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Review of GABA-infused "working cookies" sold by Cycle.me for desk work and study!


Lunch break is over and the afternoon hours are upon us. Even after having lunch, you may feel hungry as the evening progresses and the fatigue of the day begins to set in. We often reach for sweets to satisfy our hunger and cravings for something sweet. Satisfying hunger is necessary in order to concentrate on the work or study in front of you. If you are going to snack on sweets, why not choose snacks that support your daily life? Cycle.me, a D2C brand launched by DotMe, Inc. with the concept of "a natural way of life," introduces " Working Cookies "!

Two types of lineups are now available!



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The "Working Cookies" released by Cycle.me are available in two flavors, pistachio and carob. The bag is a zippered bag, and the size is not that large, so it can be carried in a bag and is convenient for carrying around. The appearance with gray as the package color is so stylish that it is hard to imagine it is a cookie at first glance.

Ingredient list

Ingredient list
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Let's take a look at the ingredients. Per 36g per bag...

Working Cookie Pistachio Taste

  • Energy 199kcal
  • Protein 2.6g
  • Fat 12.1g
  • Carbohydrates 20.0g
  • Salt equivalent 0.174g
  • Functional active ingredient: GABA 28mg

Working Cookie Carob Taste

  • Energy 201kcal
  • Protein 2.6g
  • Fat 12.4g
  • Carbohydrates 19.7g
  • Salt equivalent 0.174g
  • Functional active ingredient: GABA 28mg

Both cookies contain 28 mg of GABA per bag, which reduces stress and has a relaxing effect. You can consume GABA while enjoying a snack, making these cookies perfect for when you are feeling a little tired and need to go that little bit further!

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The working cookies are made with butter from Northern Ireland for an aromatic finish. The cookies are also bite-sized, making them easy to eat while working or studying.

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The Pistachio Taste had a mild taste of butter and pistachio flavor that was so easy to eat that you could eat as much as you wanted. The Carob Taste contains orange peel in the cookie, and the savory roasted flavor of the chocolate mixed with the orange peel makes it easy to eat.

Available on the e-commerce site or at select 7-Eleven stores!

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Cycle.me's "Working Cookies" are now available at the Cycle.me online store and at select 7-Eleven stores in Chiyoda-ku, Minato-ku, and Chuo-ku. Working Cookie Pistachio Taste and Carob Taste are both priced at 324 yen (tax included). Cycle.me online store also offers a subscription option. The subscription course offers discounts such as 20% off for the first purchase and 10% off for a certain number of purchases after the second, so if you like it, take advantage of the subscription course! It also contains GABA, so it's a great addition to your desk or study when you want to go the extra mile. For more information about Working Cookies, please visit the official Cycle.me website.


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