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"Ne is quite gutsy. I drank "Royal Road" Real Gold Asakura Minami Ver."

「けっこう根性あるのネ。」王道中の王道「リアルゴールド 浅倉南Ver.」を飲んでみた

Energi chi wa (hello)!
I'm Maso, a work-from-home e-sports company employee and home energy drink lover.

Why does working from home make me so sleepy every time? I don't get to go outside as much and my days are a bit boring.
At times like this, I wish I could be healed by a cute girl....
So this time, I would like to get over it with the help of " Asakura Minami," the heroine of the legendary baseball manga " Touch "!

First, check the package.

REAL GOLD asakura minami-ver
Front of the package
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"I've got a lot of guts. The package depicts " Asakura Minami " with the line "I've got a lot of guts.
Just looking at this cute heroine in an energy drink is enough to make your tiredness disappear!
I'm going to drink Real Gold to get myself back on track and do my best to make "Minami Asakura " think twice about me.

Check the nutritional ingredients

REAL GOLD asakura minami-ver
Ingredients list
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The nutritional composition of " Real Gold Asakura Minami Ver. " per 100 ml of product is as follows.

  • Energy 56kcal
  • Protein 0g
  • Fat 0g
  • Carbohydrates 14g
  • Salt equivalent 0.01g
  • Vitamin C 63-150mg
  • Niacin 9mg
  • Vitamin B2 0.8mg
  • Vitamin B6 0.8mg
  • Vitamin P 0.8mg
  • Aspartic acid 11mg

Of course, the contents are the same as regular "Real Gold".
But it looks special, doesn't it? That's right. It' s the power of " Asakura Minami.

I drank it right away!

REAL GOLD asakura minami-ver
Pouring it into a cup.
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I can feel more power than the usual Real Gold I usually drink.

I wonder if this is the power of " Asakura Minami "... Goku, goku, goku...
The taste is the same as the usual Real Gold. It has a sweet, energetic taste with a hint of ginseng.
But as I was drinking it, I was reminded of Tacchan's line.
"A man can do amazing things for the woman he loves. "
This is real gold. You know. It's like a lie, right?

I love real gold. More than anyone else in the world.

REAL GOLD asakura minami-ver
Promise me you'll buy it.
funglr Games

This is the review of " Real Gold Minami Asakura Ver.
After all, " Real Gold " feels special. I felt that I could feel the power of the usual taste.

Tacchan might say, "If you can't compare, don't compare! I would like to review other versions as well.

I would recommend this can to e-sports players and professional gamers who want to show their guts at the right moment!

For more information on "Real Gold", which has also collaborated with various cartoons from "Weekly Shonen Sunday", please check the Coca-Cola "Real Gold" product page!


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