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I was able to win easily when I played PUBG Mobile with "RedMagic 5", a high-spec gaming smartphone excellent in Cospa

コスパに優れたハイスペックゲーミングスマホ「RedMagic 5」でPUBGモバイルをプレイしたら簡単に勝てた

Nubia Technology, a smartphone manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, China, has released the " RedMagic 5," a 5G-enabled gaming smartphone with a display featuring an ultra-fast refresh rate of 144 Hz.
The RedMagic 5 boasts one of the best performance among gaming smartphones sold by various companies, yet is priced from US$629.00, making it an excellent value-for-money product.
As previously introduced on funglr Games, the RedMagic 5 is designed for comfortable and advantageous gaming with its excellent cooling performance, built-in pro-trigger located on the side of the device, and Game Space 2.1.
What will it be like to actually play a game with the RedMagic 5?
funglr Games put it to the test!

144Hz超高速リフレッシュレートを実現した5Gゲーミングスマートフォン「RedMagic 5」が国内発売

How does a high-spec gaming smartphone with a PC-like performance compare to a PC?

It arrived in a bigger box than expected!
funglr Games

So, the Eclipse Black model of the RedMagic 5 arrived at our editorial office. Let's open it up right away.

The package design doesn't look like it contains a smartphone.
funglr Games

Is it a smartphone? The package looks like a limited edition CD album by an artist.

It looks like an artist's limited edition CD album.
funglr Games

The surface has been processed to look like a CD or record jacket.

The contents are simple
funglr Games

Open the package. Contrary to the package, the design is simple.

RedMagic 5と対面
Face to face with RedMagic 5
funglr Games

The REDMAGIC brand logo is on the side where the main unit sits. This one also has a glittery finish, giving it a very elaborate look!

Back of the gaming-like design
funglr Games

Remove the covers and check out the design on the back. It already looks strong.

6.65-inch wide display
funglr Games

The 6.65-inch wide display is about the same size as the palm of your hand.

funglr Games

Now let's start up.

Home Screen
funglr Games

After completing the initial settings, the home screen appears.

Install PUBG
funglr Games

Install the game. We will play " PUBG MOBILE "!

RedMagic 5
RedMagic 5
funglr Games

While installing the game, let's take a look at " RedMagic 5 ".

Competition Keys
funglr Games

This red button is the " Competition Key ".
Next to the competition key, there is an air intake for cooling.

Exhaust port
funglr Games

The exhaust port is located on the opposite side.
This large size is likely to have a considerable cooling effect.
In addition to the size of the intake and exhaust ports, a turbo fan and an L-shaped liquid cooling pipe are also installed inside.
The combination of air and liquid cooling is supposed to keep the CPU temperature low even during high-load play.

Triple Camera
funglr Games

The camera is equipped with Sony's 64-megapixel main camera, which can also take 2-megapixel macro shots and 8-megapixel ultra-wide shots.
There are no compromises at all in the camera. It's a very high spec indeed.

Check the accessories
funglr Games

Let's check the contents of the box.

There are some attentions that make it easy to take out
funglr Games

The instruction manual, USB type-C cable, and power adapter are each included.
There's a handle on them to make them easy to remove!

赤いUSB type-Cケーブル
Red USB type-C cable
funglr Games

The USB type-C cable is red. It stands out quite a bit, so it's hard to lose.

High-Speed Handling Guide
funglr Games

The manual, " High-Speed Instruction Guide" is also available in Japanese.

Lighting check
funglr Games

And check out that RGB lighting you've been wondering about!

Check the lighting
funglr Games

Only the letters on the back of the device are illuminated, but it looks cool because it is so simple.

Lighting can be customized

Lighting patterns can of course be customized.
There are 5 lighting patterns and 9 colorings to choose from for a total of 45 different combinations.

Playing PUBG MOBILE with "RedMagic 5"!

Launch PUBG

Now that we've downloaded PUBG MOBILE, let's play!

Turbo Fan Settings

If you are concerned about the heat generated during play, you can set the turbo fan settings for the cooling system in " Personal Mode ".
Selecting "Rapid cooling" will increase the fan speed to 16,000 rpm.
If you listen carefully, you can hear the fan working hard.

Setting the built-in shoulder trigger button

The "RedMagic 5" has a built-in shoulder trigger button on the side of the device.
There is no way not to take advantage of this. By assigning keys to the position of your choice, you can operate the device without touching the screen.
This is a must-have feature in FPS/TPS games, where a momentary control error can be fatal.

Setting up the Aiming Assist function

The Aiming Assist function allows you to display crosshairs.
The shape, color, and size can be customized.

Crosshair display of FPS viewpoint
Crosshair display from TPS viewpoint

Some prefer to have crosshairs, some prefer not to have crosshairs, and some prefer to have crosshairs at all.

Start the battle!
funglr Games

Let the battle begin!

A dangerous game in progress
funglr Games

The equipment we got is UMP and UZI, quite a good harvest.
The safe ground is also well drawn. We are well equipped, so let's stand well while avoiding unnecessary battles.

2 players left
funglr Games

Things are going well, and finally there are only two players left. We catch our breath and prepare for the decisive battle.

Sniper in 4 scoops!
funglr Games

The last safe area is reduced to an open area. The two players had to compete with each other, hiding behind trees, but they sniped each other with 4 squares!
The display boasts a 144Hz refresh rate, as expected. Even with the scope in use, there was no jerk iness in my aim , and I was able to get the shot off without any difficulty at all.

Don win!
funglr Games

"It's so easy to win the Don!"
Was it my ability that allowed me to win so easily?
Or was it because of "Red Magic 5"?
I'll leave it to you, the reader, to decide!

RedMagic 5 takes your gaming to the next level!

RedMagic 5でドン勝!
RedMagic 5 for the win!
funglr Games

This is our review of RedMagic 5.
We believe that the RedMagic 5 is perfect for FPS/TPS players as well as for games with a sense of speed, such as racing games.
With cooling performance that allows you to concentrate on your game without anxiety, assist functions that support your play, and a built-in shoulder trigger button that gives you an overwhelming advantage, this is definitely a machine that will satisfy gamers.
To learn more about the RedMagic 5, please visit the RedMagic 5 product page on RedMagic's official website.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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