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【Open Edition】Serious of a long-established audio manufacturer! Unbox ONKYO's gaming headset "SHIDO"!


While various manufacturers are releasing gaming headsets, gaming headsets created by popular audio manufacturers such as JBL and EPOS | SENNHEISER have become a hot topic.
The quality of the headsets created by sound experts is well-known and the sound quality is unparalleled.
In 2019, the long-established audio manufacturer ONKYO launched the e-sports brand " SHIDO ", which became a major topic of conversation when it achieved a crowdfunding amount of over 1082%.
The " SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack ", which includes the " SHIDO: 001" gaming headset and the " SHIDO:002 " USB control amp, will be available for purchase on July 8, 2020. The "SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack" was so popular that it sold out immediately when it went on sale on July 8, 2020 (Wednesday).
Sales resumed in early August 2020, and many people were finally able to purchase them.
The much-awaited " SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack " has finally arrived at the funglr Games editorial office!
In this issue, we would like to show you how it was opened!

【速報】品切れだったONKYO SHIDOの「SHIDO:001&SHIDO:002 バンドルパック」在庫が復活!

Opening the "SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack"!

First, let's start with the stylish outer box.

SHIDO:001&SHIDO:002 バンドルパック
SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 bundle pack
funglr Games

The chic design has a black base with discreet white text and logos.
The simple design is nicely accented with a thicker finish.

SHIDO:001&SHIDO:002 バンドルパック
SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack
funglr Games

Of course, there is no information at all; on the back of the outer box, there is an image of the product and a description in English.
It's an understated design that doesn't detract from the design, yet conveys the coolness of the product.

Now to open the package!

SHIDO:001&SHIDO:002 バンドルパック
SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack
funglr Games

Opening the stylish outer box, you will find two simple yet cool-looking boxes with the "SHIDO" logo inside.
The large box on the left is the "SHIDO:001" gaming headset, and the smaller box on the right is the "SHIDO:002" USB control amplifier.

Yuchan not knowing how to open it
funglr Games

Yu-chan, who was so stylish that she didn't know where to start.

"This thing... it's going to open..."
funglr Games

"This thing... is going to open..."

Yuchan was astonished!
funglr Games

Inside the box, the words " KILL YOUR HEROES," the catch copy of SHIDO, are written.
The yellow letters have a great impact on the black and white design. Yuchan can't hide her surprise!

Yuchan freezes!
funglr Games

Then, we took out "SHIDO:001" from the box.
The headset is so cool and simple, yet full of a sense of luxury, that I froze staring at it for a while.

Check out what is included in the "SHIDO:001" package.

SHIDO:001 Package
funglr Games

Inside the box is the "SHIDO:001" headset and a detachable uni-directional ECM boom microphone.
3.94ft +10cm conversion cable to 3.5mm connection cable with in-line controller with volume control and mic off function.
Instruction manual and warranty card included.

Simple but scattered accents

funglr Games

SHIDO:001" has a simple yet eye-catching design with a black coloring and gold accents.
The earcups are supported by a single arm with a die-cast aluminum hanger, but the strength of the arm is not at all unreliable.
The single arm also plays a role in weight reduction, with the main unit weighing approximately 305g.

funglr Games

The inside of the headband and earpads are navy-like in color.
The gold "SHIDO" logo is casually displayed on the inside of the headband.
The logo is placed on a part of the headband that is not visible when the headphones are worn, which shows the attention to detail in the design.

funglr Games

It may be a little difficult to see in the photo, but the ear cups are not black, but have a fine gold lamé.
By subtly asserting its individuality through the reflection of light, it gives a slightly pop impression without being too massive.

funglr Games

The left and right ear cups have "A" and "Un" designs on the inside so you can tell which ear cup is left or right.
This design is not visible once the earcups are in place, but the fact that it has been carefully designed into a place where it is not visible makes me grin.
The ear pads are made of memory foam,cooling gel, andquick-drying fabric, so they are comfortable even when used for long periods of time.
I'm curious to find out, but I'll bring it to you in the next [Report on use]!

Check out what's included with SHIDO:002!

funglr Games

Next, let's open the USB control amp "SHIDO:00 2"!
The catch copy of "SHIDO" "KILL YOUR HEROES" is written in bright yellow on the inside of the lid.

SHIDO:002 included in the box
funglr Games

Inside the box is SHIDO:002, a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable, and a USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable.
There is an instruction manual, warranty card, and a small cloth.

Simple design and operation

funglr Games

When you take it out of the case, you will notice the "SHIDO" logo stamped on the upper left corner of the case.
You wouldn't notice it from a distance if the design was all black. This kind of attention to detail is cool.

funglr Games

The control knobs on the SHIDO:002 are simple: EQ presets on the left ,volume control in the center ,game voice/balance on the right , and a virtual 7.1 on/off button on the upper right.
The control knobs are accented with fine gold lamé, just like the ear cups on the "SHIDO:001".

funglr Games

The connection terminals are located on the back of the main unit.
The left side of the image is the USB Type-C terminal, which is used to connect to the output device.
On the right is a 3.5mm terminal for connecting "SHIDO:001".
The order of connection is as follows: connect the 3.5mm cable from "SHIDO:001" to the 3.5mm terminal on "SHIDO:002", and connect the USB Type-C terminal on "SHIDO:002" to a PC or other device.

The "SHIDO:002" has a very simple design and easy-to-use controls, but what we are particularly interested in are the EQ presets.
Since it is marketed as a gaming headset, we would like to know how powerful it is as a weapon during gameplay.
We will bring you the details in the next [Report on use]!

Simple design for everyday use

We have just opened the "SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack"!
The "SHIDO:001" has a simple design and does not have RGB lighting, which is common in gaming headsets, so if you remove the microphone, you can use it as an everyday headphone in the city.
However, no matter how cool the headset looks, it is the sound that is important.
What kind of sound does ONKYO, a long-established audio manufacturer, produce? Stay tuned for the next [report on use]!



Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

General release decision of ONKYO's esports brand "SHIDO" which achieved 1082% by crowdfunding!
General release decision of ONKYO's esports brand "SHIDO" which achieved 1082% b...

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