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Even though it is 250ml, I drank "KIIVA MAXIMUM" of caffeine masimashi!

250mlなのにカフェインマシマシの「KIIVA MAXIMUM」を飲んでみた!

KIIVA, the Japanese energy drink known for its " take a different road " message
Guarana! Caffeine! Arginine! KIIVA has established itself as a power energy drink brand.
KIIVA" is characterized by its impact of 500ml content, but recently it has also been expanding into 350ml and 250ml products.
In May 2022, KIIVA MAXIMUM (250ml), a concentrated version of the flagship KIIVA HYDRATION (500ml), went on sale.
KIIVA MAXIMUM ", which contains 100mg of caffeine and is only 250ml, is now available from KIIVA Corporation, which was introduced on funglr Games. Thank you!

Let's get started with the review!

カフェイン配合量史上最大!?濃縮した飲みきりタイプ「KIIVA MAXIMUM」登場!


KIIVA parent and child. If you look closely, you can see the red and white are opposite.
funglr Games

KIIVA HYDRATION", the flagship model of KIIVA, which was renewed in November 2021.
The 500ml bottle contains 160mg of caffeine, making it a very powerful drink.
The newly released "KIIVA MAXIMUM" is a concentrated 250ml model of KIIVA HYDRATION.
However, KIIVA is not just about reducing the volume.
A comparison of the ingredients

KIIVA HYDRATION (per 500ml) KIIVA MAXIMUM (per 250ml)
Energy 220kcal 110 kcal
Protein 1.0g 0.5g
Fat 0g 0 g
Carbohydrates 54.5g 27.3g
Salt Equivalent 0.08g 0.04g
Niacin 10mg 5mg
Vitamin B6 2mg 1mg
Vitamin B12 11μg 5μg
Guarana extract 200mg 100mg
Caffeine 160mg 100mg
Arginine 625mg 312mg

While almost all ingredients are in a 2:1 ratio, "KIIVA MAXIMUM" contains 100mg of caffeine while "KIIVA HYDRATION" contains 160mg of caffeine.
This amount of caffeine in a 250ml drink is truly a devilish beverage.

funglr Games

Speaking of "KIIVA," the Enerpoe (energy poem) on the back of the package is also of interest.

Take a different path from others.
It is boring to be the same as others. The spirit of KIIVA is to walk the path you believe in.
Study, work, sports, art... KIIVA gives courage to all those who are "trying to walk a different path".

Enapoe's content remains unchanged.
But it is still cute when lined up...

funglr Games

250 ml is the equivalent of just one slime (according to funglr Games).
The color of the liquid is orange-red and the smell is not strong but refreshing.

Obviously, there is a lack of energy.
funglr Games

Looking for an editorial staff member in need of energy, here is one who fits the bill.
You have fallen asleep in the middle of your ambition.
By the way, what on earth were you playing...?

You reach for the "KIIVA MAXIMUM".
funglr Games

Perhaps it was the energy drink, or perhaps it was a gamer's instinct, but my hand naturally reached for the "KIIVA MAXIMUM".

KIIVA MAXIMUM" is ready!
funglr Games

"Hmmm, this is... 'KIIVA'!
Strawberry and cherry flavors are refreshing, but the impact of the guarana is still very strong!
Combined with the strong carbonation, I can't stop guzzling it!
What? I only drank this one, but it's kind of boiling! "

Caffeine is so good!
funglr Games

The editorial staff is caffeinated.
There was no sign of the groggy state he was in a short while ago, and he went back to his game.

A new addition to the "KIIVA" brand, which prides itself on its large volume and high caffeine content.
Will "KIIVA MAXIMUM," with its 250 ml, easy-to-drink and concentrated ingredients, become the new normal?

KIIVA MAXIMUM", perfect for those who want a quick energy charge, is now on sale at Amazon.co.jp and Rakuten Ichiba!
For the latest information on "KIIVA", check out the official Twitter account (@kiiva555 )!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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