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The strongest amount of caffeine in Matsukiyo history! Review the most exhilarating energy drink "EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N"!

マツキヨ史上最強のカフェイン量!最高に爽快感溢れるエナジードリンク「EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N」をレビュー!

With the end of the rainy season a little earlier than usual, the heat is so intense that it is hard to believe that it is June.
In Tokyo, the maximum temperature has already reached 36 degrees Celsius, and many people tend to stay indoors in the heat.
This time, the editorial department of funglr Games introduces EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N, a supremely refreshing energy drink that blows away such heat!

The strongest amount of caffeine in Matsukiyo's history! Review of EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N!

funglr Games

EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N " was released on June 11 as a new product in the popular EXSTRONG ENERGY DRINK series from the private brand " matsukiyo " of Matsukiyo Kokokara & Co.

The product was developed with the idea of " providing EnerDrink that gives you a refreshing feeling in an instant," and even the coloring of the package already conveys a sense of coolness.

It is said to contain the strongest caffeine, strong carbon dioxide, and menthol in the series, so how refreshing can it be?

We are curious about the taste and effects, but first let's check out the ingredient list.

Check the
ingredient list funglr Games

The ingredients per bottle (185ml) are as follows

  • Energy・・・99kcal
  • Protein・・・1.1g
  • Fat・・・・0g
  • Carbohydrate・・・23.7g
  • Salt equivalent ... 0.33g
  • Caffeine ... 185mg
  • Arginine ... 400mg
  • Isoleucine ... 10mg
  • Glucose ... 1000mg

Each 185 ml bottle contains a whopping 185 mg of caffeine.

While normal energy drinks contain at most 30-50mg of caffeine per 100ml, EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N contains 100mg of caffeine per 100ml, more than double the amount of caffeine.

The previous EXSTRONG series contained 65 mg of caffeine per 100 ml, but the new EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N, which claims to be the strongest in the series, is a cut above the rest.

It is also important to note that arginine, which is expected to relieve fatigue and improve vitality, is also included at 216 mg per 100 ml.

At 120 yen per bottle (including tax ), the price is reasonable for an energy drink, yet it contains 2 to 3 times more caffeine than a regular energy drink, making it an excellent product in terms of cost performance!

Let's try a sample now!

Toxic bright red
funglr Games

Pouring it into a glass, you will see a toxic bright red liquid, which you would never expect from its fresh blue and white appearance!

I was surprised at the gap between the color and the packaging, as I had imagined a cooler shade.

The aroma smelled sweet, like a mixture of strawberry and citrus, but when I drank it, I found that it was not as sweet as I had expected, with a fruity sourness like pink grapefruit, bitterness and a hint of sweetness.

And what comes later is a strong refreshing sensation.
The carbonation is strong and crisp, and combined with the strong menthol kick, it just fills your mouth with a refreshing sensation.

It's perfect for this time of year, when your body is nodding off from the summer heat!
The cool flavor and the overwhelming amount of caffeine (185 mg per bottle) blew away both sleepiness and the heat in one fell swoop.

Let's blow off both sleepiness and heat with EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N!

price of 120 yen per bottle (including tax
) funglr Games

That's all for now, the editorial department of funglr Games has provided its impressions of "EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N".

We were surprised by the gap between the packet and the contents, but the product did show the playful spirit characteristic of the " EXSTRONG ENERGY DRINK" series!
We are looking forward to the next new release.

The EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N introduced this time can be purchased at Matsumotokiyoshi Group and Cocokara Fine Group stores nationwide, or from the online store.
When you are nodding off in the summer heat, when you want to refresh yourself between jobs, or when you are up late at night, try the most refreshing energy drink " EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N"!


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