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Perfect for gaming spaces! Review of Frienbr "Table Cleaner Setouchi Lemon"!

Perfect for gaming spaces! Review of Frienbr

Frienbr released a new product " Table Cleaner Setouchi Lemon " on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.
Frienbr has previously collaborated with funglr Games on a new product called " Gaming Mist ".
The editorial department of funglr Games also found it useful for deodorizing their gaming chairs! We also spray it on our own gaming chairs and use it daily.

We were also interested in this product for wiping down our gaming devices, which are prone to getting dirty, and to our surprise, we were provided with " Table Cleaner Setouchi Lemon "!
We will review it right away!

Stylish Bottle Design

Table Cleanerfunglr Games

The black bottle looks stylish!
The net volume is 500 ml, which may be a bit heavier than we expected.

卓上型プッシュ式ポンプfunglr Games

Here's what it looks like when you open the lid.
You can smell the sweet and sour scent of lemon!
The bottle is a table-top push pump, so you can easily use it by pushing the pump while leaving the bottle on the table.

Here is an overview of the product.

TABLE CLEANER Setouchi Lemon
Product name Table sanitizer
Fragrance Setouchi Lemon
Net quantity 500ml
Usage Sterilization of tables, doorknobs, household goods, and office desks
Ingredients Ethanol, purified water, grapefruit seed extract, rosemary extract, Setouchi lemon essential oil

Black stuff gets dirty! but it's cool and I want to use it

瀬戸内レモンの香りfunglr Games

The Minato Ward boys are dashing out, lured by the scent of Setouchi lemons.
He seems to be interested in the table cleaner.

ゲーミングエリアfunglr Games

The gaming area of the funglr Games editorial office has a black interior, but the problem is that dirt from sweaty hands and dust easily shows up.

Even the clean-cut Minato-ku boys were bothered by this, so let's get to work cleaning it up with " Table Cleaner Setouchi Lemon " right away!

The scent of Setouchi Lemon spreads!

卓上型プッシュ式ポンプfunglr Games

It is easy to use. Place a piece of kitchen paper, tissue, or dry cloth on the pump and push!
The cleaner soaks in, and all you have to do is wipe the dirty spot.

ゲーミングデスクfunglr Games

A quick wipe of the desk, which was soiled by sweaty hands, and it was clean!

除菌funglr Games

Oh...it cleaned up right away.
It's good that you can take just the right amount with your hands. It's not always easy to spray alcohol sanitizer over a wide area around devices, but with this, I can adjust the amount and wipe with pinpoint accuracy, so it's very easy to use.

掃除中funglr Games

The Minato-ku boys silently wipe down the desk while smelling the fresh aroma.

ゲーミングチェアfunglr Games

Gaming chairs are also wiped clean.

ゲーミングチェアfunglr Games

The backs of the chairs also get dirty easily due to sweat.

Note that this product cannot be used on special materials (lacquered, lacquered, mirror finish, matte finish, fluorinated floor, etc.) or painted parts.

ゲーマーfunglr Games

The fresh lemon aroma coming from the desk and gaming chair is very satisfying to the men of Minato Ward!
He looks completely soothed with his eyes closed.
They find the aroma wafting from the backrest surprisingly pleasant.
Playing games in a clean gaming space is a lot more exciting and fun, isn't it?

ゲーマーfunglr Games

Below are the comments from the Minato Ward boys.

Fresh air and clean space, this has raised the comfort level of the gaming area again.
The sweetness of the Setouchi lemon aroma is not persistent.
It's easy to use it while it's on the table. Because if I have to hold the bottle while cleaning, it is unexpectedly a hassle to have one hand occupied.

In other words, they say it's nice and easy to use!
A new discovery that the Minato Ward boys are surprisingly good at cleaning.

Now on sale to rave reviews!

ゲーミングエリアfunglr Games

With today's heightened awareness of sanitizing both at work and at home, many of you may be looking for alcohol sanitizers.
Table Cleaner Setouchi Lemon " is a scented disinfectant cleaner, and when used, it has a sweet, refreshing Setouchi lemon scent instead of an alcohol smell, which is very nice.
Also, the tabletop push pump means that you can take just the right amount and wipe the appropriate area, which is great for gaming spaces where there is a lot going on.
And with its black body, it blends in well with the exterior!

Frienbr " Table Cleaner Setouchi Lemon " is now on sale at Frienbr's official online store, Amazon.co.jp, Yodobashi Camera, etc.! The price is 2,980 yen (tax included).
If you are interested, check out the online store!


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