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Review Matsukiyo's original energy drink "EX STRONG ENERGY DRINK" "EX STRONG HAPPY & SALT"!

マツモトキヨシのオリジナルブランドmatsukiyoから登場した「EX STRONG ENERGY DRINK」「EX STRONG HAPPY&SALT」をレビュー!

It seems like just a few days ago that the year 2022 began, and now we are only four months and one-third of the way through the year.
This summer has been another hot one, with heat stroke alerts issued, and many of us may be suffering from summer fatigue.
But! It is during those times of the year that we need to work hard.
And it is energy drinks that give us the strength to hold on at such times!
This time, we would like to introduce " EX STRONG ", an energy drink from " matsukiyo ", an original brand of Matsumotokiyoshi Co.

マツキヨ史上最強のカフェイン量!最高に爽快感溢れるエナジードリンク「EXSTRONG SHAKKI-N」をレビュー!

Here is a person who wants an energy drink.

Head coach playing a game
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A head coach who runs a sports business in Minato-ku.
To keep up with the children, he is playing a game to see is better than a hundred words.

The head coach who unfortunately lost the game.
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Unfortunately, the head coach lost the game.
After all, it's after work, so his body doesn't move as much as he would like.

EX STRONGを持って登場する港区男子
Port boys handing out energy drinks
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Is it his turn?
Head Coach "Oh, it's EX STRONG! "
The energy drink for the head coach who is running low on energy!

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After all, energy drinks are essential for both work and game play.
I offered him " EX STRONG EN ERGY DRINK" from Matsumotokiyoshi's original brand "matsukiyo".
The color of the package is orange, so I wondered if the inside was orange as well.
We are curious about the color of the energy drink, but we are also curious about the ingredients!
The ingredients per 100ml are as follows


  • Energy 58kcal
  • Protein 0.5g
  • Fat 0g
  • Carbohydrates 14g
  • Salt equivalent 0.21g
  • Caffeine 65mg
  • Arginine 200mg
  • Isoleucine 5.1mg
  • Aspartic acid 1.2mg
  • Carnitine 30mg

Each 100 ml contains 65 mg of caffeine, which means that each can contains about 160 mg of caffeine.
Other energy drinks contain roughly 30-40 mg of caffeine per 100 ml, so at about double that amount, it seems to provide plenty of caffeine!
Also, at 250ml per can, it is just the right amount to drink up before the carbonation wears off!

EX STRONG Color Check
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Now that we have confirmed the ingredients, let's check out the color!
What a contrast to the color of the package, it's green!

EX STRONG ENERGY DRINK in green color!
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If you were handed a glass of this without knowing anything about it, you might think it was melon soda.
But don't worry. You can smell the aroma of an energy drink in the air!

Razer Kraken Greenと同色のEX STRONG ENERGY DRINK
Same color as Razer Kraken Green!
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But this green is the same color as the Razer Kraken Green headphones worn by the head coach!

Quick tasting!
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The same color as the headphones seems to have brought a sense of familiarity, but what I'm curious about is the taste!
When you actually try it, it tastes like a vitamin C drink, which you wouldn't expect from the color, but it does hit you right in the mouth!
However, it is light and easy to drink with no aftertaste!
And as you would expect from an energy drink that contains 65mg of caffeine per 100ml.
It wakes you up at once when you drink it!

Drink EX STRONG ENERGY DRINK and fight again!

Refuel with energy and fight again!
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Now that we have replenished EX STRONG ENERGY DRINK, we will try again!
This time...

The head coach was not satisfied with just one strike.
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Unfortunately, we lost again.
We replenished our energy, but I guess we weren't quite high enough yet!

2本目のEX STRONGを差し出す港区男子
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Seeing this, the Port City boy immediately offers another bottle with a low profile.

すかさずグラスにEX STRONGを注ぐ
He pours it into the glass.
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He quickly pours it into the glass.
The color on the package is pink, but this one is black!
As I was pouring it into the glass, an acerola-like aroma was wafting through the air.

Color check
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EX STRONG HAPPY & SALT DRINK " has a pink package!
This one has a black color like cola.
The ingredients per 100ml can are...


  • Energy 44kcal
  • Protein 0.6g
  • Fat 0g
  • Carbohydrates 10.7g
  • Salt equivalent 0.25g
  • Citric acid 1200mg
  • Caffeine 65mg
  • Arginine 200mg
  • Isoleucine 3mg

EX STRONG HAPPY & SALT DRINK also contains 65mg of caffeine per 100ml!
And it contains 1200mg of citric acid per 100ml!
With 1200mg of citric acid, it contains the same amount of citric acid as a vitamin drink, so not only will this bottle provide you with energy, but it will also help you recover from fatigue due to the citric acid effect!

Round 3!
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Now that you've had two bottles of EX STRONG, it's time to get down to business!

We've replenished our energy, and we're safe and sound!
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I was able to replenish energy, and the citric acid effect helped me win the game!

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EX STRONG" contains 65mg of caffeine per 100ml.
With a content of 250ml, it is a perfect energy drink to drink when the moment strikes!

EX STRONG is now on sale at Matsumotokiyoshi stores nationwide!

Now on sale!
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EX STRONG " is available at Matsumotokiyoshi, Cocokara Fine, and Matsumotokiyoshi online stores nationwide for 150 yen (tax included)!
Each EX STRONG series of drinks is colorful, and the different colors make for a fun photo-op.
The hot summer months are still to come, so why don't you pick one up to take with you to work or on the playground?
Please pick one up when you see one!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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