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【Use report edition】Serious of a long-established audio manufacturer! Review ONKYO's gaming headset "SHIDO"!


When it comes to gaming devices, "glowing" is the most common word.
Most of the gaming headsets that adorn the heads of gamers are also shiny, as you might expect.
However, the most important element of a gaming headset is the sound quality. Glowing is not enough!

The eSports brand " SHIDO," which appeared in 2019, has become a hot topic of conversation, achieving over 1000% of its goal in crowdfunding.
And it's no wonder! The company that launched "SHIDO" is the long-established audio manufacturer ONKYO!
The gaming headset is the brainchild of sound specialists, so expectations for the product are high.
The " SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack " is a set of the "SHIDO :001 " gaming headset and the " SHIDO:002 " USB control amp. Funglr Games had the chance to try out the "SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack""!
Following the opening of the package, here is a report on the use of the "SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack"!


Comfortable to wear forever

Playing "Fortnite" with the SHIDO!
funglr Games

As a gaming headset, the best way to review a headset is to play games with it!
So I immediately tried playing " Fortnite " using "SHIDO:001" and "SHIDO:002".

The contrast of black and gold is so cool...!
funglr Games

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that gaming devices are supposed to glow, but "SHIDO:001" does not have a lighting function.
However, with this look, there is no need for it to glow. Because it looks cool.
The gold coloring adds a touch of luxury to this simple design.

Gentle hold on the ear
funglr Games

Of course, it not only looks good, it also feels good!
The ear pads are comfortable to the touch and the hardness is just right.
If they are too hard, they may feel foreign to your ears, and if they are too soft, you may be concerned about the hold, but "SHIDO:001" has just the right amount of firmness.
SHIDO:001" is just the right amount of firmness. It holds the ear firmly but does not feel constrictive, and it gently envelops the ear.

When you feel comfortable, you can concentrate on your playing.
funglr Games

The headband also distributes the pressure so well that I forgot I was wearing a headset.
I have worn a variety of headsets in the past, but this is by far the most comfortable headset I have ever worn.
There is no discomfort at all, such as "my head feels tight," "the earpads rub against my skin," or "the framework of the headset hits my skin," which once they start bothering me, I can't stop.
The headset does not interfere with your immersion in the game, allowing you to concentrate solely on the game.

Also check out "SHIDO:002
funglr Games

In addition to the headset, let's also take a look at the USB control amp "SHIDO:002".
In addition to the volume dial in the center, there is an EQ preset dial on the left, a 7.1 channel on/off button on the right, and a game voice/balance dial.
Of particular interest are the EQ pres ets, with 1 to 5 presets available, each set to optimize the sound quality for each game or situation.
The differences I felt after trying them all out were

  • 1・Lower sound like hitting something gets louder. The sound becomes dry.
  • 2. Low sounds are louder. I can hear footsteps very well.
  • 3. The overall sound is milder. It seems that I don't get tired of listening to it.
  • 4. High-pitched metallic sound becomes louder. The sound of rupture is louder.
  • 5・It is similar to 2, but the spread of the sound disappears and the direction of the sound becomes easier to recognize.

It is like.... It is clearly different! The changes are not so obvious, but they are not so different.
My play style is basically "potato," so I felt that "5" was the easiest to play.
The above is for reference only, as the feeling may vary from person to person!

Win the game by making full use of the presets...

Was it thanks to "SHIDO" that I was able to progress without any problems?
funglr Games

Now, let's go back to playing in Fortnite.
I have survived without a hitch by avoiding combat and taking down the enemies as I encounter them.
The preset is "4" and "5" and back and forth. It 's easy to switch between them with the dial in your hand.

Changing presets depending on the situation
funglr Games

You decide to ambush a player who is fleeing to a safe zone.
I set the preset to " 5" and concentrate on the sound of footsteps. You can clearly hear the enemy coming toward you.

Easy to hear footsteps!
funglr Games

The footsteps are getting closer! Pounding...

It's easy to see that it's getting closer!
funglr Games

Here they come!

You can spot the enemy coming from behind!
funglr Games

Here they come!

But I can't keep up with my abilities.
funglr Games

Oh, no. Running away...

funglr Games

... ~Fin~ ~Fin~ ~Fin~ ~Fin~

Games and music are even more enjoyable with ONKYO sound!

There is a standard song to play when checking the sound quality, isn't there?
funglr Games

The simple yet luxurious design of SHIDO is a shame to use it only for games!
High sound quality and comfort are also outstanding, so we recommend these for your daily commute to school or work!
You can even listen to music with "ONKYO" quality!

When the sound is good, you can't help grinning!
funglr Games

The sound quality will make you swoon. You can clearly hear the sound of all the instruments.
Even the slightly husky tone of the vocalist's voice is as realistic and powerful as if she were singing right in front of you!
The bass, which is difficult to perceive with ordinary headphones unless the volume is turned up, could be felt at a normal volume.
Even though it is a gaming headset, it is still an ONKYO headset. No compromise on sound quality! That's what I'm talking about!

"SHIDO:001&SHIDO:002 バンドルパック"でゲームも音楽も楽しもう
Enjoy games and music with the "SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack
funglr Games

So, this is the report on the ONKYO "SHIDO:001 & SHIDO:002 Bundle Pack", which has attracted a lot of attention.
If you would like to know more about the products, please check the official website of "SHIDO".
The product can be purchased from ONKYO DIRECT, ONKYO 's official online store. The price is 20,790 yen including tax, which is a surprisingly affordable price for the performance!

Unfortunately, "I used SHIDO and it won! Unfortunately, we were not able to win the game, but games are competitive, and sometimes you lose.
But when that happens, you can just go straight to SHIDO and listen to your favorite music. There is no time to feel down.
There are still many sounds in the world that you want to listen to on SHIDO.Doyukkah!
To purchase SHIDO, please visit ONKYO DIRECT, and for product details, please visit the official SHIDO website!



Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

General release decision of ONKYO's esports brand "SHIDO" which achieved 1082% by crowdfunding!
General release decision of ONKYO's esports brand "SHIDO" which achieved 1082% b...

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