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Anti-Enadry?! I drank relaxation drink "CHILL OUT"!

アンチエナドリ?!リラクゼーションドリンク「CHILL OUT」を飲んでみた!

If you are a gamer, you want to be playing games at all hours of the day.
They probably spend their busy days playing different games even during short breaks while loading, or playing one game with one hand and another with the other hand if the game can be played with one hand.
You must be able to sharpen your sight and hearing, and your reflexes must be sharp enough to make the right split-second decisions.
It is easy to become exhausted, both physically and mentally, but if you want to become a top-notch player, it is important to take a good rest.
This time, we will review " CHILL OUT," an instant relaxation drink sold by Endian, which focuses on such relaxation!

What we need nowadays is not so much "energy" as "relaxation"!

リラクゼーションドリンク"CHILL OUT(チルアウト)"
Relaxation drink "CHILL OUT
funglr Games編集部

The energy drink procurement team of the funglr Games editorial department found this relaxation drink "CHILL OUT".
We have reviewed many energy drinks in the past, but this one is clearly different.
The official website of the manufacturer of CHILL OUT shows the catchphrase " Chill out? is the catchphrase of the drink.

"Do you want to chill out? is our motto.
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The word "chill out" is said to be derived from the English word " chill.
The word "chill" is used in the sense of relaxing, calming down, taking it easy, and so on.
The product name "chill out" means "to become calm.
Is it really a drink that allows you to "chill out" as the name suggests?

Contains gaba and theanine
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CHILL OUT", which is the opposite of an energy drink, contains gaba, which relieves tension and stress, and theanine, which is attracting attention for its ability to improve the quality of sleep.
Hemp seed oil is also included in the ingredients, but there is no mention of CBD, which has become a hot topic in recent years.


The product is manufactured by Cheerio Chubu Corporation, which produces Lifeguard, the original energy drink.
I thought it was made overseas, but it is manufactured in Japan. I felt the security of "Made in Japan.
The product is said to contain muscat and orange juice, so a refreshing taste can be expected.

I drank it and "chilled" it!

Let's see what it tastes like.
Are there any busy people in the editorial office who might need to "chill out"?

Busy gaming tends to reduce the opportunities to work.
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Just as I was playing PUBG, there was a PUBG lover who was busy playing the game. (What about work...?)
I think it is common for gamers to be like this when there are a lot of games to play.
His face is also tired.

Switching on and off is surprisingly difficult.
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The game is over.
Why do you have the controller around your neck?

I want to relax from the bottom of my heart.
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Fatigue is showing on your face.
I hope it doesn't affect my work after this...

"I wish I could relax efficiently."
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After playing a game, if you are always this tired, you will lose motivation, won't you?
They are thinking of some good way to relax easily.

"What is this?"
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So let's give this relaxation drink "CHILL OUT" a try.

The refreshing aroma spreads!
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CHILL OUT" is a carbonated drink, so open it slowly without shaking it.
When the pull-tab is opened, the refreshing citrus aroma spreads and your mind is already in a relaxing mode.

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The sweet and sour taste of muscat and the slight carbonation are pleasantly stimulating, and the non-sticky sweetness makes it easy to drink in large gulps.
It does not taste like an energy drink, but rather like a drink that is "going to be good for you! It is not an "it's going to work!" kind of energy drink, but rather a refreshing and easy-to-drink taste.

Start relaxing!
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As soon as you drink it, you will feel your whole body relax.
The feeling that I was in "battle mode" just a few minutes ago has softened, as if I had been lying.

Relaxation Level 1
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Relaxation Level 2
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"This is so nice..."

Relaxation Level.3
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Watch out for falling asleep on the job!
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Nash Tajima, an active infrastructure engineer, is giving me a cold stare with a look that says, " Get to work..."
PUBG-loving man, who takes no notice of this and rests soundly with a calm face.

A savior for a stressed society? Chill out and relax for real!

Chill out and relax your body and mind!
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This is my review of the relaxation drink "Chill Out".
I actually slept well that night and woke up the next day feeling great. Was it the effect of theanine?
I could feel the relaxing effect immediately after drinking it, but I didn't feel sleepy, so I think it's perfect for taking a break during work.
It is important to concentrate on games and work, but it is even more important to switch on and off firmly and relax.
In today's world of stimulation, information, and stress, why don't you try "CHILL OUT" and relax?
For more information about the product, please visit the official "CHILL OUT" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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