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I tried "Georgia Boost," an energy latte that supports all working people.

働くすべての人を応援するエナジーカフェラテこと「ジョージア ブースト」を飲んでみた

Enerji chiha (hello) !!!!
I am an e-sports company employee and home energy drink lover who is working from home after work hours as the boundaries between on and off hours have disappeared at home.

While working from home, I am not only sleepy, but I am also fighting against stress with calls from my nettlesome coworkers, the stress and agony of being alone and unable to do anything, and an environment where it is hard to find a sense of balance and harmony.
I feel like refreshing myself not only with an energy drink but also with a cup of coffee.
The author used to alternate between energy drinks and coffee.
Then, Georgia Boost, a fusion of coffee and an energy drink, appeared on the market!
This media outlet has already reported on it, and I would like to review it right away.

First, let's check the package.

Front of the package
funglr Games

The words "energy supplement" are prominently displayed.
Drinking coffee and getting energy? Or is it more like "one drink, two energies"?
The words " caffeine, vitamin B6, and arginine " appear. These are very common ingredients in energy drinks.
But when you see these words on a coffee, it makes you excited.

Check the nutritional ingredients

Ingredients list
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The nutritional composition of Georgia Boost is as follows.
Unit: per 100ml of product

  • Energy 36kcal
  • Protein 0.8g
  • Fat 0.6g
  • Carbohydrates 6.9g
  • Salt equivalent 0.1g
  • Vitamin B6 0.3mg
  • Arginine 16-29 mg

No specific caffeine content listed, but I bet it's more aggravating than your average canned coffee!

I drank it right away!

Pouring it into a cup
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The color is cloudy and creamy, and as the name "latte" implies, it seems to contain a good amount of cream.
I couldn't help but think, "Ama! Licorice Shiro Tokisada! (unintelligible)." However, it was so sweet that I couldn't help but shout "Amaso!
However, compared to ordinary canned coffee, it was easy to drink with a light sweetness, and I thought it had a somewhat energetic aftertaste.
It is a drink that combines the richness of coffee, creaminess, and an energy drink feeling, and it envelops you in a healing space.

Not enough when viewed as an energy drink, but a huge volume when considered as coffee!

Recommended for e-sports players!
funglr Games

That's my review of Georgia Boost!
As an energy drink, I felt it lacked a bit of energy, but as a coffee, I felt it was a great value for money.
I would recommend this can to e-sports players and professional gamers who like coffee but also like energy drinks and want to consume both!
For more information on Georgia Bo ost, please visit Coca-Cola's Georgia Boost product page!


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Agar latte "Georgia Boost" with arginine in vitamin B6 announced!
Agar latte "Georgia Boost" with arginine in vitamin B6 announced!...

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