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Energy Yogurt?! Eat the yogurt "VITERY" containing arginine!


Recently, funglr Games discovered a new energy drink called "Energy Milk," which combines caffeine and milk.
The drink is a dairy drink with caffeine, a combination that has been used as coffee milk, and it has become one of my favorite energy drinks because it is easy to drink.
So, my recent interest in milk and energy's compatibility has led me to yet another new dairy find, and fast!
Not caffeinated, but containing arginine, a staple ingredient in energy drinks, this " VITERY " yogurt is what I would call an "energy yogurt "!

VITERY" is a polyamine yogurt with arginine, a standard ingredient in energy drinks.

VITERY" is an energetic polyamine yogurt.
funglr Games

VITERY" is a polyamine yogurt with arginine and bifidobacterium.
It contains 600 mg of arginine and Bifidobacterium bifidum LKM512, and by taking these ingredients, the physiologically active substance polyamine is produced in the abdomen.
This yogurt is designed for those who want to gain daily vitality, so it would be a perfect product for gamers who drink energy drinks every day to recharge their batteries.
It contains zero grams of fat and is free of artificial sweeteners, so gamers who are concerned about their health can eat it every day with peace of mind.

Vitality Polyamine Yogurt "VITERY
funglr Games

Let's try it right away.
It looks like a normal yogurt with a thickened, slightly yellowish color.
When you put it in your mouth, you can enjoy its soft and smooth texture.

Vital polyamine yogurt "VITERY".
funglr Games

The taste is no different from regular yogurt, with a delicious sweetness and a hint of sourness that is typical of yogurt.
It contains arginine! I was imagining the unique and strong taste of energy drink when I heard that it contains arginine, but it is quite ordinary.
I thought I would be most grateful if it tasted ordinary , but actually had great ingredients.
The important thing is to keep taking it, and "VITERY" seems to be easy to take every day without any weird taste.

Vitalizing polyamine yogurt "VITERY
funglr Games

This is a review of "VITERY," an energizing polyamine yogurt that Funglr Games calls an "energy yogurt.
The year-end and New Year holidays tend to be busy, so why not recharge your energy with the help of "VITERY"?
For more information, please visit the Mate brand "VITERY" product page!


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