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What is a relaxation drink... what? I drank the topic "CHILL OUT ZERO GRAVITY"!

リラクゼーションドリンクって…何?話題の「CHILL OUT ZERO GRAVITY(チルアウト ゼログラビティ)」を飲んでみた!

......Why is the end of the week so exhausting?
At the beginning of the week you feel invincible, but as the end approaches, you start to feel sluggish.
When you are in such a tired mode, you may be thinking that "energy drinks" are the answer, right?
No, this time it's just the opposite !

A new product is a relaxation drink from Japan, sold by Endian LLC, a group company of I-ne Corporation, which was just listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market in September last year. I'd like to introduce you to " CHILL OUTZERO GRAVITY," a relaxation drink from Japan!

What is a relaxation drink?

Chillout Zero Gravity" is a relaxation drink that has been on the market since April 12 (Monday) with the catchphrase "Inspiration comes from peace of mind. It is famous for its commercial with the catchphrase "Chill Out Zero Gravity.
The sight of Shuhei Nomura floating inside one after another because he is too relaxed is like a modern art.

......By the way, what exactly is a "relaxation drink"?
According to the official website

This drink supports relaxation time for modern people to take a breather.

Endianの"チルアウト ゼログラビティ"製品ページ

The official website says, "Relaxation Drink" is a "relaxation drink".
And then they add, "Isn't it relaxation that we need more than energy? So, this "Relaxation Drink" is designed to support "relaxation" and "performance".
...I don't know what that means, but it sounds awesome!
It even cancels out the sighs.

Check out the ingredient list!

Ingredient list on the back
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Now, let's take a look at the ingredients list of this relaxation drink.
Chillout Zero Gravity" contains the following ingredients per 100 ml.

  • Energy 0kcal
  • Protein 0.1g
  • 0 g fat
  • Carbohydrates 1.3g (0g sugar)
  • Salt equivalent 0.011g
  • Gaba 20mg
  • Theanine 70mg

The energy, fat, and sugar content is an impressive zero, as the product claims to contain zero calories, zero sugar, and no allergens.
If you drink Chillout Zero Gravity, which is full of 0, you will be strong enough to flap your wings on glass wings.

Although the ingredients list is not complete, Chillout Zero Gravity contains four relaxation-supporting ingredients: GABA, L-theanine, hemp seed extract, and hops extract.
GABA is a type of amino acid found in vegetables and fruits, and theanine is also found in tea.
Hearing that, it sounds like it might be good for your health.

Hemp seeds derived from cannabis are also rich in nutrients, and CBD, also derived from cannabis, has stress-care and relaxation effects, and is becoming very popular right now.

Let's have a taste!

Open the package!
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I'm a little excited to see what kind of relaxation effects it will have.

The grape aroma is wafting through the air and it looks delicious!
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The carbonation bubbles are amazing. Is the carbonation quite strong? Bon appétit!

Gently take a sip

...... What's that?
It's less carbonated than I thought it would be, huh?
I mean, ...... this is pretty good!

The taste is pretty light. It's not too sweet, and the grape flavor melts in your mouth.
That doesn't mean it's just grape carbonated juice....
It tastes a bit like vegetable juice.
It tastes like nothing you have ever tasted before.

A strange taste
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What is this flavor...!
According to the official website, this Chill Out series is made with original flavors created by AI!
I see, so this exquisite flavor was created by a machine.

Does it really have a relaxation effect...?

Now that I have had this relaxation drink, I have to see if it really works.
I'll check the effects myself while I finish the rest of my work.

The computer work continues...
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...... I suddenly realized that an hour had passed.
It even felt like the morning's concentration had taken up residence....
As I worked, I felt a warm sensation in my head and a feeling of relaxation behind my eyes.
It seemed to work much better for the author. This seems to work quite well.
These are my personal impressions. Feelings of use may vary from person to person.

Special campaign! Check the official website!

Chillout Zero Gravity
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This is a review of the relaxation drink "Chillout Zero Gravity"!
The amount is not too much at 185 ml, so even those who don't like carbonated drinks can finish it.
The packaging is also beautiful, so you can drink it on any occasion.
Currently, they are distributing a coupon for bulk purchases to save money.
They are offering 20% off for a set of 12 cans and25% off for a set of 30 cans, so if you're interested, this might be a good time to buy some!

They are also running a " Chill Jumbo " buy it and win it campaign, so if you are interested, this might be a good time to buy some!
For more information about "Chillout Zero Gravity," please visit Endian's "Chillout Zero Gravity" product page andCHILLOUT official twitter!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

Anti-Enadry?! I drank relaxation drink "CHILL OUT"!
Anti-Enadry?! I drank relaxation drink "CHILL OUT"!...

After having finished playing game, a sense of weariness as well as the feeling of achievement are also surging, aren't they? A head and a body often get tired

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