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Lifeguards have increased significantly! Famima Limited 700ml Special Mega Bottle "Mega Lifeguard" reviewed!

【値段そのまま!! 40%増量作戦】ファミマ限定700mlのスペシャルメガボトル「メガライフガード」をレビュー!

Cheerio Corporation , a.k. a. Cheerio, has been producing a wide variety of products such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, and even anti-energy drinks containing CBD.
The company is also known for its excellent cost performance, such as its low-cost vending machines that sell drinks for 100 yen each, and in particular its large-capacity series "Cheerio Mega 700," which has an unusual presence whenever it is seen on the shelves of the drinks section due to its overwhelming size.
This time, " Lifeguard," a very popular product that can be called Cheerio's signature product, is being offered as part of FamilyMart's campaign, " Keep the Price the Same! The new "Mega Lifeguard" bottle is part of FamilyMart's campaign "Keep the Price the Same!
Two bottles of the newly released " Mega Lifeguard " were sent to the editorial department of funglr games!


Lifeguard is now available in larger quantities! Share the new "Mega Lifeguard" with everyone!

メガライフガードfunglr Games

Lifeguard," a super-living beverage with a flashy camouflage package, is a trademark of the company.
It is a long-selling product that has been loved for 35 years since its launch in 1986 as a pioneer of energy drinks, and even I used to love drinking it every day when I was a student.
This big increase is very good news for Lifeguard fans!

グラスに注ぐfunglr Games

The new "Mega Lifeguard" has a capacity of 700ml! 700ml The new "Mega Lifeguard" has a capacity of 40% more than the regular Lifeguard!
The new "Mega Lifeguard" has 40% more volume than the regular Lifeguard, yet the price remains the same.
The recent record-breaking heat wave in many parts of the world.
A 500ml PET bottle is not enough! So, those who think that a 500ml PET bottle is not enough can rest easy!
Mega Lifeguard " has an overwhelmingly large size, but will you be able to drink it all?

グラスに注いだメガライフガードfunglr Games

I prepared a rather large glass and poured it generously, resulting in enough for three people.
Divided into three glasses, that's roughly 233ml per person, so it's a great way to share with family and friends.

編集部員とシェアfunglr Games

Since I was so excited, I decided to share it with the exhausted editorial staff at the end of the day.
As usual, it is slightly carbonated, easy to drink, and has an addictive taste.
Lifeguard's energy soaks into my tired body.
Looks like I'll be able to keep up the good work after this!

Purchase from your local FamilyMart!

メガライフガードfunglr Games

Mega Lifeguard" is sold exclusively at FamilyMart.
Each bottle has a large capacity of 700 ml, making it perfect for this season when water tends to be in short supply!
The limited quantities will be available only as soon as they are gone, so be sure to pick one up when you see it at FamilyMart!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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