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Super flat mouse pad "NINJA RATMAT"

Super flat mouse pad

Super flat mouse pad "NINJA RATMAT" has been a hit topic among gamers.
We actually get to try the TOU model from the NINJA RATMAT series in ONKYO's booth during TGS2019.

こだわるゲーマーのためのeスポーツ用超平面メタルマウスパッド「NINJA RATMAT」発表!


Gaming mouse pad "NINJA RATMAT"
from funglr games

You will soon understand the meaning of SUPER FLAT once you touch the mouse pad. As for the texture, it felt like a cloth mouse pad with a harder core. Maybe it's because magnesium alloy is used. I have used different glass mouse pads or copy paper but no one can be that flat until I meet NINJA RATMAT.


Gaming mouse pad "NINJA RATMAT"
from funglr games

Is that really a hard mouse pad!? It feel so smooth!
Although it's a hard mouse pad, the friction is just right for slipping and stopping!
The material is hard but the surface texture is like cloth.

For Esports players who are used to use cloth mouse pads, this can be a harder choice for you.

Worth it or not?

The trying period only last for 10 minutes. It may be just a first impression that it reduce the burden on wrist for long term usage. This mouse pad does worth a try.

It's a make-to-order production and cost 60000 yen! You may want to try once before ordering.
It would be great to have rental services! NINJA RATMAT! Please give us a chance!
Get to know more onOfficial Homepageへ!

7182Super flat mouse pad
Super planar metal mouse pad for esports for gamers "NINJA RATMAT" announced!

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