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If you play a game, your eyes are important! Nourish your eyes with Maruman H&B "Lutein & Bilberry"!


Suddenly, gamers, are you taking care of your "eyes"?
In addition to playing games every day, you probably spend a lot of time looking at your smartphone or computer monitor at work or in your daily life.
Many of you are probably wearing blue light cut lenses.
For gamers who want to take care of their eyes, we would like to introduce Maruman H&B " Lutein & Bilberry," which we will review here.

A supplement rich in bilberry extract and lutein

Lutein & Bilberry
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When it comes to "things good for eyes," blueberries are the standard.
Not only are they sweet and sour and delicious, but they are also rich in vitamin A, which protects the mucous membranes of the eyes, and have long been known as the "fruit that is good for eyes.
Among blueberries, the fruit with particularly high nutritional value is the " bilberry.
Many people may not know about bilberry, but that's because it is a fruit that is only found in some parts of Northern Europe.
They are collected only in some areas of Northern Europe, and most of them are picked from the wild because they are extremely difficult to cultivate.
The fruit is extremely delicate and crushes easily, so it is almost impossible to see it in Japan.

Contains bilberry extract, lutein, and vitamin A
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The supplement reviewed here is Maruman's " Lutein & Bilberry," which contains a large amount of rare "bilberry" extract.
This product is sold as a Food with Nutrient Function Claims, and contains 250 mg of bilberry extract in three capsules.

As the product name suggests, it also contains the ingredient " lutein.
Lutein is an ingredient that exists in the eye and protects the eye by preventing oxidation and absorbing blue light.
However, lutein is not produced by the body, so unless it is ingested from food, it will continue to decrease.
It is said that lutein begins to decrease around the age of 40, but people today, who often damage their eyes with smartphones, games, computers, etc., tend to lack lutein even at a young age.
This Lutein & Bilberry contains 15 mg of lutein.

I took Maruman's "Lutein & Bilberry".

PUBG-loving man with a working style
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My eyes are getting tired easily due to daily work and games.
I stare at screens of smartphones, video games, and computers on a daily basis outside of work, and this may have caused considerable damage to my eyes.
In fact, it is hard for me to keep looking at the screen at night because my eyes get tired.

Seems to be writing something program-like
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In particular, I tend to keep my face close to the screen because of my hunched back.
I also wear contact lenses, so the strain on my eyes must be considerable...

funglr Games編集部

After work and after playing games, I always feel that my eyes are tired.
As the fatigue has increased over the years, I have become more conscious about taking care of my eyes.

Silhouette like Nash Tajima
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At night, when my eyes get tired, my vision blurs and looks like this.
It looks like someone is there, but you can't tell who it is.

It was Nash Tajima.
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It seems that it was Nash Tajima, an active infrastructure engineer with a gamer's experience.
Sorry for the delay in noticing his nice smile.

Take 3 capsules a day!
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That's where Lutein & Bilberry comes in.
The recommended daily intake is three capsules, which are taken by swallowing them with water or lukewarm water.
The black capsules look bitter at first glance, but don't worry, they are tasteless.

PUBG Lover Man with a reputation for drinking.
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I took it for one week.
Although there is no specification on the timing of intake or the number of capsules, I took three capsules after lunch.
Will it be effective?

"Left! "
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When I told him that I was taking Lutein & Bilberry, he said, "Let's have an eye test! Nash Tajima gave me a vision test.
This is on the left.

"And this one, left! "
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There is no board with a C on it for the eye test, so I used the silhouette of the okapi, which is also the icon of funglr Games, instead.
This is also left. I could tell with the right eye and the left eye without any problem.

"This one's a left! "
funglr Games編集部

The coincidences continue. Again, I found left.

"You can't even see Nash..."
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All four times it was left. I guess my eyesight is getting much better since I got all the questions right.

Result: My eyesight does not seem to have improved dramatically.

Recommended for those who are concerned about skin care.

After a week of taking it, my eyesight got much better! Not necessarily, but my eyes seem to be less tired than before.
When I get tired, it used to take a long time for my eyes to focus, but now it seems as if I can see things more easily than before.
I am always overworking my eyes at my desk or playing games, so it is a great benefit that my eyes do not get tired easily.

Also, my skin has improved since I started taking it.
I have always had dry skin, so I have been taking good care of it with lotion and milky lotion, but now my skin is smoother than before, which is an unexpected effect.
When I looked into it, I found that lutein is an ingredient that is also found in the skin. Perhaps it was good that I was able to nourish my skin.

Supplement that supports eye and skin health.

Recommended for a wide range of people, not just gamers!
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The above is an introduction of Maruman "Lutein & Bilberry".
I can recommend this supplement to a wide range of people, not only gamers and those who work at desks, as it reduced eye fatigue, but also those who want to support their skin care.
Of course, it is important not to rely too much on the power of supplements, but to frequently rest your eyes and take care of your skin.
Why not start taking Lutein & Bilberry as a support for this?
It is available at drugstores nationwide and online, so if you are interested, give it a try!
For more information on the product, please visit the official Maruman H&B website.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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