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Renewal to 500ml can! Tropical flavor of "Khyber Energy PUNCH" is now available in 500ml cans!

リニューアルで500ml缶に!トロピカル感がUPした「キーバエナジー PUNCH」を実際に飲んでみた!

The energy drink "Keeva Energy PUNCH ", which used to be sold in a fruit mix flavor based on orange and apple juice, has been renewed and will be available in November 2022!
The size has been increased from a 350ml can to a 500ml can, and the base fruit mix flavor has been brushed up to include a new pineapple flavor! It has a juicy flavor with a more tropical feel.... We received a bottle of the new "Keeva Energy PUNCH" from Keeva Corporation, and we will be reviewing it right away!

フルーティーなのにカフェイン160mg配合の果汁系キーバ「キーバエナジー PUNCH」がリニューアル!

Now with a tropical twist!

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Here is a group photo as usual!
The orange-based package design has been changed to a yellow base, perhaps due to the addition of pineapple flavor, giving the drink a more tropical feel.
The "PUNCH" is still stylishly designed with a graffiti font.

The nutritional information per 500ml bottle of Kiva Energy PUNCH is as follows

  • Energy: 181 kcal
  • Protein: 1g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 44.5g
  • Salt equivalent: 0.09g
  • Niacin: 25mg
  • Vitamin B2: 5mg
  • Vitamin B6: 4mg
  • Vitamin B12: 5 micrograms
  • Arginine: 265mg
  • Caffeine: 160mg
  • Guarana extract: 200mg (estimated value)

Compared to the most recently reviewed energy drink "KIIVA EXTREME," it contains more B vitamins and fewer calories due to the use of orange, apple, and pineapple.
It contains less than 10% fruit juice, which is more than an energy drink, and contains 160 mg of caffeine, 265 mg of arginine, and 200 mg of guarana extract, which are among the highest in Japan.

リニューアルした「KIIVA EXTREME」は本当にエクストリームなのか!?実際に飲んでみた!
Tok Tok Tok


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The first thing that surprised me when I poured it into a glass was the color of the energy drink.
Although it contains less than 10% fruit juice, it looks very clear.
The color is a yellow with a slight orange tinge, which is typical of energy drinks.
It has a sour aroma, probably due to the addition of pineapple flavor to the orange and apple mixed flavor base, and it has a tropical aroma that is hard to believe that it is an energy drink.
Now, let's have a sip.

A beautiful yellow with orange tints
funglr Games

Despite the graffiti design, the fruity taste spreads in the mouth.
It is as if you are drinking a fruit-based carbonated juice, and you do not feel the chemical taste characteristic of energy drinks.
However, because it contains pineapple flavor, there is a certain sourness in the sweetness, giving it a tropical taste.
The carbonation is not too strong, so it is very pleasant to the palate, and you can't help but sip it down.
Incidentally, as mentioned above, the caffeine content is 160 mg, so if you drink it all at once, it will make your eyes bright. It's just too much.
If you have a glass, pour it over a lot of ice and drink it slowly and enjoy it for a long time.

Available at Mini Stop and other retailers nationwide!

Khyber Energy PUNCH" has been re-launched in a 500ml size with a more tropical flavor.
It is now available at Ministop and other retailers nationwide, and is also available at Amazon.co.jp and Rakuten Ichiba!
If you don't want to go outside due to the current situation, or if there are no retailers nearby, why not consider purchasing online?

This is a review of Keeva Energy PUNCH!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Even though it is 250ml, I drank "KIIVA MAXIMUM" of caffeine masimashi!
Even though it is 250ml, I drank "KIIVA MAXIMUM" of caffeine masimashi!...

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