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Momotetsu Tomai Izumi collaborates! I tried to eat a pocket sandwich of a limited time product and a thick egg!


From August 11 (Wed) to August 17 (Tue), 2021, Daimaru Tokyo Store will collaborate with " Momotaro Dentetsu ~Showa Heisei era 2025 Japanese classic! ~and Daimaru Tokyo Store will collaborate!
To commemorate the collaboration, we will be selling "pocket sandwiches" with Mai-izumi Momotetsu original illustrations as a collaboration product with " Mai-izumi ", the model for the " filleted pork cutlet and egg sandwich shop " that appears in Tokyo Station in the game, for a limited time only. The product will be on sale for a limited time only.
funglr Games has also obtained a copy of the product and will be reviewing it as soon as possible!

Mellow egg pocket sandwich

Appearance of Pocket Sandwich
funglr Games

This pocket sandwich comes in a filet and egg flavor.
The center of the sandwich has Momotaro's stamp and the word "CHOMARU" printed on it!
Incidentally, the word CHOMARU comes from a fictional department store in Tokyo Station that appears in the Momotaro Dentetsu game, the Chomaru Department Store.

Ingredient Label
funglr Games

The expiration date is not long, so eat it as soon as possible after purchase!

The taste is interesting...

Open the package!
funglr Games

The moment I opened the package, I could smell the appetizing smell of katsu sauce!

Ingredients inside
funglr Games

The contents were a whole thick filet of pork cutlet!
Also on top of the filet was a half-boiled fried egg!
The fact that it's half-boiled again already gives you a sense of its deliciousness even before you eat it!
The taste is what I'm interested in...

The thick fillet cutlet is very satisfying.
Surprisingly, the batter is not greasy, making it easy to eat.
Also, the fried egg on top of the filet mignon is half-boiled and matches well with the umami of the cutlet!

Pocket Sandwich on sale for a limited time only!

Appearance of the pocket sandwich
funglr Games

The Mai-izumi Momotetsu original illustrated "pocket sandwiches" introduced here are now on sale for a limited time only at Mai-izumi in Hoppetown on the basement food floor of the Daimaru Tokyo Store!
The price is 450 yen per piece, a reasonable price for a Maisen cutlet sandwich.
The price is 450 yen per piece, which is a reasonable price for a Maisen cutlet sandwich. It will only be on sale for one week, from August 11 (Wed) to August 17 (Tue ), so take advantage of this opportunity and get it early!


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