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Boost Gamer?! I drank "in jelly GAME BOOSTER"!

ゲーマーをBOOSTする?!「inゼリー GAME BOOSTER」を飲んでみた!

The " in Jelly " series sold by Morinaga Seika is well known as a nutritional supplement for busy mornings with the phrase " 10-second charge.
The current catchphrase of this popular product is " Charge ▶ Go!
The " in Jelly GAME BOOSTER " for gamers was released in December last year.
It is available only on Amazon, so you can't get it at actual stores, but we at funglr Games were finally able to purchase it and taste it for ourselves!

10秒チャージでおなじみの「inゼリー」からゲーマー向け「inゼリー GAME BOOSTER」が登場!

What is it like for gamers? We actually drank it to find out!

funglr Games編集部

The packaging is purple, reminiscent of blueberry flavor, with a controller on it, and the design strongly suggests that it is for gamers.
But what exactly does it mean that it is for gamers? Well, we'll just have to wait and see how it works!

PUBG Lover Man who is not in good shape in any way
funglr Games編集部

The PUBG-loving man, who has aged completely, was playing Fight of Animals, which has just been released on Nintendo Switch.
However, it seems that he is not in good shape. He was not able to beat Magician Squirrel at all.

PUBG Lover who is skeptical
funglr Games編集部

That's where the "in jelly GAME BOOSTER" comes in. "Does it really work? He was skeptical and asked me to give it to him.

inゼリー GAME BOOSTERを飲むPUBG大好きマン
PUBG lover man who drinks in jelly GAME BOOSTER
funglr Games編集部

"Ummm, yummy! "

*Effects vary from person to person.
funglr Games編集部

"You can win two cars at the same time. !!!! "*Effects vary from person to person.

inゼリー GAME BOOSTERをおかわりするPUBG大好きマン
PUBG-loving man who refills his in jelly GAME BOOSTER
funglr Games編集部

"Another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

I'm sure the effect will vary from person to person.
funglr Games編集部

"Grow an arm and play 3 units at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "*Effectiveness depends on the individual.

It seems to have worked immensely. I'm sorry to be persistent, but the effect varies from person to person.
There is probably no effect of growing arms, so please feel free to taste it.

Recommended not only for gamers but also for people at work

inゼリー GAME BOOSTERでゲームをさらに楽しもう
Enjoy your games even more with in Jelly GAME BOOSTER!
funglr Games編集部

Let's ask PUBG Lover Man what he thought of the taste when he tried it.

From the moment I took a sip, the aroma of blueberry spread in my mouth and made me feel refreshed.
It is fun to drink it while sucking on it. Unlike regular drinks, I don't have to worry about spilling it, so I like that I don't have to worry about it interfering with my game.
There is no "it works!" feeling like an energy drink. I don't have that "it works!" feeling of an energy drink, but I do feel a little more focused after taking it.
The blueberry flavor also seems to relax my thinking a bit.
It is probably better to take it in small doses rather than all at once.
It is perfect as a drink or a snack.
The energy of one bag (180 g) is 180 Kcal, which is easy to visualize with 1 g = 1 Kcal. This is about the same calorie content as a convenience store rice ball.
Since a typical energy drink contains 45 Kcal per 100 ml, in Jelly GAME BOOSTER is an efficient way to replenish energy.

With cans and PET bottles, your hands get wet due to condensation, but you don't have to worry about that with in Jelly GAME BOOSTER.
If the controller gets wet and your fingers slip on it, you can't play.
Not only in terms of taste and ingredients, but also in these aspects, in Jelly GAME BOOSTER is perfect for gamers.

In addition to the taste, they also liked the benefits of the container.
Gamers appreciate the fact that they don't have to worry about condensation getting it wet or spilling it on their devices.
It is good not only for gamers but also for people at work, as it supports concentration and is perfect as a snack.
The in Jelly GAME BOOSTER is now available exclusively on Amazon for only 1,580 yen (tax included) for a six-pack!
Why don't you all give it a taste?


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