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The next generation energy drink is a gel! MAURTEN GEL100 CAF100 is the next generation energy drink!

次世代のエナジードリンクはジェル!?MAURTEN GEL100 CAF100を“摂取”してみた

When we think of gamers, we think of energy drinks. Energy drinks are for gamers. The relationship between the two has become commonplace for some time now, but their original purpose is to provide nutritional supplementation, mainly through caffeine. But then, they don't have to be energy drinks, do they? Having realized the truth, I immediately started researching. I will review the next generation of energy drinks...not energy gels " MAURTEN G EL100" and " MAURTEN GEL100 CAF100 "!

Energy gel "MAURTEN GEL100

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We will be introducing two new energy gels, MAURTEN GEL100 and MAURTEN GEL100 CAF100. Could they be the new choice for gamers?

The official MAURTEN website describes these products as revolutionary sports fuels that provide a highly concentrated energy boost. The MAURTEN series comes in two types: a drink type, in which the powder is dissolved in water, and a gel type, which can be taken as is. The MAURTEN series is available in two types: a drink type, which dissolves the powder in water, and a gel type, which can be taken as-is.

Hydrogel technology that encapsulates highly concentrated carbohydrates


Due to the human body's limited ability to convert carbohydrates into energy, the carbohydrate concentration in most sports drinks is limited to 5%. MAURTEN, however, uses a unique hydrogel technology that encapsulates carbohydrates in the stomach so that the body does not recognize them as carbohydrates, raising their concentration to 16%. By encapsulating approximately three times the amount of carbohydrates that humans are capable of converting into energy, MAURTEN provides an efficient energy supply in a short period of time.

What does it taste like?

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The gel type can be taken immediately by simply opening the package. When I opened the package, I found a clear gel. First, I took a bite of "MAURTEN GEL100".


I was surprised to see how tasteless it was, partly because I usually drink only stimulating energy drinks. The texture is gentle on the tongue, but it is a very strange feeling.

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I continued with the "MAURTEN GEL100 CAF100". As the name "CAF100" indicates, this one contains 100 mg of caffeine.


That's not surprising, as the product page of "MAURTEN GEL100 CAF100" states.

Caffeine has a bitter taste. The sports nutrition industry has historically tried to mask the bitter taste in gels by adding flavoring and acidity, or simply by lowering the caffeine content. However, adding artificial flavoring does not help you run faster. You need a sufficient amount of caffeine. So we decided to absolutely avoid this problem.

"MAURTEN GEL100 CAF100"製品ページ

You can clearly see our firm philosophy. The pure bitterness of caffeine is directly conveyed because the product is designed for nutritional supplementation only. What a rare opportunity to feel the pure taste of caffeine, so it is a valuable experience. Maybe it is easier to feel the bitterness because the gel sticks to your tongue?

Nutritional information per 1 bag (40g) is as follows

  • Energy: 100kcal
  • Protein: 0g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 25g
  • Salt equivalent: 0.1g

"MAURTEN GEL100 CAF100" adds 100 g of caffeine. In the case of energy drinks, even 200 mg of caffeine per 500 ml is considered highly concentrated, but "MAURTEN GEL100 CAF100" contains only 40 g of caffeine. Considering that it takes only a few dozen seconds to consume, this is an overwhelming amount of caffeine per hour!

Proven track record

Athletes who have used MAURTEN products in the past include...

  • Mohamed Farah (GBR): 2017 World Athletics Men's 10,000m Winner
  • Rose Chelimo (Kenya): 2017 World Athletics Women's Marathon Winner
  • Jeffrey Karwai (Kenya): 2017 World Athletics Men's Marathon Winner
  • Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya): 2017 Monza Circuit Breaking 2 Fastest time in history (2:00:26)
  • Daniel Wanjiru (Kenya): 2017 London Marathon winner
  • Jeffrey Karwai (Kenya): 2017 Boston Marathon Winner
  • Wilson Kipsang (Kenya): winner of the 2017 Tokyo Marathon, setting a course record
  • Girmay Gebreselassie (Eritrea): 2016 New York Marathon winner
  • Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia): won the 2016 Berlin Marathon in the second fastest time ever

The future of e-sports athletes will be in the hands of the best in the world. Maybe in the future we will see the names of e-sports athletes inscribed here!

Each product can be purchased from the official MAURTEN website or from various e-commerce sites such as Amazon.co.jp. If you are looking for a quick energy charge or just want to feel the taste of pure caffeine, buy them!


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