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Food repo! Cooking and eating the "gaming shiitake" of the topic now! Plenty of meat on top of the rich flavor!


The other day, we introduced "gaming shiitake mushrooms" on funglr Games, and we received 350 grams of "gaming shiitake mushrooms" courtesy of NAO-san, a gamer farmer who produces "gaming shiitake mushrooms"!
Thank you very much!

Packaging that matches our gaming-related products
funglr Games

As you can see, the gaming shiitake mushrooms would look great alongside a gaming mist or a gaming headset.
We cooked and tasted them right away!

Ask a professional chef to cook it for you!

ゲーミング椎茸funglr Games

We would have loved to review the shiitake mushrooms right away, but unfortunately we don't have a cooking environment at our Tokyo office, so we were wondering what to do.
In fact, the guy at Toritetsu Akasaka is quite the Sto-V fanatic, and he spends a lot of his free time watching Sto-V on TV. Of course, he also plays the game himself.

Of course, he also plays himself. With the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus, it's hard to get involved, but when things settle down, we'd love to have a StoV tournament at Toritetsu Akasaka.

Toritetsu is all about grilled skewers!

ゲーミング椎茸funglr Games

How to cook gaming shiitake mushrooms....
Of course, Toritetsu is known for its yakitori (grilled chicken), so we asked them to cook them on skewers.
As you would expect from a professional skewering expert, he smoothly skewered the gaming shiitake mushrooms.
This is a "true gaming shiitake mushroom" made by a gamer and cooked by a gamer...!

ゲーミング椎茸funglr Games

The gaming shiitake mushrooms look delicious eaten as they are, but Toritetsu's unique seasoning, which is cultivated through daily skewering, is added.

funglr Games

A professional skewer & griller has perfect timing for turning over the mushrooms. They are cooked to the perfect degree of doneness.

It's a whole lot easier than the timing of the v-reversal."

What are you talking about?

It's ready to eat! Now it's time to eat!

ゲーミング椎茸funglr Games

Here is the finished true gaming shiitake mushroom.
This is definitely delicious.

ゲーミング椎茸funglr Games

A close-up of the "true gaming shiitake mushroom.
This is definitely delicious.
I said it twice because it's so important.

The Minato Ward boys are here to report on the food! But first....

This time, the man who will be doing the actual eating is a Minato-ku boy, a fangirl who is very picky about food.
Before eating, he sprinkles salt on the shiitake mushrooms, saying, "I would like to try the shiitake mushrooms with a salt accent.

ゲーミング椎茸funglr Games

The Minato-ku man sprinkling salt on the shiitake mushrooms.

ゲーミング椎茸funglr Games

Sprinkling salt on some of the gaming shiitake mushrooms.

ゲーミング椎茸funglr Games

Port men "Social Distance Salt Sprinkles! "↓+P in the air

Minato Ward boys eating gaming shiitake mushrooms

ゲーミング椎茸funglr Games

Minato Ward Boys "This is delicious."

ゲーミング椎茸funglr Games

Here's what Minato Ward Boys had to say about it.

The shiitake mushrooms, grown with great care by NAO-san, were beautifully shaped, larger in size than those sold in the supermarket, fresh, and had a nice flavor that I could smell when I opened the package.
The shiitake mushrooms were thick and chewy, and the flavor of the shiitake mushrooms could be felt with each bite.

I mean, they taste insanely better than regular shiitake mushrooms!

Gaming makes all shiitake mushrooms a thing of the past...!

Gaming Shiitake Mushrooms are on sale now to rave reviews!

ゲーミング椎茸funglr Games

Gaming Shiitake Mushrooms are now on sale online to rave reviews!
If you're interested, go ahead and buy some!


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A splendid mushroom ...! "Gaming Shiitake", a fungus bed cultivated shiitake mushroom from Shizuoka Prefecture, is now on sale!
A splendid mushroom ...! "Gaming Shiitake", a fungus bed cultivated shiitake mus...

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