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Hakone Yukemureri Chinmichi! I tried to clear the hot spring tour campaign held at Dragon Quest Walk in one day!


The " Onsen Meguri Campaign" is a Dracula Walk campaign that began last year in 2020 and was reported on by funglr Games.
During the campaign period, you can get limited items at famous hot spring resorts all over Japan, " Onsen Sl ime" will appear, and you can enjoy events unique to hot spring resorts in the Dracula Walk.
There is no way the LAN cable man who supports the infrastructure of funglr Games could miss such an event that Dracula lovers and hot spring lovers can't miss!
For LAN Cable Man, who tweeted to himself, "I wish I could go to a hot spring," funglr Games will be on the move.

This article was interviewed and photographed on November 28, 2020.

Go To 温泉!ドラクエウォークで「温泉めぐりキャンペーン」開催!

Review of the Onsen Meguri Campaign

温泉めぐりキャンペーン Onsen Meguri
Dragon Quest Walk

First, let's review the details of the Onsen Meguri Campaign, an event currently underway at Dragon Quest Walk.
This campaign is "You will receive various rewards depending on the number of visits you make to the designated hot spring areas!" You will receive various prizes depending on the number of hot spring slimes that appear only in the vicinity of the hot spring resort. The campaign is called "You can get a variety of prizes depending on the number of stamps you get.
The campaign is complete when you have visited 5 stamps and defeated 50 Onsen Sl imes.
However, it is not easy to visit five hot spring resorts.
Especially in Tokyo, where funglr Games' office is located, there are only three locations, including remote islands. (*as of November 2020).
So we looked for a route that would allow us to visit all five places at once in one day!

Onsen Spot
Dragon Quest Walk

I looked for a place in the Kanto area with a high concentration of spots among the hot spring spots covered by the campaign, and Hakone seemed like just the right place.
Hakone has

  • Hakone-Yumoto
  • Gora
  • Sengokuhara
  • Lake Ashinoko

and Yugawara is also located a little far from Hakone.
We will take a route around these five places this time!

Let's go! We were supposed to arrive in Hakone before noon, but...?

赤坂出発前funglr Games
before departing Akasaka

The day of the tour arrived.
It was 10:00 in the morning when we gathered in front of the editorial office building in Akasaka, Tokyo.
The four of us, LAN cable man, Yu-chan, cameraman, and driver, started our trip.......but........

LAN cable man is looking.
.. funglr Games


ドラキーに支配されるLANケーブルマンLAN Cable
Man under the control of Drakey


Sad news: LAN Cable Man was taken over by Drakey.

Two people enjoying a drakey walk


The LAN cable man who supports funglr Games behind the scenes is now taken over by Drakey, perhaps from exhaustion.
The monster drakey has shown him the conditions for his release...

If nothing is done, funglr Games is in danger of extinction.
We hurriedly make preparations in order to fulfill Drakey's desire to "get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy nature once in a while," like a tired working man.
I'm not quite brave enough to go to Hakone on foot, and I' d prefer to avoid the crowds, so basically this trip is a car walk!

Two player mode
funglr Games

So we leave the driving to the driver and the two of us concentrate on the Dracula Walk.
We drove to various spots and quickly conquered them.
By the way, it is very dangerous to play games while the driver is driving! Do not operate your phone or anything else while driving!

Concentrate on driving while you're driving!

いざ出発funglr Games

Put Dracula Walk in two-player mode and let's get going!
By the way, I can't say whether or not I felt the " that company is doing something weird again..." stares from our neighbors.

Get in the car and walk
funglr Games

The planned route this time was to depart from Akasaka, Tokyo, enter the Tokyo IC of the Tomei Expressway via a public road, transfer to the Odawara-Atsugi Road at Atsugi JCT, and continue on the Nishi-Shon Bypass to the Ishibashi IC at the end of the route, and then enter Yugawara.
The distance was about 95 km, and it was scheduled to take about one and a half hours to get there.
The driver, who usually travels only within Tokyo and does not go far, said he would like to stop at a service area called "Sabis-eria," and so we drove on in high spirits toward the Tokyo Interchange, enjoying conversation about stopping at a service area located about halfway along the route. We were elated as we drove toward the Tokyo Interchange.

Starbucks Drive-Thru


There is a drive-throughStarbucks Cafe on the outer side of Kanpachi Street near the Tokyo Interchange.
The sound of "drive-through" is something you can't experience unless you drive.
It sounds like a drive-through! I couldn't help but stop by.
I bought a winter white chocolate for the number of people in my group. Of course, I made Drakey drink it, too.

Tomei Expressway
funglr Games

Finally, we were on the Tomei Expressway!
The members of the group usually don't have a chance to ride on the highway. They were excited to have a fresh experience!
We looked for cars with stickers on their rear windows, thought about the meaning of their license plate numbers, and had fun doing things we would never normally do. ・・・・

We were stuck in traffic for about 2 hours.

We were still near the Yokohama-Aoba Interchange after the scheduled arrival time in Yugawara. At this rate, it would be nightfall!

We suddenly changed our route and decided to head toward Hakone from another road.

Drakey and LAN Cable Man
funglr Games
enjoying the drive

After taking a different route, we proceeded smoothly without any major traffic jams.
We took a break at a parking area on the way.

This is what it looks like from outside the carfunglr

We stopped for a rest at a parking area on the way to Hakone.
LAN cable man says.
He is a celebrity because his free photos are provided by "PakuTaso," one of the largest free photo material sites in Japan.

Drakey enjoying the view from the front


Later, as we drove along the coast, the scene finally became more like a drive.
Drakey is leaning forward to take in the scenery. He seems to be enjoying himself.
I hear a snoring sound, but I wonder what it was...

A line stuck in traffic


Hakone is coming into view ahead!
And at the same time, the traffic jam...

Drakey and LAN cable man in a bad


"Are we there yet?"
Both LAN Cable Man and Drakey, who had only been sitting here drinking limited edition Starbucks drinks, looked dissatisfied.

Some mountains seen from the coastal road
funglr Games

However, once through the traffic, the coastline is pleasant to drive along.
The driver is also pleased. At this point, more than four hours have already passed since our departure, but no one mentioned it.

Our first destination! Almost to Yugawara!

Are you almost at your destination,
funglr Games

Although we continued to get stuck in traffic jams, we were finally getting close to Yugawara.
At this point, it was already 15:00. Five hours after our departure...

Yugawara Station
funglr Games

Yugawara Station is in sight!
The spot where the Onsen Slime appears in Yugawara Onsen is just a little further from here. We parked our car in a coin-operated parking lot and headed for the spot.

Onsen Streets


The streets of Yugawara Onsen are lined with old houses and buildings with a sense of history, giving the area a nostalgic atmosphere.
The fatigue of the journey up to this point is completely wiped away, and the tension rises!

Quest Liberation


The spot is near a public parking lot.
When you get close to the spot, the spot will appear on the walk screen, and you will be able to challenge the quest.

The objective of this trip is not only to do quests but also to defeat the Onsen slime.

Onsen Slime Hunting
funglr Games

Without paying attention to the autumn leaves, the river running through the town, or the scenery, I will just hunt the Onsensen slime.

おんせんスライム狩りOnsen Slime
funglr Games


おんせんスライム狩りOnsen Slime
funglr Games


おんせんスライム狩りOnsen Slime
funglr Games

Despite the photographer's comment, "It doesn't look like much fun," the two of us were enjoying the Dracula Walk.

スタンプ獲得してニッコリFunglr Games -
Stamps and Smiles

By the way, you can get one stamp of the stamp rally every time you approach a spot.
The rewards for obtaining a stamp are

  • 1 spot・・・Yukata of hot spring, top (appearance equipment), 1 travel ticket present raffle ticket
  • 2 locations: Onsen no yukata, lower part (appearance equipment)
  • 3 locations・・・Shinju Point x3000, 1 travel ticket present lottery ticket
  • 4 places・・・Ornaments of hot spring (furniture)
  • 5 locations・・・Meiyu Traveler (limited title), 1 travel ticket present raffle ticket

So, we got the first stamp at Yugawara Onsen right away!
Let's step up a gear from here and go around the spots!

The turnaround point of the Hakone Ekiden! To Lake Ashi!

funglr Games in

From the town of Yugawara, we will head into the mountains and take the Yugawara Parkway to our next destination, Ashinoko Onsen.
Lake Ashinoko is the turnaround point for the Hakone Ekiden. It is also known as a scenic spot with a view of Mt.
If possible, we would like to arrive before sunset to enjoy the scenery.

Yugawara Parkway


Yugawara Parkway is a toll road and a mountain road with winding curves.
Drivers usually drive only in Tokyo. Driving more safely than usual, we took a relaxed gait.
Be careful on unfamiliar roads, especially mountain roads.
It is okay to drive slowly. You will be able to enjoy the red leaves that much more.
Incidentally, the Yugawara Parkway toll booths are cash only.
ETC is not available, so don't forget to have some coins ready!

Parkway funglr Games

Beyond the toll booth is Hakone Pass.
At the end of the pass, turn left to go to Atami and right to Hakone.
Turn right and immediately ahead on your right is the " Anest Iwata Turnpike Hakone.
This is also a scenic road, so if you like to drive, this is the place to go!

Hakone Mountain


It is just at dusk.
We had to hurry! But when I saw this scene, I couldn't help but stop in my tracks.

Suruga Bay seen from Hak
one funglr


Suruga Bay, the town, and the mountains at sunset.
No words are needed. It was just so emo.

LAN cable man and drakey staring at the sunset
funglr Games

LAN cable man and Drakey also seem to be gazing at this spectacular view.

, flying


Do, Drakey!

Apparently, Drakey was quite satisfied with the view as well, and he let LAN Cable Man go.
However, since they had just become friends, LAN Cable Man decided to continue the journey together with Drakey once again on his head.
It was never because "it covers up to my ears so it's nice and warm " or "it' s still early in the game so I have to wear it or I'll have a story to tell.
All there was was beautiful friendship. Really really really.

After enjoying the spectacular scenery created by nature, we headed to Lake Ashinoko.
I felt quite climaxed by the sunset earlier, but I have only completed one of the five.
The sunset means it's only nighttime now. Oh no.

芦ノ湖畔にてfunglr Games
at Lake Ashi

We've reached Lake Ashinoko!
The Ashinoko Onsen spot is located near the " Moto Hakone" bus stop, which is lined with souvenir shops.
The town has a different atmosphere from the Yugawara Onsen we saw earlier.
Lake Ashinoko has many tourist attractions such as the Hakone Ekiden Museum, the Hakone Sekisho (barrier station) ruins, and the Lake Ashinoko sightseeing boat, but one of the most popular tourist attractions is the Hakone Shrine Torii!
The approach to the shrine stretching out from the lake is extremely popular among young people as a spot for reflection.

Hakone Shrine Torii


It is popular to take pictures at the water's edge where the torii stands, but there was a huge line, so I took pictures at a distance. It is indeed a popular spot.
It is also a good place for photographers to show their skills, as there are no street lights and it is quite dark.
Incidentally, the sidewalks leading up to this point are also dark, and there are bridges along the way, so be careful where you step.

At the shore of Lake Ashi


The sun has already set and it is pitch black!
It was after 5:00 p.m. and we would have been on our way home by now if we had been on schedule.
We need to keep rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling...!

The stunning sooty meadows! We were going to Sengokuhara where we were going to see

After Lake Ashinoko, we headed to Sengokuhara Onsen.
Sengokuhara is an area familiar to Evangelion fans. It is the center of the Third New Tokyo City, a fortress city dedicated to intercepting apostles.
Because it is such a place, there is a place here that every Eva fan should visit at least once.

ローソン 第3新東京市店
Lawson 3rd New Tokyo City
funglr Games

Here it is! The Lawson Third New Tokyo City Store!

ローソン 第3新東京市店Lawson The Third New
City funglr Games

Not only the exterior, but the inside of the store is also Eva-specific.

ローソン 第3新東京市店Lawson The
New Tokyo Funglr Games
ローソン 第3新東京市店LAWSON The 3rd
Funglr Games

The store is not only designed to look Eva, but also has a large selection of Eva goods for sale.

Placed Purgatory fun
glr Games

Among the Eva goods, there was a 30 billion man, Purgatory. The Oni no Ketsu boom is coming.
Both Evangelion and Oni-no-Elimination have become social phenomena. I am looking forward to the release of Shin Eva.

And speaking of Sengokuhara, beautiful Susuki meadows!
But... but...

Pitch-dark sooty meadow
funglr Games

But... I couldn't see anything.
The cameraman was indeed out of his depth.

Sengokuhara Hot Springs Spot


By the way, the spot of Sengokuhara Onsen (hot springs) is around the big left turn on the road through the sooty field.
There are fashionable hotels, inns, and the " Prince of the Star Museum " in the neighborhood.
Wish we could stay here overnight... but we are passing through today...

With our hair pulled back, we quickly grabbed what we were looking for and moved on to the next spot.
In the end, we only stopped at Lawson.

The town where the cable car goes through! Go to Gora!

地下通路にてFunglr Games in the
underground passage

Finally, there are only two spots left on this trip.
It's already nighttime and we can't enjoy the scenery, but from a Dracula Walk point of view, things are going well. I'm not walking, though.
Third New Tokyo City...no, next to Sengokuhara Onsen is Gora Onsen!

Cable car
funglr Games
right behind us when we parked

Gora is the cable car!
Gora is also the terminus of the Hakone Tozan Railway and the starting station of the Hakone Tozan Cable Car that goes to Sounzan Station.
The cable car was opened in 1921, making it the second cable car in Japan and the first in the Kanto region.
Although there is a period of inactivity, this year, 2021, marks the 100th anniversary of the cable car's opening!
It will have been supporting the journeys of Dracula Walkers since its opening.

The first release of Dracula Walk will be in September 2019.

強羅温泉のスポット Gora Hot Springs spot funglr Games

The spot for Gora Onsen is on the Park Shimo Station side.
You can take the cable car for just one stop or walk there.
It is far enough to reach from Gora station, so you can clear it even if you are in the Gora station area.

Two people pointing at the Suntory collaboration sticker on the Dracula Walk
funglr Games

Come to think of it, I don't remember eating anything since we came to Hakone.
Everyone started complaining that they were hungry.
As we wandered around the station area, we smelled a savory sweet aroma...

Two people eating onsen man
ju (hot spring buns) funglr Games

Attracted by the aroma, we bought some onsen manju (hot spring buns).
I had received one every time I completed the Onsen Tour Campaign quest in the Dracula Walk, but now it was finally available in the real world.
Freshly steamed and hot! It warms you up.
The sweetness is just right, and I feel it helps with travel fatigue... delicious...

温泉まんじゅうを食べるふたりFunglr Games
and Onsen Manju eating each other

Now that we have replenished our energy, it's time for our last stop! We are heading to Hakone-Yumoto Onsen!
It's already dark and the road is a winding mountain road. We're just happy to get there in one piece...

The end of the Romance Car! Hakone-Yumoto!

Only one stamp left!

In search of the fifth stamp, we headed down the mountain road from Gora to Hakone-Yumoto.
The Yugawara Parkway was a road of sharp cur ves, but the road from Gora to Hakone-Yumoto is a series of even steeper cur ves.
The road from Gora to Hakone-Yumoto is a series of even steeper curves.
The road was dark and narrow, and it was the first time to drive on it. Needless to say, drivers were more cautious than ever.

Hakone Tozan Railway
funglr Games

Along the way, the Hakone Tozan Railway was running along the road.
The retro exterior and warm interior lights were a delight to see. I would like to ride it...

Hakone-Yumoto Station
funglr Games

More quaint buildings, and that's the last stop on this trip!
We have finally arrived at Hakone-Yumoto. The time is almost 19: 00.

Around the spots in Hakone-Yumoto On
sen funglr Games

The spot of Hakone-Yumoto Onsen is across the river from the station.
You don't have to cross the river to touch it.
A quick clear, and now you' ve completed the campaign rewards in one day!

Dracula Walker is a walkable city
funglr Games

Hakone-Yumoto Station is the terminus for the Odakyu Romance Car.
Since it also serves as the gateway to Hakone, the area in front of the station is well maintained with sidewalks and pedestrian decks.
It is a walkable town with Drakkie walkers in mind.

funglr Games, which is
forbidden to enter

Hakone-Yumoto is not only the last stop on the Romance Car, but also the last stop on this trip.
I check again to make sure I didn't forget to pick up any rewards or forget to hunt, and all is well!
We completed the "Dracula Walk Hot Springs Tour Campaign" in just one day!

後ろに何かいるfunglr Games with
something behind me

We left Akasaka around 10:00 a.m., so it took us about 8 hours to complete the tour.
However, considering that we arrived at Yugawara Onsen around 3 pm, it seems that we could have completed the tour in 4 hours if there was no traffic jam, but...?
If anyone is interested in trying out the Dracula Walk Hot Springs Tour Campaign RTA, please let us know via funglr Games' Twitter account!

ドラキーと散歩を楽しむLANケーブルマン LAN
Cable Man enjoying a walk with Dra
key funglr Games

By the way, LAN Cable Man will continue his association with Drakey as a shopping bag after he is freed from Drakey's control.
Perhaps the most important thing we gained on this trip was actually this friendship...

Okay, it all came together nicely!

We completed our hot spring tour campaign in one day!

Editor's favorite photo
funglr Games

So there you have it, our article on the challenge of the Dracula Walk Hot Springs Tour Campaign.
Currently, the GoTo campaign has been temporarily suspended and a state of emergency declared, making it difficult to enjoy the trip as before.
We were hesitant to publish this article because the situation has changed since we dared to report on the campaign, but we hope this article will make you think, " Let's enjoy sightseeing once the threat of Corona is over! I hope this article will make you think, "Let's enjoy sightseeing after the threat of Corona is over!

The Dracula Walk Hot Springs Tour Campaign is still open until April 1, 2021 (Thursday) at 14:59, so if the state of emergency is lifted and you feel safe enough to go out, why not take this one-day funglr Games route and get the rewards efficiently? Why not take this one-day funglr Games route?
For more information on the Dracula Walk Hot Springs Tour Campaign, check out the special "Hot Springs Tour Campaign" page on Dracula Walk!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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