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Morinaga's large-grained ramune GAME BOOSTER is upgraded! "GAME BOOSTER2" appeared!

森永の大粒ラムネ GAME BOOSTERがバージョンアップ!「GAME BOOSTER2」登場!

GAME BOOSTER," a large Ramune that combines glucose, which nourishes the brain, and caffeine, was introduced last October as part of the Ramune series by Morinaga Seika Co.
Morinaga's "GAME BOOSTER" Ramune is also known as a "magic pill to eat," and is probably a favorite of many people, regardless of whether they are gamers or not, as an accompaniment to their desk work.

GAME BOOSTER 2 ", the second version of GAME BOOSTER, was released in June this year!
The previous GAME BOOSTER had a strong digital feel, both in the package design and in the catchphrase, " For those who fight in a digital society.
This time, the design is more space-inspired and gives the impression of tremendous power.
The catch copy is " Dedicated to all those who challenge to the top" and "Dedicated to all those who challenge to the game (game)".
Let's get to the review!


This time it comes in an energy drink flavor!

Table Package
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The previous GAME BOOSTER was cola-flavored, but this time it comes in an energy drink flavor!
Energy drinks are a well-known drink for gamers.
It is truly a gaming Ramune!

Table of Ingredients
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Let's take a look at the ingredients!
The contents per 36g are as follows

  • Energy 134 kcal
  • Protein 0g
  • Fat 0.4g
  • Carbohydrates 32.5g
  • Salt equivalent 0g
  • Caffeine 40 mg

And it contains 90% glucose!
You can take it with you at your desk, of course, but the zippered container also makes it portable, so you can carry it in your bag when you are tired and want to work hard, and you can easily consume glucose and caffeine at the same time anywhere!
The contents of 36g contains 40mg of caffeine, which is not a lot for a single tablet, but I couldn't resist, so be careful not to overeat!

I tried it right away!

Energy drink-colored Ramune
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When you open the bag, you will smell a slightly sour aroma like dairy products.
The first time you put it in your mouth, it tastes like dairy products, but when you chew it, the taste of energy drink spreads later!
If you are not careful, you may end up eating it one after another....

"GAME BOOSTER2" is now on sale!

Accompanied by Ramune!
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GAME BOOSTER2" is available at convenience stores nationwide, Amazon.co.jp, and Rakuten.
The taste is perfect for those who like energy drinks, but also for those who don't like them.
We recommend this product for when you want to work hard and for when you want to play games!
Please give it a try!


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