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"eBASEBALL Pro Baseball Spirits 2021 Grand Slam" Review! Both baseball fans and beginners can enjoy it!


The " Powerful Pro Base ball" series and the " Pro Baseball Spirits " series. KONAMI, the developer of two major baseball games that have long been beloved by baseball fans, can be called the company that knows baseball best in the video game industry.
Konami Digital Entertainment has released " eBASEBALL PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL SPIRITS 2021 GRAND SLAM " ("Prosper 2021") for Nintendo Switch, the latest title in the "Pro Baseball Spirits" series after a two-year absence. Prosperity 2021 ") will finally be released on July 8, 2021 (Thursday)!

This time, with the cooperation of KONAMI, we had a special opportunity to experience "Prosper 2021" before its release!

Visit KONAMI's office!

Konami Creative Center Ginza
funglr Games

We arrived at the Konami Creative Center Ginza, the base of the Konami Group.
After greeting the KONAMI representative, we were guided to a conference room where we saw the pre-release title screen of "Prosper 2021" on the LCD screen!

Prosper 2021 main visual

I want to play it right away! I had to restrain my eagerness to play the game, so I asked the person in charge to tell me about the appeal of "Prosper 2021.

Highlights of the latest "Prosper 2021

Interview about "Prosper 2021
funglr Games

Here are the Spirits! Four major new elements of "Prosper 2021

The biggest point of interest in "Prosper 2021" is the "Grand Slam," which means a grand slam in the title, and refers to four new elements!

  • Grand Prix " mode: Gather your favorite players, create your own team, and win the tournament!
  • Championship " mode, where you can compete against players from all over the country in official online tournaments
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics ", a recreation of the tournament format in a game
  • Multiplayer " function for up to four players, a first for the series

In addition, familiar modes such as "Pennant Race " to win the season and " Koshien Spirits " to train players as high school baseball players have also been powered up!

Prosper 2021 Pennant Race main menu

The new " Multiplayer " feature is a must-have for our staff!

You can freely change the position you are in charge of!
funglr Games

For the first time in the series history, "Prosper 2021" allows up to four players to play against each other!
Players can be freely assigned to teams, and there are many combinations, including 2 vs. 2 team battles, 1 vs. 3 team battles, and4 vs. COM cooperative play!
You can also change the position of the pitcher and catcher on the team, change the defensive position, and more.

A more detailed introduction of the game system is available on funglr Games!

KONAMI vs funglr Games Let's play!

Grab a controller and get ready to play!
funglr Games

After a brief introduction to the game and its controls, we decided to try our hand at " multiplayer" in the "battle" mode!

The two members of the KONAMI team are experts in the "Prosper" series!
In contrast, the funglr Games editorial team was led by Mr. H, an intermediate level baseball player with experience in elementary and junior high school baseball. (seriously)" level beginner, Kikukushi!

Would they be able to play a game? With great anxiety, we immediately started the game!

Real-time professional baseball!

Players' conditions are indicated by icons.
funglr Games

Prospi 2021" includes players from all 12 teams that will be registered as managerial staffs at the start of the 2021 season!
Each player's condition and the team's war situation are also reflected in the game balance, which is updated according to the real-world results.
In addition, free post-launch updates will add newly domination-registered players and each player's ability will be delivered sequentially according to his performance during the season!

Kikuusi, who has never played a baseball game before, including the "Prospey" series, was astonished at how well the game is linked to the real world of professional baseball!

Let the games begin!
funglr Games

The KONAMI team chose the " Fukuoka Softbank Hawks " with a good record in the 2020 season.
The funglr team chose the Tokyo Yakult Swallows, Mr. H's favorite team.

When the game started, we were amazed at the realistic play screen!
It was as if a live baseball game was being shown on the screen, just as you would see it on TV!
During the game, the live commentary will be provided to heighten the realism of the game! The exquisitely realistic commentary is also an element to enjoy.

Even Softbank's Yanagida's pose in front of the bench is reproduced!

Each player's 3D model has a different facial expression, physique, and motion such as stance and running style.
The faces, physiques, and gestures of real professional players have been reproduced, and we could feel the strong commitment of the development team.
Sliding players will continue to play the game with dirt on their uniforms... fine!
Each ballpark that serves as the field was also recreated in great detail, and the person in charge of the game seemed very happy about it!

Here is a digest of the game

  1. "Aerial viewer who doesn't know the concept of a ball and just strikes out! "
  2. "The KONAMI team's relentless string of grand slams! "
  3. "The score gap is opening up at a blistering pace! "
  4. "Mr. H getting more and more desperate with his pitches! "

The result of the three rounds of intense fighting...!

The game is over.
funglr Games

We lost 27-4. I guess...
The result of the game would have gone down in history if it were in the real world.

Control and quality that even baseball beginners can enjoy!

This was the first baseball game match for the author.
I was a little worried at first, thinking, "I don't know much about baseball, but I'm not sure if I can play this game properly..." But the game itself is very easy to operate, and even those who are not familiar with the game can play right away!
Furthermore, the quality of the game is so realistic that even the author couldn't help but watch the game, as if he were watching a live baseball game!
I learned a lot about baseball while operating the game, and laughed and had fun throughout the game.

Prospey 2021
funglr Games

This is a game that should be picked up by fans of the "Prospey" series as well as baseball fans who have not played the series before!
Even an inexperienced baseball player like myself can easily play the game, so why not invite someone close to you and let them get to know the appeal of professional baseball and baseball games?


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