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You can adjust the height amazingly! Flexispot's "Electric Lifting Desk EC1 Set" introduced in the game area!


Every gamer at one time or another yearns for a gaming environment that is uniquely his or her own.
There is nothing quite like playing games while surrounded by your favorite devices and products.
Have you ever thought about creating your own gaming environment?
You want to be particular about not only the game console, PC, monitor, mouse, and other devices, but also the desk on which you set them up.
However, the "Street Fighter II" game on the Nintendo Switch, "Unleash! Nami-DoKen" mode in "Street Fighter II" and "Ring Fit Adventure" on the Nintendo Switch require players to get up from their seats, and for racing games, it is preferable to be able to adjust the distance between the steering wheel and the chair.
Having a desk and chair for each game would cost too much money and space...
The electric elevating desk solves that problem !
The funglr Games editorial team has now installed one, and we've got a review for you!

funglr Games has assembled a set of "EC1 electric desk".

This time we'll be introducing the " Electric Elevating Desk EC1 Set " from Flexispot, which sells the GC01 gaming chair and the GD01 and GD02 gaming desks.
This is a product that comes as a set with a top panel and legs.
The top panel is available in up to four colors, and the legs are available in two colors.
The tops are available in black, mahogany, maple, and white, and the legs are available in white and black.
You can purchase the coloring of your choice, or just the legs, so you can get the tabletop of your choice separately.
Note that the colors available depend on the size of the tabletop!
This time, funglr Games chose the "black" combination for both the top and the legs!

The top is the legs and the bottom is the tabletop.
funglr Games

"Electric desk EC1 set" arrived in two pieces.
The lower photo shows the top panel and the upper photo shows the legs.

It's so heavy!
funglr Games

The legs are so heavy! Let's carry them carefully so as not to hurt our backs!

Opening the package
funglr Games

Let's open the package!

Careful packaging
funglr Games

It is packed very carefully. There are no gaps, and it is packed tightly with cushioning material, so it is safe.

I put them side by side
funglr Games

The leg section has been opened. This is all that is inside the legs.

Instructions are important
funglr Games

This is the first time for me to use an electric desk, so I read the instruction manual and checked each part carefully.

Engineers who read the back of a tissue or something.
funglr Games

An engineer who has been with the company for six months now assembles the desk!
The way he reads the instruction manual, he is already a professional.

Start of assembly
funglr Games

First, he assembles the left and right pillars.

Proceed as described in the manual.
funglr Games

Tighten the screws as specified in the instruction manual.

Pillar completion
funglr Games

The support columns have been assembled.

Beam" connecting the support columns
funglr Games

Next, the "beams" that connect the left and right pillars are attached.

I just couldn't resist.
funglr Games

Now the question is: "What is the best way to...?

I'm playing with it.
funglr Games

Let's do it!

This picture has nothing to do with the assembly.

Serious assembly resumed
funglr Games

Check the orientation of the top and bottom of the beam before attaching the beam.

Note the front/rear, up/down orientation!
funglr Games

The length of the beam is adjusted according to the size of the top board, but we don't know how long it needs to be, so we put off this adjustment for now.
The length can be adjusted by loosening the screws at the bottom.

It's starting to look like a desk leg!
funglr Games

The finished product is now in sight.

Propeller shafts are installed.
funglr Games

Next, we will install the propeller shaft.
Insert it firmly...

Allen wrench is included
funglr Games

Tighten it.

The other side is also firmly inserted
funglr Games

Insert it...

Spanner is also included
funglr Games


Installation of "plate
funglr Games

Next, the "plate" is attached.
This is easy since all you have to do is to put on the screws.

Installation of "baffle plate
funglr Games

Now, we attach the "baffle plate".

Turn right. Was it this way or...? "
funglr Games

It is a little confusing to find the right direction to install the baffle plate, but it seems to be correct to install it in such a way that it covers the propeller shaft.
Since it is tightened from the bottom, be careful of the direction in which you turn the wrench!

Almost finished?
funglr Games

The assembly is being assembled smoothly.

Legs are completed.
funglr Games

The legs are finished! Now let's attach the top panel!

Check the instruction manual again!
funglr Games

"Now how do we attach the top panel...? "

I needed an electric screwdriver.
funglr Games

"I don't have an electric screwdriver..."

I got myself together and continued.
funglr Games

"Well, I'll figure it out..." I said and decided to continue the work.
The top panel is unpacked.

Careful packaging here, too.
funglr Games

The top panel is well packed, and I don't have to worry about any scratches!
Scratches on the top panel are pretty annoying, so thank goodness for that!

ブラックなfunglr Games編集部(意訳)
Black funglr Games editorial department (translated from Japanese)
funglr Games

Not a scratch, of course! It is in beautiful condition.

Loading the top panel
funglr Games

I immediately adjusted the legs to fit the width of the top board and put it on, but this made it difficult to install.

Turned over.
funglr Games

So I put down the protective material that was used for packing and turned it inside out.

An electric screwdriver would be nice to have.
funglr Games

I don't have an electric screwdriver, so I steadily cranked it by hand!
I thought it would be harder, but surprisingly it was not, and I managed to get there by hand.
But since there are 8 pieces in total, an electric screwdriver would certainly be easier.

Tighten one by one with even force.
funglr Games

Tighten them one by one.

Top panel and legs are installed!
funglr Games

Now we can attach the legs and the top panel!
Next, install the wires used for lifting and lowering.

Everyone loves wiring!
funglr Games

We temporarily fasten them with tape to determine their approximate positions!

Easy to understand with holes for screws.
funglr Games

Install the controller. The controller is installed and screwed in place with the holes provided for screws.

The fixing belt is adhesive tape, so be careful.
funglr Games

Attach the fixing belts, and then run the wiring through...

funglr Games

Turn it over and it's done!

Monitors did not arrive in time.
funglr Games

We have installed the controller for the time being.

Controller has two buttons, up and down
funglr Games

Let's connect the power supply and try out the elevation function!

Smooth operation
funglr Games

It goes up and down only while the switch is pressed. Smooth and quiet!
It makes you want to raise and lower it for no reason at all.

Engineer is 171 cm tall
funglr Games

I kept pushing the switch to see how high it would go, and it went up to this height!
The range of elevation is from 710 to 1210 mm!
It can be adjusted to just the right height for both sitting and standing use, so it will be useful not only for games but also for working at home.

Not suitable for hide-and-seek
funglr Games

It is high enough for one adult to crawl under.

Beware of entrapment
funglr Games

The propeller shaft on the back of the top panel spins at an amazing speed while it is being raised and lowered!
A gimmick that mechanical enthusiasts will love!
It's dangerous, so don't touch it.

Will be very useful for both work and games?

Electric Elevating Desk EC1 Set
funglr Games

So, I reviewed the FLEXISPOT "Electric Elevating Desk EC1 Set"!
I didn't expect it to be so expensive, and I'm sure it can be used in many other ways.
As a gaming desk, you can of course adjust it to your preferred height and play in comfort, but I hear that more and more people are working from home these days and standing up to prevent sitting around, so I think it will be very useful as a desk for work as well.
While electric desks are convenient, I had the impression that they would be expensive, but the "Electric Elevating Desk EC1 Set" is more reasonably priced than I expected at 32,000 yen including tax on the official FLEXISPOT EC site.
The desk is available in a wide variety of colors, so you can enjoy combining it with your living room, office, or gaming environment.
For more information about the "Electric Elevating Desk EC1 Set," please visit the product page on the official FLEXISPOT website , and for other products, please visit the official FLEXISPOT website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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