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A gentle fragrance that feels the arrival of spring! Review "Frienbr Room & Fabric Mist Cherry Blossom Fragrance"!

春の訪れを感じる優しい香り!「Frienbr ルーム&ファブリックミスト 桜の香り」をレビュー!

After another winter, spring is finally upon us.
The temperature has become more spring-like, spring-only cherry blossom-inspired products have gone on sale, and we are seeing more and more cherry blossom products around us, making us feel the arrival of spring more and more.
With spring gradually approaching, haven't you ever wished that your everyday living environment or gaming room could be filled with the fragrance of spring and feel the arrival of spring?
Frienbr" previously released "Gaming Mist" as a collaboration product with funglr Games.
The much talked about "Frienbr Room & Fabric Mist" from "Frienbr" has been renewed and released in January 2022 with a " Cherry Blossom Scent"!
The editorial department of funglr Games was curious about it, and to our surprise, we were provided with the Frienbr Room & Fabric Mist Cherry Blossom Sc ent!
We would like to review it right away!

First, let's start with the exterior.

Stylish packaging
funglr Games

I would like to use it right away, but first I would like to check out the exterior!
The black-based design is stylish and cool.
The bottle is also calm and stylish, almost olive green in hue!
I have the impression that fabric mists from other companies tend to be more coordinated, but with this one, it won't look out of place in an interior!
Also, the overall black base makes it suitable for gaming rooms!

Cherry blossom illustration
funglr Games

The package has an illustration of cherry blossoms printed on it!
Cute one-pointed!

Product description
funglr Games

On the back, the product features in English letters!

Envelop yourself in the gentle, delicate fragrance of springtime morning dew in Japan.
The enigmatic floral aroma of cherry blossoms is bound to put you in an ecstatic mood and will last you through the day.

The enigmatic floral aroma of cherry blossoms is bound to put you in an ecstatic mood and will last you through the day.
It is also cool that the product features are casually explained in English text.
And the contents are generous at 300 ml, so you can use it as much as you want, whenever you want!

I actually tried it!

使用してみた I tried using it at funglr Games

Most fabric mists have a lock on the spray port, but the Frienbr Room & Fabric Mist is attached to the neck, so there is no need to touch the spray port!
Sometimes there's liquid on the jets that gets on your hands when you unlock them, but I don't have to worry about that!
As for the fragrance, it has a subtle sweet scent, not a clinging scent, but a gentle cherry blossom scent that pervades the space!
With Frienbr Room & Fabric Mist Cherry Blossom Scent, you can enjoy the scent of cherry blossoms all year round!

Now on sale to rave reviews!

絶賛発売中 Now on sale to rave reviewsfunglr Games

Frienbr Room & Fabric Mist Cherry Blossom Scent" is now available at the official Frienbr online store, Amazon.co.jp andYodobashi Camera!
The price is 2,310 yen including tax!
When you use a fabric mist, you may sometimes feel a peculiar fabric mist smell, but Frienbr Room & Fabric Mist has a gentle perfume-like scent, so you can easily use it not only for deodorizing, but also for enjoying the fragrance and refreshing yourself in any situation you like. It is also alcohol-free and hypoallergenic.
It is also alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, produced in Japan, and uses naturally occurring oyster tannin as its deodorant ingredient, so you can use it with peace of mind!
If you are interested in this product, please check out Frienbr's official online store!


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