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I used "News Suite", a news app created by Sony that I would like to recommend to esports freaks

eスポーツフリークにオススメしたい、ソニーが手掛けるニュースアプリ「News Suite(ニューススイート)」を使ってみた

Have you heard of the free news app " News Suite "?
For those of you who don't know, "News Suite" is a Sony-made news app that comes pre-installed on Xperia devices and is especially popular among Xperia users. It is pre-installed on Xperia and is a favorite of many users, especially Xperia users.

In fact, the author of this article has been using it for more than 5 years.

In fact, funglr Games is now distributing articles to the News Suite! So I would like to tell you what News Suite has to offer.

History of News Suite

History of News Suite
App Ape

When it comes to news apps, SmartNews and Gunosy are the two strongest, right?
In addition to those, there are news apps operated by platforms such as LINE NEWS and Yahoo! News, and news apps provided by mobile carriers and providers such as dmenu news and nifty news, but when we think of pure news apps, we still think of SmartNews and Gunosy stand out.

As a pure news app, it is no exaggeration to say that News Suite is the third news app to break into the era of the top two, but News Suite was actually released in 2011.
In fact, News Suite was released in 2011. Considering that Gunosy was released in 2013 and SmartNews in 2012, it has been around for more than a year.

In the beginning, it was called "Socialife."


"What? It's been around that long? " you might think, but it was initially available only for Xperia and Vaio, but was released to the general public for non-Xperia Android in 2014.
News Suite was first released under the name "Socialife" and was relaunched as "News Suite" in 2016.

At the time, it was the most comfortable to use on the Xperia Tablet, especially for checking Facebook and Twitter, posting from the widget view, and taking advantage of Android's features.

In 2016, we went to News Suite.

SocialifeからNews Suiteへ
From Socialife to News Suite

In 2016, they relaunched from "Socialife" to "News Suite.
And while they only offered it for Android, they released an iOS version in 2017.

Many users

And now that you know the history, you may be wondering, "How popular is it really? " and you may be wondering, "News Suite" has 60 million downloads and 7 million monthly users.

I don't know whether to consider this a large number or a small number, so here is a brief summary.

Apps Number of Installations Monthly Users Provider
News Suite 60 million 7 million users Sony Network Communications Inc.
SmartNews 40 million 14 million users SmartNews Corporation
Gunosy 27 million Unknown Gunosy Inc.

As you can see, the number of installations is overwhelming. I'd like to see the number of monthly users increase a bit more.

"News Suite" is for eSports freaks!

Now that you know the history of News Suite, I would like to explain why "News Suite is recommended for e-sports freaks. " I would like to explain.

You can add your own favorite media even if they are not distributed.

RSS & Keyword registration function

Personally, I think this is the most important point.
There are many eSports media outlets, and when it comes to personal blogs, there are countless.
If you want to check your favorite media/blogs, you have to follow the algorithms of your own news apps such as SmartNews or Gunosy.
Of course, you don't have to search for articles by yourself, and SmartNews and Gunosy are easy to use with their personal optimization, but News Suite is easy to customize to your liking.

Of course, you can use an RSS reader, like Feedly or Inoreader, but News Suite is easier when it comes to checking things out on a smartphone app.

In addition, you can register keywords of your choice and easily check articles related to those keywords.
For example, you can set keywords such as "eSports," "Fight of Animal," or "SAMURAI SHODOWN" to check information on your favorite games.

RSS feeds can be registered, so you can also set up Google Alerts and check the News Suite.

With funglr Games, it's easy to add them!

funglr Games is available in the News Suite, and you can easily add games to your list from the Games category.
Please add us!
How to add...

Click [Favorites] in the footer → click [+] in the header → click [Categories/URL] → click [Entertainment] → click [Games] → scroll down to [funglr Games] and click [+].

to add them!

Easy to see if you've read or unread!

read-already function

The News Suite will lighten in color when you read an article, making it easy to tell at a glance whether you have already read or not.

Bookmark (read later) feature!

Checking the news on the train during your commute, you get off the train before reading the news... and read it later during your lunch break! I'll read it later when I take a lunch break!

News Suite has a bookmark function, which is very convenient.

Easy to tweet!

This is only for the Andorid version, but there is a tweet button at the top right corner.
Since Twitter is the mainstream social networking service for e-sports and gaming users, this tweet button is truly one of the best features for e-sports freaks.

This is a news app from Sony, the company that releases the PlayStation, which is closely associated with e-sports!

As long as you are involved with eSports and gaming, it would be difficult not to be involved with Sony PlayStation.
Because it is a Sony-produced news app that leads the industry, you can be sure that "Games are Sony! Sony News App! How about choosing "Sony News App!

Coupon function is also available.

Coupon function

Around the end of last year, a coupon function was also implemented and can be used at popular chain restaurants.

Not only do they have coupons for chain restaurants, but they also have discount coupons for eyeglass stores and drugstores that deal with household goods, and even fitness clubs, which covers your entire living area!

The app offers coupons for restaurants such as "Shabu Shabu On-yasai" and "Gyukaku" by Rain's International, a major nationwide restaurant chain, and this alone is quite exciting!

I tried using it right away.

I tried it at "Shabu-shabu On-yasai Akasaka

Akasaka, Minato-ku, where funglr Games and the ASUS Store are located, and in front of Akasaka Station after business hours, there are many chain restaurants, including the above-mentioned "Gyukaku", "Shabu-shabu On-yasai", and the popular "Ikinari Steak", which is a great place for News Suite There are many stores that offer coupons for News Suite users!

I used a News Suite coupon for "Shabu-shabu On-yasai Akasaka" right away! It is easy to use, just present the coupon screen displayed on News Suite at the time of checkout.

I was able to use the coupon smoothly and get a discount on my bill without worrying that the waiter would be confused by a coupon from a news app rather than a well-known coupon app!

Of course, you can use major electronic money and credit cards as well as cash for payment, so you can get cashless rewards now. and use the News Suite coupons to enjoy a Sony-centric lifestyle!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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