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Review the full-fledged studio quality gaming microphone "B20" that appeared from EPOS!


EPOS, a Danish gaming device brand, has released the " B20 " distribution microphone for gamers.

Is sound quality the selling point of this microphone? ......
I'm very interested in this microphone for funglr games, which is very particular about sound.
And just when I was thinking that, what do you know! The " B20 " has arrived!

Let's get right to it and review it!

The packaging sets the image of the product!

Going through the package
funglr Games

On the front is a simple product name and image.

English only
English only
funglr Games

On the back is a description of the product and EPOS, all in English.

Various Languages
funglr Games

On the side, the product name and image are clearly written in a total of six different languages.

Studio broadcast quality microphone|Sophisticated design with high sound quality materials|Developed for gamers and live streaming

The side of the product is clearly labeled in a total of six different languages.

The word " studio " is used to describe the quality, just like the EPOS H3, a sealed gaming headset.
The word "studio" is an excellent way to describe the quality of the product.

Time to open the package!

Is the inner color close to emerald blue?
funglr Games

Upon opening the package, ......, we find the inside in the same color as the background color of the description on the side.
It's a bright, yet mature color.

Only this is what's inside the box.
funglr Games

Besides the B20, which is the main unit

  • Desk stand (1 flat head screw for joining)
  • 2.9m USB cable
  • Safety guide
  • Quick start guide (4 pages)

It is very simple.
By the way, the microphone and the arm of the main unit are attached from the beginning.

I thought I would start assembling it right away, but all I had to do was insert the arm of the main unit into the hole in the base and screw it in place.
It's super easy. Even I, a ditzy person, can't make a mistake with this.

A total of 4 knobs and buttons
funglr Games

There are two knobs and two buttons (one button and three knobs for a total of four) symmetrically placed on the main body.

Both of these are knobs
funglr Games

On this side is a knob for switching between four directional patterns and a GAIN control knob.

This one has one button and one knob
funglr Games

On the other side are the mute button and volume control knob.

Here's where you plug in the cord.
funglr Games

The part where the cord plugs in looks like this.
By connecting a headset or headphones to the 4-pole jack, you can enjoy chatting or streaming while checking the sound picked up by the microphone and your own voice.

A delightful thoughtfulness here.
funglr Games

The foot stand has a groove to prevent the cord from stepping on it.
This is a small detail, but it is a nice design.

Setup is super easy!

You really just plug it in?
funglr Games

First, connect it to your PC!

Simply connect the USB port of this plug-and-play microphone to your laptop or desktop computer, and you are ready to go.
No troublesome setup is required, and you can start using it right away.

The "B20" product page on the EPOS site says, "Is this true?

It's true........
Just connect the USB port to your PC without any hassle and you're ready to go.

Compatible with PS4, PC softphones, and macOS.

It only takes about a minute to assemble and use the device, and the sound quality is unparalleled, plus you can choose from four different directivity patterns.
This is amazing, I am so impressed with how well it works.

Impressions after use

PS4, PC softphone, as well as macOS
funglr Games

As for the sound quality, I am satisfied without saying anything as I mentioned many times.
However, the first thing that becomes apparent when using it is its compactness.
It is almost impossible to see it while playing games, so there are no distractions, and you don't have to worry about "Is it picking up the sound properly? And of course, you don't have to worry about "Is it picking up the sound?" because you can monitor the mix in real time through the headphone jack on the unit.
The intuitive knob and button layout allows for easy operation while listening to the sound.

One thing to note is that the EPOS Gaming Suite, which is used to fine-tune the audio settings of some EPOS products, including the B20, is only compatible with Windows 10.
(*Not all headsets require drivers to be installed.)

For more information, please visit the EPOS Gaming Download page where you can download the EPOS Gaming Suite.

By the way, as mentioned within the official page, it is compatible with PS4, PC softphones, and macOS. They are also planning to release a firmware update that will enable compatibility with the hottest new device, the PS5!

Turn your home into a studio!

Turn your home into a studio!
funglr Games

The price of the "B20" introduced here is 26,800 yen (tax included) The price of the "B20" introduced in this article is $3,800.
The performance, compactness, and clever design details will surely make you feel more than satisfied with the price.
It is perfect for game chatting, live action, online dating, and teleworking.
I recommend it to anyone who cares about the sound quality of their chats and the coolness of their devices!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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