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What about citrus × enadori!? Can "KiiVA ENERGY DRINK PUNCH" save desk work!?

柑橘×エナドリはどうか!?「KiiVA ENERGY DRINK PUNCH」はデスクワークを救えるか!?

This article has not yet been translated, so only the title & description and some of the text has been automatically translated.

After last time threw "KiiVA ENERGY DRINK HYDRATION" to the "head coach" who isn't experienced in a long desk work, the inspection result to which I say that work becomes more efficient excellently has gone out (funglr Games check).
When I think as relief with this, it's a roar from the room where a head coach is here. The effect of ENADORI isn't eternal for certain. It's necessary to throw periodically. How is the different taste of the same "KiiVA ENERGY DRINK" series then! "KiiVA ENERGY DRINK PUNCH" was thrown to a head coach!

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40474柑橘×エナドリはどうか!?「KiiVA ENERGY DRINK PUNCH」はデスクワークを救えるか!?
Energy drink "Keeba Yogriti Energy" containing 10 billion shielded lactic acid bacteria is released!

Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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