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I have experienced the gaming furniture of "IKEA ×ROG" at the esports facility "CGA eSports Stadium"!

「IKEA×ROG」のゲーミング家具をeスポーツ施設「CGA eSports Stadium」で体験してきた!

At the Tokyo Game Show 2021, the booth that made the biggest impact on the industry was the IKEA x ROG gaming furniture, a collaboration between IKEA, a Swedish home furnishing company, and ASUS's gaming brand, ROG. IKEA x ROG " gaming furniture, a collaboration between IKEA, a Swedish home furnishing company, and ASUS' gaming brand, ROG.

The offline venue was only open to the media and influencers, so the general public was unable to try it out even if they wanted to.
Especially since Japan has almost completely stopped accepting non-resident visitors, the funglr Games editorial team in Hong Kong could only keep our fingers in our mouths, but we were able to try out the "IKEA x ROG" gaming furniture at the CGA eSports Stadium, one of the largest e-sports facilities in Asia, located in Mong Kok. We went to the CGA eSports Stadium, Asia's largest eSports facility, to try out the IKEA x ROG gaming furniture for free!


White furniture and blue indirect lighting

IKEA×ROGfunglr Games

There are two types of booths available at the CGA eSports Stadium: white and black.
The white booths are furnished with white furniture, as much as you can ask for.

IKEA×ROGfunglr Games

Gaming = Black! However, white is becoming more and more common in gaming devices as well.
Even in white, you can create a cool gaming space by dimming the lights and using indirect blue lighting to illuminate the devices.
Yes, IKEA can do that.

IKEA×ROGfunglr Games

The LÅNESPELARE series accessory stand, which was also in the booth at the offline venue of TGS2021.
It's great for hanging headsets, and you can also hang cables and other items to keep your desk area clean.
Yes, LÅNESPELARE can do that.

IKEA×ROGfunglr Games

Here is another mouse bungee from the LÅNESPELARE series.
You can see it in the gaming space at funglr Games!

IKEA×ROGfunglr Games

Other desk accessories unique to IKEA, you don't have to be a gamer to want one.

IKEA×ROGfunglr Games

The wall-mounted storage is also quite stylish.
Spare keyboards and other items can be "displayed" in this way as well.

IKEA×ROGfunglr Games

An Instagram campaign is also running, and you can win good things if you post with this hashtag.

Black furniture and red indirect lighting

IKEA×ROGfunglr Games

The other booth is black and red. When you think of gaming, you think black! The other booth is black and red, and it looks as if it embodies this image.

IKEA×ROGfunglr Games

The space was exactly what you would expect.
Let's try on a headset for a quick experience.

IKEA×ROGfunglr Games

The black booth has a mouse pad that the white booth did not.
The LÅNESPELARE series no longer needs explanation.
It is really comfortable to use and the price is HKD179.9, which is a very reasonable price, so I recommend it.
In Japan, the price is 1,999 yen (tax included).

IKEA x ROG Collaboration "LÅNESPELARE Game Mousepad" Makes PC Gaming Environment More Comfortable!
IKEA×ROGfunglr Games

Next to the desk is another well-known LÅNESPELARE series drink holder.
We also use these in our gaming space at funglr Games, and they are quite convenient as well.
The price for such a gaming drink holder is only HKD69.9!
In Japan, the price is 799 yen (including tax).
This is an unbeatable price for a gaming drink holder.

絶対便利なやつ!ROG×IKEAのコラボ商品「LÅNESPELARE ドリンクホルダー」が最強コスパ&使い勝手抜群だった!

Experience IKEA x ROG at CGA now!

The experience is available at a special gaming room in the CGA facility until November.
Reservations are required through the special "IKEAxROG" gaming room experience website, and you will receive an IKEA coupon after the experience.

For more information, check ASUS ROG orIKEA 's Facebook page!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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Furniture manufacturer "IKEA" was exhibiting at TGS 2021 for some reason, so it ...

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