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Dragon Quest Walk jacks Lawson! Let's go to "Lawson Nihonbashi Nansan Street" in Osaka!


Square Enix is proud of its masterpiece RPG "Dracula" or " Dragon Quest " series.
Many people have played Dracula and become heroes.
Last September 2019, " Dracula Walk," a smartphone application for iOS and Android that turns Dracula into a location-based game, was released jointly by Square Enix and Coloplast, and has now become a very popular game with over 10 million downloads. The game has now been downloaded more than 10 million times.
The members of funglr Games, LAN Cable Man and Band Man also walk around every day.
Such a Dracula Walk is collaborating with Lawson starting October 27, 2020 !
Not only will limited time collaboration items be available, but some Lawson stores have been decorated with Dracula Walk!
This time, we went to the " Lawson Nihonbashi Nansan Dori Store " in Nihonbashi, Osaka, which is one of the stores decorated with the collaboration items, to see what we can do!

Walk to the Dracula Walk collaboration store!

Nihonbashi Station
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Nippombashi Station, the nearest station to Lawson Nippombashi Nansan Dori Store, is a terminal station served by the Sakaisuji Line and Sennichimae Line of Osaka Metro, and is also connected to Kintetsu Nippombashi Station.
The Nippombashi area is famous as an electronics town, known as " Akiba of the East and Pombashi of the West " along with Akihabara in Tokyo, where many people come and go.

Exit 5 of Nihonbashi Station
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Since there are so many people in the Nippombashi area, it is advisable to check the entrances and exits in advance to avoid getting lost.
To get to Lawson Nihonbashi Nansan Dori Store, use Exit 5 of Nihonbashi Station.
The street in front of you after exiting this exit is Sakaisuji Boulevard.
With "Kokumin Drug" on your right, go straight south to " Den-Den Town ".

Nansan Street
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On the way to "Denden Town," you will see many restaurants from other countries.
The delicious aromas wafting through the air make you want to stop by!
But today's goal is the Lawson, a Dracula Walk collaboration.
I suppressed my desire to stop by and headed toward Denden Town for about 7 minutes until I came to a lamppost labeled " Nansan Dori.

Lawson Nihonbashi Nansan Dori Store
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Turn right at the intersection with the streetlight , and you will soon arrive at the Lawson Nippombashi Nansan Dori store, decorated for the Dracula Walk collaboration!

Lawson Nihonbashi Nansan Dori Store
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Even from a distance, the "Dracula Walk" decorations are clearly visible.
The cute Sura-michi, of course, and other monsters are also painted on the wall, making it a very lively place.
Even if you are not playing the Dracula Walk, you may find yourself looking at it.

Inside the Lawson Nihonbashi Nansan Dori Store
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Upon entering the store, I found a different world from the one I usually encounter at Lawson!
Monsters from the Dracula series, such as the "Doronigyo" and the "Icicle Slime," are painted all over the store, making it look like you are in a theme park.
The store is a 360-degree Dracula world, and even the ice cream cases and ATMs have Dracula specifications.
It's a very exciting atmosphere!

Welcome board
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Cute slimes drawn by the store staff greet you on the welcome board!
The drakey in the corner is so good.

"Omamori Plate" vendor enclosure
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The "Omamori Plate " vendor cabinet is located on the right side of the entrance.
For 200 yen per plate, you can choose your favorite plate from a selection of five different types, and you can even watch as the plates are made!
This is sure to enhance the "goodness" of the plates!
This is a rare vendor that can only be found in a few stores in Japan, so be sure to stop by and take a souvenir!

Oak watching over drinking water
funglr Games

An oak watching over drinking water.
You may be worried that you will be attacked if you pick it up, but that is not the case.
Of course, shoplifting is an absolute no-no! It is a crime!

Ice Case
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The ice cream case is decorated with "Snowmon" and "Hyouga Majin," and it looks really cold.
The ice cream case is decorated with "Snowmon" and "Hyoumajin," and it looks really cold.

Guiding the checkout line
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The floor is also decorated in the Dracula style to guide customers through the checkout line.
To maintain social distance, the lines do not follow the directions, but the playful spirit is irresistible!

Entrance to the restrooms
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At the entrance to the restrooms, a "wandering yoroi" stands as if to prevent people from going to the restroom.
This will make you feel safe and secure while using the restroom.

Collaboration Goods Corner
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A collaboration goods corner is also set up.
The lineup includes slime figures, key chains, masks, umbrellas, T-shirts, and other convenience store-like items that you might need in an emergency.
There are also useful items such as carabiners and pen cases, which are hard to find in convenience stores, and I want all of them!

I got the collaboration omusubi.

Sly Musubi
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I got a "Sly Musubi " sold as part of a tie-up campaign between Dracula Walk and Lawson.
It's an onigiri with a slime motif, not the blue... but the orange Slymbeth.
"Slime became Slime Bess with ketchup. "It's properly written," it says.

funglr Games

When you open the rice ball with a crack, you will find a tender egg and demi-glace sauce inside.
The flavor is said to be omelette slime flavor.
You may be thinking, "Ah, rice omelet! Read carefully! It is not an omelette rice!
It's " omu-slime flavor " made with chicken rice wrapped in egg and sauce! Please be careful with that!
Oh, by the way, it tastes like a rich and delicious "omelette rice flavor".
It is delicious eaten as is, but we also recommend warming it up a little before eating.
You can feel the fluffy texture even more!

But I can't look at Slime Bess with normal eyes any more...

Go to "Lawson Nihonbashi Nansan Dori Store," a new landmark in Nihonbashi!

Lawson Nihonbashi Nansan Dori Store
funglr Games

Many people visited the Lawson Nihonbashi Nansan-dori store, which was decorated for this Dracula Collaboration.
We have heard that the spread of the new coronavirus has reduced the number of people here in Nihonbashi, but it seems that the old vitality is gradually returning.
If you happen to be in Nippombashi, which is trying to regain its former vigor, be sure to stop by the Lawson Nippombashi Nansan-dori store, where the Dracula Walk collaboration is currently taking place, and watch out for the " 3 dens " and " 5 small "!
For more information on the collaboration campaign between Dracula Walk and Lawson, please visit the official "Dragon Quest Walk" campaign website of Lawson Laboratory!

Written by Hiroaki Murata / Edited by Yuchan
PAKUTASO: https://www.pakutaso.com/web_murata.html
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