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A must-see for gamers! That popular ramen shop "Ichiran" finally becomes a cup noodle! I bought it immediately and tried "Ichiran Tonkotsu"!

ゲーマー必見!あの人気ラーメン店「一蘭」が遂にカップ麺に!早速購入して「一蘭 とんこつ」を食べてみた!

"No gaming gamer doesn't like ramen! ", the affinity between gaming gamers and ramen is so strong.
This time, Ichiran, a ramen shop famous for its flavor-intensive counter, has finally launched a cup of ramen noodles on February 15.
The name of the product is "Ichiran Tonkotsu".

Ichiran is a ramen restaurant for gamers, as it released a VR game " Counter Fight Ichiran " for Oculus Quest a month ago, which allows users to experience the kitchen.
The "Ichiran Pork Bone Noodle Cup" is a ramen restaurant for gamers, and funglr Games is proud to be able to review it! The moment the product went on sale, we bought it and reviewed it right away!

What is the price?

一蘭 カップラーメン
Ichiran Cup Ramen
funglr Games

The price is a little high, about three times that of a regular cup of noodles, at 490 yen.
However, it's hard to eat out in the Corona Vortex, and if you can enjoy the Ichiran flavor at this price, it's probably a reasonable and rather inexpensive option.

Now to open the package!

一蘭 カップラーメン 開封
Opening the package
funglr Games

There are three sachets of soup, all of which are placed in the package afterwards.
The contents are two kinds of soup and Ichiran's signature " secret sauce.
The noodles are non-fried thin noodles, and cooking time is 4 minutes in boiling water.

Let's get to cooking!

一蘭 カップラーメン 調理
Let's open the package!
funglr Games

I don't even need to call it cooking, just pour in hot water...
However, when you are told that it costs 490 yen, you may feel excited. Fill it with hot water, place the liquid soup on the lid to keep it warm!


一蘭 カップラーメン
funglr Games

The " red secret sauce " is a special oil with a shimmering aroma that accentuates the flavor of the noodle.
It seems to have been specially developed for this cup of noodles, so it is a little "rich" and goes well with the noodles!

If you are interested, please visit the official website.

一蘭 カップラーメン
The staff enjoyed it!
funglr Games

The author purchased it at Don Quijote, but it is also available at Ichiran's official mail order site!
It is a popular item and many stores sell out, so if you are interested in purchasing it, please visit the official Ich iran website.


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