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Finally get the rumored Enadori! Tasting the new Enadori "LOKITRICK ENERGY"!

噂のエナドリを遂にゲット!新エナドリ「LOKITRICK ENERGY」をテイスティング!

Today's society is filled with a wide variety of energy drinks on the market.
From the well-known ones that are sold nationwide to the ones that are only available in local regions, and including their variations, there is a truly astonishing variety of energy drinks out there.
We at funglr games love energy drinks, and when we find something we haven't seen before, we introduce it and review it, but it is still difficult to introduce all of them.
We often learn about energy drinks that we see for the first time on social networking sites, but one of them has been on our minds for a long time: " LOKITRICK ENERGY."
Last year, I started to see posts about the discovery of LOKITRICK ENERGY, and at the end of 2021, they opened a Twitter account (@lokitrick_JP), but... I still couldn't get it.
We were wondering when we would be able to get our hands on it, when the brand "LOKITRICK" personally sent us a bottle of "LOKITRICK ENERGY"! Thank you very much!

I have longed to try "LOKITRICK ENERGY", so I would like to review it right away!



I would like to review it right away, but since "LOKITRICK" is a new brand, let me explain a little.
LOKI" is a "prankster god" that appears in Norse myth ology, and is called the greatest " trickster " in Norse mythology.
He is a male deity who can also transform into a female deity.
He can also cast spells on others to force them to transform as well as himself.
He is a brother-in-law of Odin and a good friend of Thor, the god of thunder, and is one of the main gods.
He often appears in works with characters based on gods and demons, and many people may recall his visual image from those works. I have an image of long blond hair.
The new brand " LOKITRICK " was created by combining the name " LOKI " and " TRICK " of "Trickster.
The energy drink "LOKITRICK ENERGY" is a product that contains the desire for people to feel the transformative power of "LOKI" from the moment they drink it, and to use it to unleash their true potential!

Actually, a vending machine-only product!

There is a reason why you may not have seen this brand new "LOKITRICK ENERGY" before.
LOKITRICK ENERGY is a vending machine -only product!
I checked every time I went to convenience stores, supermarkets, and drugstores, but I couldn't find it.
It is sold in a type of vending machine called a " mix machine" that is not restricted to any manufacturer, so when you see a vending machine, check to see if it is available!
Currently available in the Kanto, Tohoku, and Kyushu areas; from April 2022, it will also be available in the Kansai and Hokkaido areas, so if you see one, grab it immediately!

I asked Hedoko, who is at her desk, to drink it.

Hedco working at a desk
funglr Games

Now let's have a drink!
Hedoko is a head coach in the sports education business.
His work involves not only physical exercise, but also desk work, of course!

Restless Hedco
funglr Games

He may be tired of desk work, but he seems to be getting restless.

Harbor Boys Appearance
funglr Games

The Minato-ku men "Hedoko should drink this. "

The fun begins here!
funglr Games

Minato-ku boys "The fun starts here! "

funglr Games

Hedoko was handed a bottle of LOKITRICK ENERGY with a cute character printed on it.

Surface package
funglr Games

Let go of your silly obsessions, and stir up your unconventional daily routine!
Turn boredom into play.
This is the energy drink for those of you who really enjoy playing.
"Loki Trick".

Like LOKI, the god of mischief, Enerpoe (Energy Poem) is also a transformative force to be reckoned with, and Enerpoe is ready to go!

energy drink ingredient check
funglr Games

I'd like to drink it right away, but before I do, Hedco's energy drink ingredients check in!
Per 250ml of one can...

  • Energy 70kcal
  • Protein 0.5mg
  • Fat 0g
  • Carbohydrates 17g
  • Salt equivalent 0.025g
  • Niacin 6mg
  • V. B6 5mg
  • V. B12 5mg
  • Caffeine 120mg
  • Arginine 325mg

Drinking a bottle of this provides 120 mg of caffeine.
That is about 1.5 times the amount of caffeine as Red Bull.
Be careful not to drink too much LOKITRICK ENERGY!

I actually drank it!

energy drinkテイスト
energy drink taste
funglr Games

Now let's try drinking LOKITRICK ENERGY!
First, let's check the ENERGY DRINK color!
From the image of the character, I expect the color to be green, but is it really!

Open the package
funglr Games


pour (into)
funglr Games

Dobo dobo dobo dobo.

(usu. written as kana when referring to a solid) to pour (into a vessel)
funglr Games


(usu. written as kana when referring to a solid) to pour (into a vessel)
funglr Games


energy drinkカラーチェック
energy drink color check
funglr Games

The color of the energy drink was light yellow!
The moment it opens, it smells like strawberry syrup, but what does it taste like...?

energy drinkテイスティング
energy drink tasting
funglr Games

Hedoko drank it while trying to guess what it would taste like.

funglr Games

Oh, that's right!
I expected the color to be green, but it was a pale yellow, and I thought it would taste like an energy drink like Red Bull, or should I call it fruity?
It tastes like green apples spreading in your mouth.
It reminds me of the green apple-flavored shaved ice I had at a festival when I was a child.
That is indeed LOKITRICK ENERGY.
Like LOKI, the god of mischief, it has exceeded Hedoko's expectations!

Hedco starting to play
funglr Games

Now that I've ingested some Energy, let's continue our work....
Heh, head coach !!!!
I completely closed the PC and started the game as if to say, "Here comes the fun part.

Now on sale as a vending machine exclusive!

Now on sale!
funglr Games

The " LOKITRICK ENERGY " introduced this time is now on sale in vending machines called "mix machines".
Please note that it is currently not sold in convenience stores or supermarkets.
It is currently available in the Kanto, Tohoku, and Kyushu areas, and will be available in the Kansai and Hokkaido areas from April 2022!
The price ranges from 120 yen to 150 yen (tax included), depending on the vending machine where it is sold.
If you find it in a vending machine, why don't you buy it!
And, a campaign to celebrate the sale of LOKITRICK ENERGY is currently underway!
To enter, follow the LOKITRICK ENERGY Twitter account (@lokitrick_JP) and retweet the campaign tweet!
The number of winners will increase depending on the number of followers and RTs!
The campaign period is from January 28, 2022 (Fri.) to February 6, 2022 (Sun.), so why don't you take this opportunity to participate?


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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