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Nintendo Switch OLED models now available in Splatoon 3 Edition!

混沌を体現したかのようなイカしたデザイン!Nintendo Switch(有機ELモデル) スプラトゥーン3エディションをレビュー!

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) Splatoon 3 Edition " released on August 26, 2022
Based on the Nintendo Switch OLED model, this special model features the original Splatoon 3 design on the Switch body, dock, and Joy-Con.
Due in part to the shortage of semiconductors, the product is still in short supply, and lottery sales are the only way to obtain one.
I was lucky enough to win the lottery and managed to acquire one over 3 months after its release, so this time I will review the device including its design!
I will also review the advantages of purchasing this model compared to the previous model, so please take a look!

A cool design that seems to embody chaos!

Nintendo Switch(有機ELモデル) スプラトゥーン3エディションfunglr Games

Based on the latest OLED model, the "Nintendo Switch (OLED model) Splatoon 3 Edition" embodies the world of Splatoon 3.
The original Splatoon 3 design is on the packaging, the Switch itself, and the Joy-con.

Stylish design without being too flash


funglr Games

The dock that plugs into the unit and the back of the Switch feature art and sticker designs that are often seen in Splatoon 3 games.
The black and white color scheme of the dock and dock itself is accented with yellow ink, one of the Splatoon 3 theme colors, on the front of the dock itself.

funglr Games

The Joy-con comes in gradations of violet, blue, green, and yellow.
Since all previous Joy-Cons have been monochromatic, the gradient coloring may be inspired by the chaos that is the theme of Splatoon 3.
On the front of each Joy-con, in addition to stickers and art patterns, there are octopus and squid icons that can be used as in-game characters.
The back of the Joy-con is also white in color and shows the octopus and squid patterns, respectively.

Comparison with conventional models

6.2インチから7.0インチディスプレイへfunglr Games

There are many differences between the conventional model and the OLED model, but the first and foremost is the display.

From 6.2-inch to 7.0-inch display

As you can easily see by looking at the edges of the screen, the screen size has increased compared to the previous model.
The display was 6.2 inches, but the OLED has increased in size to 7.0 inches.
When playing in table or portable mode, you can enjoy a more powerful gaming experience.
The biggest advantage of the larger screen is that it improves visibility and makes the screen easier to read.
When playing Splatoon 3 in table mode on the OLED model, the visibility of enemies was better than usual, so I felt that the advantage of the larger screen was well worth it.

Sharper images can be projected.

funglr GamesIn addition, the OLED display has a higher contrast ratio than the LCD display of the previous model, allowing for a clearer image.
Compared to the conventional model on the left, the OLED model on the right has a tighter black ink on the logo background, and the yellow color of the numbering and the blue ink in the field can be seen more clearly rendered.

ジャイロモードでプレイfunglr Games

The narrow viewing angle of the previous LCD display meant that when playing Splatoon 3 in handheld mode, the colors would change when the device was tilted using the gyro function, making it difficult to see the screen. However, the OLED model's display has a wide viewing angle, so the colors do not change even when the device is tilted, and the game could be played comfortably.

Comes with a wide stand to aid comfortable game play

And with the OLED model, a little vibration never hurt!
funglr Games

The stand on the previous model was an added bonus, and some people may have opened the stand just to insert or pull out the microSD card.
The OLED model features a wide stand with a wider range of motion, allowing the user to freely adjust the angle from about 20 to 70 degrees.
This makes it easier to play games in table mode, as games can now be played at an angle that is appropriate for the location of the game and the height of the chair or desk.

Compared to the previous model, the main unit's memory has been increased from 32GB to 64GB, and a wired LAN port has been installed in the main unit of the dock.
The increased capacity allows more games to be downloaded to the console and can be played by wire without the use of a wired LAN adapter.

Not limited in quantity! Apply patiently!

Nintendo Switch(有機ELモデル) スプラトゥーン3エディションfunglr Games

What do you think?
The regular price of the conventional model is 32,978 yen (including tax), and the OLED model is 38,980 yen (including tax), about 5,000 yen more expensive.
Taking into account the fact that the LAN adapter is no longer necessary, the memory of the main unit has increased from 32GB to 64GB, and the screen is now OLED, it can be said that the price is more than worth it.

At the time of writing in November 2022, the console is still in short supply, and the only way to obtain one is by lottery.
However, the "Nintendo Switch (OLED model) Splatoon 3 Edition" is not limited in quantity, so if you are patient and apply for the lottery, the probability of obtaining one will increase, coupled with the popularity of the product.
Lottery sales are held periodically at My Nintendo Store and other locations.
If you want to get your hands on a "Nintendo Switch (OLED model) Splatoon 3 Edition," be sure to check it out and sign up for the lottery.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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