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Even if it is sweet potato shochu, it smells of lychee!? I drank "Daiyame ~ DAIYAME ~" that I want to recommend to both sake lovers and gamers!


AZSTOKE, a game audio production company, sponsored the "RECOILR - LV4-" event on Saturday, September 25. quot; DAIYAME " from Hamada Shuzo Co. Thank you very much!

Hamada Shuzo collaborates with game and anime companies through its group companies, and in fact is a very friendly shochu maker to gamers.
Now that the state of emergency has been declared, we had to take all precautions against infection, and the members of the funglr Games editorial department were able to sample the shochu!

Review of "DAIYAME

funglr Games編集部

Shochu has a Japanese image, but it has a stylish design that looks like a wine bottle.

DAIYAME" is a Kagoshima dialect word meaning "to drink in the evening to relieve fatigue.

DAIYAME is made from sweet potatoes that have been aged using a unique aging method to fully extract their aroma. It has a sweet aroma reminiscent of fresh lychee, which has never been tasted before in sweetpotato shochu, and is the fruit of 150 years of experience.


It is highly acclaimed, having won the highest trophy in the SHOCHU category at the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC), one of the world's three major sake competitions.

Snacks and soda water
funglr Games編集部

We procured snacks and soda water from nearby Lawson and 7-Eleven.
In particular, fried chicken, chocolate, and cheese are recommended snacks on the official website.
For the soda water, we chose a strong one and a lemon-flavored one.

The ingredients are sweet potato (from Kagoshima Prefecture) and rice malt (domestic rice), and the alcohol content is 25 degrees.
According to the official description, it is "an authentic sweet potato shochu made from 'aromatic ripe sweet potato' created by our unique technology. " I am very curious to know what kind of aroma it has.

unsealed letter
funglr Games編集部

As soon as the bottle is opened, it instantly has a lychee-like aroma.
It is more lychee than I had imagined, and it almost makes me think I am about to drink a lychee liqueur.
I can't help but wonder why it should not be included in the ingredients.
Even those who do not drink alcohol can enjoy the intoxicatingly gorgeous aroma.

The official website introduces two ways to drink it.

  • Cool "Cool Daiyame" straight up, chilled.
  • Dayaime Highball" with carbonated water
cool brown eye
funglr Games編集部

I had chilled it in the fridge since this morning, so I started with the "Cool Dayame".

Head coach receiving a cool daiyame
funglr Games編集部

The aroma is similar to lychee, but it tastes like potato shochu, which is a very strange sensation.
The sweetness of "Dayaime" is more pronounced when served with less sweet snacks (cheese or dark chocolate), as it has a crisp flavor without any cloying taste.

The head coach who wants more
funglr Games編集部

Head Coach "I'd like to drink more. "

Daijime highball
funglr Games編集部

The head coach wants more, so next he has a "Dayame Highball".

First, pour the "DAIYAME" into a glass filled with ice.
Next, we poured soda water, and finally, we stirred it gently once with a muddler.

Daiyame Highball and Head Coach
funglr Games編集部

Head coach: "Can I drink this too? "

The lychee-like aroma was more pronounced than that of the "Cool DAIYAME".
It is easy to drink by mixing it with soda water, and I think it is good with fatty foods such as fried chicken or other foods with strong flavors.

It is also recommended to add cut lemon for a slight change in taste.
In this case, lemon-flavored soda water was used.

funglr Games編集部

The head coach, who had gained a lot of energy, drank it on the rocks at the end.
It tastes like something between a "Dayame Highball" and a "Cool Dayame.
It is also good to enjoy the change in taste while slowly melting the ice.
Drinking it leisurely while playing a game is sure to soothe both body and soul.

funglr Games編集部

Now that the head coach is satisfied, the other members of the team are ready to toast!

Daijime and NEOGEO Jokkis
funglr Games編集部

As the name "DAIYAME" suggests, the members of the funglr Games editorial team were also able to "relieve their fatigue by drinking in the evening.
We recommend the "DAIYAME Highball" as a pre-dinner or mid-dinner drink, or the "Cool DAIYAME" as an after-dinner drink.

Despite the abundant use of luxurious "aromatic ripe sweet potatoes," the price is very affordable at 1,292 yen (including tax) for 900 ml and2,453 yen (including tax) for 1,800 ml.

DAIYAME 40 " is also available for the international market, with a higher alcohol content of 40 degrees Celsius.
It is not available in Japan at this time, but we would like to try it as well.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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