitable for leather sofas and gaming chairs.

Quickle Joan Sterilizing Spray
Capacity 300 ml
Ingredients Grapefruit seed extract, oyster tannin, citric acid, etc.
Editorial purchase price 998 yen (tax included)

Let's welcome winter with anti-virus measures!

Fight off viruses by sterilizing!
funglr Games

The above is a review of a disinfectant spray that is a little different from the reviews we usually do for devices and other products.
Of all the products I purchased this time, I found the "Wireless Seven DS300-spray" to be the easiest to use.
We want to be proactive about sterilizing controllers, mice, keyboards, and other items that come into contact with our hands, but be careful not to spray directly on them, as this can cause malfunctions!
Some materials can also cause discoloration or corrosion, so be sure to check the ingredients carefully before you do so.
Why don't you all be conscious of sterilizing the things around you and welcome the winter not to be defeated by the new coronas and influenza?


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