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Best for drinking in the game? I drank "ramnessour" with zero purine body and carbohydrates!


While "energy drinks" are often the accompaniment to games, there are some people who play games while drinking alcohol.
LAN Cable Man," or " LANkemaso," who is in charge of Fangler Games' server infrastructure, is one such person.
LAN Cable Man is always on the lookout for drinks that go well with games, so much so that he has created the hashtag #LANKEMASO's energy drink.
We would like to introduce his carefully selected drinks (energy drinks)!

Speaking of games, rumune

ラムネサワーfunglr Games

This time, we would like to introduce " Ramune Sour " by Oenon Group.
Speaking of Ramune, Morinaga Ramune by Morinaga Seika is very famous.
This "Ramune" sour is sure to be a good match with video games!

No purine and no sugar!

ラムネサワーfunglr Games

Rumune Sour" is a very healthy drink with no purine and no carbohydrates, which is great for drinkers.

ラムネサワーfunglr Games

The ingredients in the "Ramune Sour" are vodka, spirits, and other ingredients that are great for the LAN cable guy who drinks a lot of gaming.

ラムネサワーfunglr Games

The nutritional ingredients include zero protein, fat, carbohydrates, and salt, making it, as mentioned, a very healthy sour.

Let's actually drink it!

ラムネサワーfunglr Games

Let's drink it now.

ラムネサワーfunglr Games

Now, serve!

ラムネサワーfunglr Games


ラムネサワーfunglr Games

The "Ramune Sour" is transparent!
I had assumed it would be blue or greenish, so I was surprised to be surprised.

I was surprised at how clear it was.

ラムネサワーfunglr Games

LAN cable man drinking a "Ramune Sour".
How does it taste?

The 4% alcohol content is not enough to be considered an alcoholic beverage, but it is just the right amount to be consumed while playing a game.
It is easy to drink, with a refreshing flavor and low sweetness, making it a perfect energy drink for summer.
If the proper amount is observed, even those who are weak or not good at drinking alcohol can enjoy drinking it.

Furthermore, since it contains no purine or sugar, even those who are concerned about gout or body fat can drink it with peace of mind.
Since it is unexpectedly refreshing, it is also suitable as an aperitif or after-dinner palate freshener.

And that's just the beginning!
I just want to play games! I also want to drink! If you want to play games and drink alcohol, this is the perfect place for you.
With more and more people being encouraged to stay home and play games at home, and more and more people drinking at home, let's enjoy a comfortable gaming and drinking experience with a "Rumne Sour"!
This is a review of the "Ramune Sour" from the " energy drink for #LAN cable man " series!


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