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Can you support gamers who are under exercised? I drank Maruman H&β Alanine + BCAA"


One of the most attractive features of e-sports is that anyone can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.
Since it does not require much physical strength or muscle power, even the elderly and small children are now enjoying e-sports.
Nevertheless, in order to enjoy e-sports in a healthy way for a long time, it is also essential to have a healthy body.
Although e-sports tend to be sedentary, we want to keep not only our brains but also our bodies active.
Yu-chan, a member of the funglr Games editorial team, is now of age (deleted by Yu-chan) and would like to start training.
Since she is a form-fit type, she bought a supplement as soon as possible. Let's get her to tell us what kind of supplement it is!

Maruman Beta-Alanine + BCAA" containing 2400 mg of beta-alanine

Yu-chan laments that she can't lose her waist anymore
funglr Games

Hello, I'm Yu-chan from funglr Games. I'm 24 years old and it's been a few years since I turned 24.
I'm still a little tight, but for various reasons, I decided to start building my body, and I found out that β-alanine is a good ingredient.
Unlike when I was a student, I don't exercise for long anymore, but β-alanine is an ingredient that supports muscle endurance.
So I bought " Maruman Beta-Alanine + BCAA " by Maruman H&B Corporation, which contains beta-alanine.
The deciding factor was that the price was almost half of the regular price of 1, 980 yen ( 1,000 yen ) due to a launch campaign.

"マルマン βアラニン+BCAA"パッケージ表
Maruman Beta Alanine + BCAA" package chart
funglr Games
"マルマン βアラニン+BCAA"パッケージ裏
The back of the "Maruman Beta-Alanine + BCAA" package
funglr Games

The package says "Beta-alanine 2400mg " on the front and "BCAA" on the back.
It seems to be effective.

Nutrition Facts
funglr Games

On the back of the package (4g), the amount of ingredients per package (4g) is listed.

  • Beta-alanine
  • L-Leucine
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Valine
  • HMB
  • Citric acid

I have heard of half of them. Does the inclusion of citric acid mean that it is effective in relieving fatigue?

It comes in 20 individually wrapped packages, so it's portable!
funglr Games

By the way, there are 20 packets per bag; I bought it for 1,000 yen, so each packet is 50 yen.
I don't know about other supplements, but 50 yen per package seems cheap.
The recommended dosage is one packet per day, so if you train 5 days a week, one packet should last you a month.

(Each packet is portable, so you can take a quick drink on the go.
funglr Games

Since I'm going to training after this, let's drink it a little early.

It's easy to drink without water
funglr Games

You can drink it with water, but you can also drink it as it is, so no hassle!
It tastes like grapefruit, so you can drink it without discomfort. But is it quite sour?

"マルマン βアラニン+BCAA"の顆粒
Maruman Beta Alanine + BCAA granules
funglr Games

By the way, the granules look like this. There seem to be two kinds of granules, one small and one large.
It is easy to take because it can be poured smoothly.

Something tingling...
funglr Games

After 8 minutes of drinking, I felt something strange in my body...

I feel really tingly! What is this?
funglr Games

My arms and legs are tingling!
My lips are tingling too... I wonder if I'm OK...

It's commonly known as a "beta-alanine flush."
funglr Games

This tingling seems to be a characteristic of beta-alanine, commonly known as a " beta-alanine flush," and is not harmful to the body.
On the contrary, the fact that it tingles so much is a sign that it is full of β-alanine, right?
If you think so, this tingling is rather pleasant.

Feeling the β-alanine flush, we begin our training!
funglr Games

This tingling came not only to my limbs, but also to my face and buttocks, and lasted for about an hour, so it was quite long.
I felt it would be more effective to exercise while I was tingling, so I exercised right there for now.
I'm off to workout!

Beta-alanine + BCAA" supports an active life

Recommended for gamers who tend to lack exercise!
funglr Games

This is my review of Maruman H&B's "Beta Alanine + BCAA.
Yu-chan is going to continue taking "Beta Alanine + BCAA" in the future, so maybe he will get bigger every time he appears in a photo.

Gamers tend to lack exercise on a regular basis, but even a little bit of training on a daily basis will have a positive effect.
If you take a supplement like "beta-alanine + BCAA," you will be able to build up your body more efficiently!
Please give it a try!
For more information about "β-alanine + BCAA," please visit the product page on the Maruman H&B online store.


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