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Enadori × vodka yabé combination! I got drunk with "Keeba Energy Vodka"!


Energy drinks are the most popular accompaniment to e-sports. The energy drink that has become an alcoholic beverage is " Khyber Energy Vodka," which went on sale on July 20, 2020.
The funglr Games editorial staff, who love both energy drinks and alcohol, were excited to learn that this dangerous combination of energy drink and vodka can now be purchased not at a club, but at a convenience store, and consumed anywhere.
How delicious would it be to sip it now that summer is in full swing? With such anticipation in our hearts, we went to FamilyMart and found a bottle of "Khyber Energy Vodka," the last one on the shelf!
I immediately bought and drank it, and here is my review!


Stylish looking bad boy!

Khyber Energy Vodka
funglr Games

The packaging is eye-catching, even among the products on display.
It has the typical energy drink description of arginine,guarana,niacin, and other ingredients, as well as the "alcohol" symbol.
Incidentally, it does not contain caffeine. Recently, caffeine-free energy drinks are on the increase.
The alcohol content is a surprisingly low 5%. I thought at the time, "It's not that strong.

"Go a different way from others."
funglr Games

The message "Take a different path " is attached to the bottle.
It is certainly important.
I think we have all had the experience of following the path of others when changing trains and ending up on a completely different train platform.
Oh, that's not what I'm talking about, is it?

Let's see how well it works with the game!

Project CARS 2をプレイ
Playing Project CARS 2
funglr Games

From funglr Games' point of view, the important thing with energy drinks is "can you win at games? ".
Even though it is an alcoholic beverage, it is still an energy drink, so you can't avoid it... right?
So, let's find out if "Khyber Energy Vodka" is an energy drink by Yuu-chan, the energy drink specialist of funglr games, who has drunk many energy drinks in the past!

Forbidden combination? I drank "Khyber Energy Vodka" while playing a racing game!

A series of mistakes while trying to improve time!
funglr Games

Yu-chan has been trying to improve her time attack in " Project CARS 2 " day and night.
However, she seems to be in a bad way lately.
She has been trying to improve her time by changing her driving line, but she always makes mistakes in the same places and goes off the course.

Yu-chan wonders why.
funglr Games

How on earth can we solve this problem...she is wondering, isn't she?

Yu-chan finding "Khyber Energy Vodka
funglr Games
Yu-chan pointing at something
funglr Games

Then, she looks to the side and sees "Khyber Energy Vodka"!
" This is it! "
She points excitedly at the "Khyber Energy Vodka".

The message "Take a different path!
funglr Games
"Take a different path."
funglr Games

What he found was the message "Take a different path" written on the "Khyber Energy Vodka".
Did he get any hints?

Opening the Khyber Energy Vodka
funglr Games

We took a break from practice and thought, "Let's just drink this for now.
He decided to quench his thirst with "Khyber Energy Vodka.

Yuu-chan drinks a gulp of the vodka.
funglr Games
"Kuh~! "
funglr Games

" Sweet and easy to drink! Yuu-chan drinks it down gulp by gulp.
Well, it's vodka, but...

"なんか燃えてきた"とProject CARS 2に戻るゆうちゃん
Yu-chan returns to Project CARS 2 and says, "I'm burning up!"
funglr Games

"Here it comes! " and started to resume playing Project CARS 2.

Yu-chan at the steering wheel
funglr Games
Yu-chan running along the driving line
funglr Games

Yu-chan seemed to have had an epiphany when she read the words "Take a different road than others," but looking at the screen, she is running along the recommended line in the game.
When we asked her what was going on, she replied...

To go down a different road, I should have known the same road better.

Apparently, she realized that she had neglected the basics.
Yu-chan went back to the basics and resumed her practice. After that, she was able to record good times.

Khyber Energy Vodka
funglr Games

The same can be said for Khyber Energy Vodka in terms of not neglecting the basics.
Even though it does not contain caffeine, Khyber Energy Vodka has a strong energy drink taste.
It is an energy drink with a slight fruity flavor that makes it very easy to drink.
It does not feel like you are drinking alcohol, so you can drink it in large gulps, but you must remember that Khyber Energy Vodka is an alcoholic beverage.

The participants seemed to like "Khyber Energy Vodka".
funglr Games

"It's so easy to drink! Yuu-chan drinks it down in gulps. She was concentrating while playing "Project CARS 2," but afterwards she was completely tongue-tied...and in a good mood.
" This is so good! I'm so happy! " His face was completely red and his tension was several times higher than usual.
I can say that "Khyber Energy Vodka" has the enjoyment of getting drunk in a fun way!

Let's have a good time with "Khyber Energy Vodka"!

Have fun with "Khyber Energy Vodka"!
funglr Games

Yu-chan has realized the importance of improving her game, and the power of alcohol has put her in a good mood.
Playing games after work is fun, but drinking after work is also very special.
Khyber Energy Vodka" is perfect for both!
For more information about "Khyber Energy Vodka," please visit the official Khyber website.

For more information on "Khyber Energy Vodka," please visit the official Khyber website.
Underage drinking is also prohibited by law.
Please be sure to drink alcohol in a fun, safe, and appropriate amount, while observing the rules and manners.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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