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A New Generation Energy Drink Containing Tatari! Review HICAT Hi-ENERGY!

またたびが配合された新世代エナジードリンク!?「HICAT Hi-ENERGY」をレビュー!

The year 2023 has arrived and it is already mid-January. Normal life has begun, and it is time to get out of the New Year's mood. However, many of you may be feeling mentally sluggish, missing your New Year's break and unable to get your engines going.... If this is the case, you won't be able to get into the game as much as you usually do! What can blow away such a depressing mood? Rice Curry Co., Ltd. has kindly provided us with " HICAT Hi-ENERGY ", an energy drink containing domestically produced matatabi! Thank you very much! For the editorial staff of funglr games, who are mostly cat people, this is an energy drink that we are very interested in! Let's get right to the review!

猫がアガるなら人もアガる?新世代のまたたび配合エナジードリンク「HICAT Hi-ENERGY」登場!

The world's first! An energy drink with a touch of reburdened tannin!

It came in such a cool package!
funglr Games 編集部

I thought it would be a cute energy drink with kitten in mind, but it has a cool metallic look to it!

The red sticker has the image of a kitten!
funglr Games 編集部
funglr Games 編集部

AS ALL MANKIND ALREADY KNOW, THE CUTENESS OF CATS SAVES THE UNIVERSE. and matatabi is a sacred plant dedicat ed to the great cats who saved the universe.

In short, it is an enerpoe (energy poem) that says "the cuteness of cats saves the universe"! Yes, that's exactly what it says.

The package gives off a "new generation" feeling.
funglr Games 編集部

The package is silver, and the color of the energy drink is deep blue. The color of the bottle is silver, and the color of the energy drink is deep blue, giving it a "new generation" look. Another plus point is the fine uneven surface of the bottle, which is pleasant to the touch.

A kitten wearing a space suit!
funglr Games 編集部

The space-inspired packaging is also cool, with the kitten wearing a space suit and stars scattered around the bottle!

Check out the Nutrition Facts label right away!


utrition Facts

Label funglr Games 編集部

Let's check out the nutritional information! Each 95ml bottle of HICAT Hi-ENERGY contains the following nutritional ingredients!

  • Energy: 34 kcal
  • Protein: 0g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 9.5g
  • Salt equivalent: 0g

At this time of year when we worry about gaining weight during the New Year, it is nice to know that HICAT Hi-ENERGY contains no fat! HICAT Hi-ENERGY is also a caffeine-free energy drink that contains no caffeine ! You can drink it before going to bed without worrying!

And of course, it has that ingredient!

Ingredients name "Tabi-cha (Japanese)"!
funglr Games 編集部

The ingredients name clearly includes " matsutobi tea ( made in Japan)"! It also contains " ginseng extract ", which seems to be good for your health.

You may be wondering, "Is it safe for humans to drink? But in fact, I heard that matajibi has a surprising history.

Since ancient times, matsutabi has been used as a tea and herbal medicine to treat coldness, neuralgia, and fatigue. There is a theory that the name "matatabi" comes from the fact that travelers who were tired after a long journey ate it, regained their energy, and were able to continue their "journey" again. In northern Japan, it is called "eating hot spring.

HICAT(ハイキャット)ー マタタビハイエナジードリンク公式サイト

The drink is said to be the perfect energy drink for daily recovery and nourishment, so expectations for the taste are high!

What does it taste like?

Let's try it right away.

Let's try the energy drink with a taste of litchi!
funglr Games 編集部

・・・・・・The carbonation is very strong on the throat!

The aroma is a little bit peculiar, but the taste is not too sweet and it is very easy to drink. To be honest, I have never eaten mata-tabi, but there is even mata-tabi sake, so I guess it can be used as an energy drink as well! On the official HICAT Hi-ENERGY website, there are some suggestions on how to drink it with alcohol, such as "Hi-Cat Ball with Whiskey". It is highly carbonated, so it certainly looks delicious with alcohol.

The drink is a handy size (95 ml), so it is a great way to consume energy drinks easily. Even though it is highly carbonated, this amount of energy drink can be consumed without difficulty.

Let's reset your depressed mood with "HICAT Hi-ENERGY"!

HICAT Hi-ENERGY is now available on Amazon.co.jp! The price is 2,100 yen (tax included) for a six-pack! If you mention "Hi-ENERGY drink", it will surely become a topic of conversation at work, school, and among gamers! Why don't you take this opportunity to try one?

For more information, please check the official HICAT Hi-ENERGY website and Twitter (@HICAT_Hi_ENERGY )!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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