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【Spoiler Alert】Montena's long-awaited new work "Monster Super Cola" is reviewed before release! Is it cuba libre's successor?!

【ネタバレ注意】モンエナ待望の新作「モンスター スーパーコーラ」を発売前レビュー!キューバリブレの後継か?!

Monster Energy , a.k.a.Monster Energizer, recently announced its long-awaitednew " Monster Super Cola.
It has been 9 months since the release of the green "Ultra Paradise" in the summer of 2020, and many of you may be wondering what the new Monster Super Cola tastes like.
The black and red coloring has many people speculating that it may be the successor to the " Cuba Libre," a cola, lime, and rum flavor, and there has been a lot of excitement on Twitter.
A campaign to win a case of 24 bottles of Monster Super Cola by following and retweeting is currently underway, called " Retweet to Win! Monster Super Cola" launch campaign is also underway.
The campaign is already flooded with entries from many fans because it is a chance to drink it before it goes on sale, and there are 100 prizes available! We think we have a shot at it, so let's get out there and enter!

And if you're thinking right now, "I want to see for myself what the new Monster tastes like," stop reading right here.
Why? Because this article is a review of the new Monster Energy " Monster Super Cola " before its release!


The black and red color gives it a strong Monster flavor!

モンスター スーパーコーラ
Monster Super Cola
funglr Games

I am currently playing "FINAL FANTSY VII REMAKE," a free-to-play game, and I defeated Behemoth Zero the other day.
Monster Super Cola " also comes in red and black, the colors of such a powerful monster, and has a more magical feel than regular Monster Energy.
It comes in a large 500 ml bottle with a cap, so it will come in handy for sipping over time.

モンスター スーパーコーラ
Monster Super Cola
funglr Games

Monster Energy is known for the poem engraved on the bottle. Energy drinks tend to have poems written on them, and Monster may have been the first to do so.
Monster Super Cola" also comes with a poem, of course!

This bottle was the only way to pack Monster Super Cola's yuckiness.
Go ahead, open this super-sized bottle and feel the explosive power. But don't be fooled by the super smooth and refreshing taste.
That's because Monster Super Cola is fully loaded with the legendary energy blend and optimized for high performance.
Keep your spirits pumping anytime, anywhere with this convenient, recapable bottle. Unleash the wild!

This year's Monster Poem is a bit more specific than previous ones.
In short, "Monster Super Cola tastes smooth and refreshing. It comes in a re-capable bottle," so it is much more specific than the previous "Monster Ultra Paradise" poem, which reads, "(summary) We made it taste like paradise.
I wonder if the "Super" in "Super Cola" refers to the size?

モンスター スーパーコーラ
Monster Super Cola
funglr Games

When I opened the cap and poured it into a glass, I found it to be black with a reddish tint, which is typical of cola, as it calls itself "Super Cola".
Monster Energy is also characterized by its strong energy drink smell, but " Monster Super Cola " has none of it.
The color and aroma are just like cola itself. How does it taste? Let's try it!

モンスター スーパーコーラ
Monster Super Cola
funglr Games

I imagined it would taste like " Cuba Libre," but there is no rum or lime flavor at all, just cola!
There is no chemical taste peculiar to Monster Energy at all. It's just a regular cola.
I gave it to the LAN cable man and the band member of the Funglr Games editorial staff as a test, without telling them that it was a newMonster Energy product, and they both said, "What is this? What is this? It's a cola, right? " was their reaction.

Monster Super Col a" seems to be perceived as "ordinary tasty cola" if you don't know about it.
Maybe "Super Cola" just means "super cola"?
Although the coloring, ingredients, and composition are almost the same as Cuba Libre, the contents are completely different.
It has the taste of cola, which everyone loves, so even those who don't like energy drinks will be able to enjoy it.

It's just as cola-y as the name implies!

モンスター スーパーコーラ
Monster Super Cola
funglr Games

This is my review of the pre-release " Monster Super Cola.
Monster Energy is overwhelmingly popular among energy drinks. Many people have high expectations for the power of each new Monster Energy drink, and " Monster Super Col a" has been able to betray those expectations in a good way.
Monster Super Col a" is a new cola flavor that has been highly praised by the members of funglr Games!
Monster Super Cola" will be available on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, at a price of 296 yen (excluding tax).
Monster Energy Japan's official Twitter account (@MonsterEnergyJP) is running a campaign to win a case of " Monster Super Cola " until March 15, 2021 (Monday), so check there as well! Please check it out as well!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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